5 tips to improve lead quality

5 tips to improve lead quality

You may wonder what your company can do to sell more. I imagine that perhaps you have come to this post looking to solve a question that has been on your mind for a long time: “Why am I not generating qualified leads?”

Achieving it is the objective of any business, but it should be clear that it is not only about getting more leads, but also that they are qualified, since this increases the likelihood that they will become customers.

Is it possible to start generating more qualified leads?

Sometimes this process does not flow well, Sometimes the visits do not arrive and, other times, although it is verified that the traffic increases, what fails is the quality of the leads. Do you identify with any of these situations? Is the sales team not satisfied with the quality of the leads? Is it costing them convert leads into customers?

Reaching your goal is possible, although you need a good plan. One of the most effective methods requires starting a inbound marketing project. Inbound marketing is a non-intrusive marketing method that attracts customers to your business (without you having to chase them).

How an inbound marketing project leads you to improve the quality of leads and increase sales

An inbound marketing project drives the attraction of visitors to a company’s website. It is typical that, As the project matures, increase the amount of traffic exponentially, attracted by the content strategy.

When this traffic is of quality and the content is ready to convert, more records are generated that can be nurtured to become Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). This is the end goal of many inbound marketing projects: converting traffic into qualified leads for the sales team.

The leads that go to the commercial department are already educated and mature enough to be receptive to your proposals. The percentage of those who convert to customers after going through all the stages of their journey is high.

But to get to that point you have to make the right decisions. In the following lines I would like to talk to you about the 5 most common mistakes when capturing leads and how to solve them. Although, first, we will go over what it means to qualify leads.

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Why is it important to qualify leads?

Not all visitors come to your website with the same intention or in the same way. It is because of that, who want to know their leads, they need to rate them. By scoring and ranking them, you can:

  1. Elaborate and disseminate much more personalized and impactful messages, cultivating and accompanying each potential client.
  2. Improve the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing and advertising actions.
  3. Send the sales team better and better opportunities to buy.

What are the differences between a qualified lead for marketing (MQL) and a qualified lead for sales (SQL)?

Another aspect to take into account in the process of categorizing a lead for its study is that it is not the same to speak of qualified leads for marketing (MQL), than one qualified for the commercial area (SQL).

Taking this into consideration, it is necessary to understand that the criteria to consider a qualified lead depend on each project. At a general level, it could be said that:

1. MQLs:

  • People who match your buyer persona or target market.
  • People interested in your products or services.

2. SQLs:

  • People who match your buyer persona or target market.
  • People interested in our products or services.
  • People who have shown interest in the purchase process.

5 typical mistakes when it comes to capturing leads, and how to solve them with an inbound marketing project

Having clear the difference between the different types of qualified leads and a project of inbound marketing On the go, you are one step closer to reaching your goal of conversions and sales.

However, the process can be challenging, and to make sure you make the right decisions, I’ve put together a list of 5 mistakes to avoid. They are as follows:

1. Have a very broad target market

  • Problem: it is possible to select keywords for content with good metrics, but the difficulty is that it will not be oriented towards your buyer persona.
  • Solution: orient your content towards a small group that fits with your ideal client and who has the possibility of buying your product / service. It will be easier for you to achieve this if you carry out an exhaustive study of the buyer person.

To work on your buyer persona, here are some resources that can be very useful:

New Call-to-action

2. Pushing the prospect into the buying process too early

  • Problem: you cannot assume that all your visitors are in the same phase of the buying cycle or that they all have an interest in buying.
  • Solution: create content that solves the doubts of the prospects in each phase of the funnel. It is important that you show the right message at the right time.

leads cualificados funnel inbound marketing

3. Assume that all the records you have in the database are equally qualified due to the lack of a lead scoring system

  • Problem: without a system lead scoring You will not be able to distinguish between people in the research phase and people who are already very close to completing the purchase process. That means it will be difficult for you to find a way to deliver content of interest to them.
  • Solution: work with an automation tool, segmenting your database through a lead scoring strategy. In this way, the marketing team has a much more focused and intelligent work, while the sales team receives better and better opportunities and more prepared for the purchase.

4. Not asking for the necessary information on the forms

  • Problem: When preparing the forms, you may not have taken into account that the questions should help you segment the database. As a result, you thicken your list of registrations, but you are not able to qualify those contacts.
  • Solution: optimize your forms. Define well the information you need to know at each moment of the purchase cycle to discern between qualified leads for marketing and sales.

5. In your process of capturing leads, you notice the lack of analysis and optimization

  • Problem: Once implemented, the lead acquisition strategy is not updated. This means that the necessary adjustment of the process based on the results is lacking.
  • Solution: it is necessary to review the key metrics to identify opportunities for improvement. I also recommend you to be very aligned with the sales team and have an open feedback channel to be able to optimize processes and attract more quality leads.

Generating qualified leads for your brand is in your hand

With a good implementation of the inbound marketing strategy, many qualified leads can be generated. But don’t forget that it is a living process, constantly evolving. Therefore, in addition to solving the five challenges that we have reviewed with some of the proposed solutions, it is important to refine details as you achieve the desired results. Only then can you ensure permanent alignment with the objectives of the sales area.

Do you think that in your project you are facing different challenges when it comes to generating more qualified leads? Share your experience with us in the comments section!

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