5 web training courses to be on top in 2021!

5 web training courses to be on top in 2021!

Hello friends. A small article today to introduce you 5 digital training courses that can certainly be of use to you. Yes, 2021 is a special year for me, because I have decided to make a global check up of my acquired knowledge and update. :)

Head in the handlebars since 2008, and on my own since 2015, I put aside the pure and hard training, yet essential in our profession, but of course I kept an active watch on new developments. It must be said that the days, weeks, months, years are well filled here. Obviously, the writing of my two books required research, of Eve and you monitoring of the’SEO news. This allowed me to stay alert on changes at the Google level. Moreover, the webinars and others exchanges with the community allowed me to find some practical tips, but the training remains a very special element for me.

So here are the 5 courses the Web (SEO & Content) that I am this year. If I have time after the training, I will give you a report on each one with my most objective opinion. For now, discover them without further delay and register if it’s not too late!

Semantic Cocoon training, Laurent Bourrelly

Who is in relation with what and why? That’s a great question, eh? This is a bit like what we learn to analyze and put in place during this semantic cocoon training by Laurent Bourrelly.
In 2014 I already followed this Laurent’s semantic cocoon training. Divided into 9 modules at the time, the training taught us to make a real semantic cocoon. A methodology from A to Z that it was enough to apply to already obtain a good result. I remember, I liked it a lot at the time, it must be said that it was my first encounter with the cocoon.

With 9 long years of hindsight in SEO and semantics, Laurent offers a whole new semantic cocoon training with an innovative approach. An intensive workshop for demystify the semantic cocoon and above all learn to create a powerful one. Laurent offers 9 weeks of intensive coaching, at a rate of 2 to 3 hours live every two weeks, and one personalized support (recorded or live depending on the option taken).

6 stages, 6 lives, exercises and corrected at each stage, to finally build HIS Semantic Cocoon in the rules of the art.

To find out more and register (I don’t know the dates of the next workshop), go to Laurent’s website: Semantic Cocoon training

Formaseo training, Search engine algorithms, Freres Peyronnet

Do you remember Training ? This formation natural referencing,remotely and proposed by Olivier Andrieu, which I presented to you in 2018?

Through 11 chapters, Olivier took a global tour of natural referencing and its main fundamentals. I think that since 2018 the training FORMASEO Level 1 has seen a nice update. I therefore recommend this training to all beginners who want to have an overview of SEO and its implication in SEO work.

That being said, today I’m talking about a new FORMASEO training, the one dedicated to Search engine algorithms proposed by the Peyronnet brothers in collaboration with Olivier . Hey bah, it’s heavy! The objective of the training: to improve your knowledge of SEO by bringing you a better understanding of how search engines work. Filters, algorithms, semantics, speed and crawl, this is what you will see in this training. And believe me, you don’t know everything, even if you feel like it. :)

For those who, like me, had the chance to participate in the training of the Peyronnet brothers “Engine masterclass + SEO”, this new FORMASEO training dedicated to algorithms will certainly bring back memories.

To find out more and register, visit the site FORMASEO, Search engine algorithms

Training “Create your editorial charter from A to Z”, Isabelle Canivet

Semantic cocoon, engine algorithms… what if we moved on to editorial strategy now? And that’s what offers Isabelle Canivet with her training “Create your own editorial charter from A to Z”

In this training you will learn: the definitiondetailed of a editorial charter, what it should contain, its benefits , but also what are the targets and the Goalsof a editorial charter , the style and tone to adopt according to your image, the precautionsto take into account, etc.

This training is a detailed guide. Starting from a model editorial charter, included in the module, you can work on your professional editorial charter! The editorial charter ensures editorial consistency and the “house” style. An editorial milestone to be taken to improve its content strategy and online visibility.

You can complete this training with one of the other modules offered by Isabelle: Mastering the inverted pyramid or Write headlines that generate traffic.

To find out more and register, visit the site Formation of yellow dolphins.

“Hypnotic Article” training mixes SEO and copywriting

To stay in the editorial strategy…. Jennifer guedama gives you the method for write optimized content to gain visibility , but also tips from writing to captivate the reader. His promise? At the end of the training, you will know how to write articles that appeal to both Google and your audience, who will become fans of your pen.

On the program of the 5 modules:

  • questions to ask for a effective content strategy
  • the foundations of a good article in web writing (and what types of articles always hit the mark, whatever your niche)
  • comment write articles optimized to gain visibility on Google
  • comment plan dozens of article ideasin just 30 minutes
  • 7 tips for writing “click magnet” titles
  • the method for create articles faster , without dispersing
  • comment captivate the reader and keep him going thanks to copywriting

To register on the training waiting list, join the Editor’s Blog newsletter.

MAESTRO WEB training

And here to finish a cycle of 9 online conferences and workshopsto strengthen your digital project management skills.
Proposed by Yellow Dolphins with the participation of Olivier Andrieu (SEO), Amélie Boucher (UX), Isabelle Canivet (Information Architecture), Julien Coquet (Web Analytics), Stéphane Truphème (Content Marketing) and Gilles Bazelaire (Web Design) , this online training will allow you to obtain a overview of web professions , understand whata manager must know about these professions and in fine, how orchestrate web professions so as not to generate a great and beautiful cacophony in your project.

Leading a digital project is not as easy as it seems.Indeed, you have to understand the language of each link in the chain, but also their profession, their needs and their working hours. For example, developing a website takes time, and if the developer and designer have to work together, it is sometimes difficult for them to understand each other and / or find common ground. In this specific example, you must be able, as a project manager, to propose an intermediate solution that respects the constraints of each profession.

Thanks to this solid training, you will thus gain skills, decouple your efficiency, be able to make the right business choices and arbitrate when necessary, avoid pitfalls and allocate investment between trades.

The training takes place from April 15 to 29, 2021 , so you still have a little time to register! The icing on the cake, I unearthed for you a promo code which entitles you to a reduction of 200 euros on the normal rate. It suffices to indicate “SEOMISS “in the field “promo code ”When you register. Do not hesitate any longer, go for it!

To register and benefit from a 200 € reduction with the code SEOMISS: Maestro web training

With that, I wish you a nice upgrade :)

And if you want to go even further in learning SEO, do not hesitate to read my article: Learn SEO on your own: where to start to learn SEO?

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