By Paula Nuevo

The pharmaceutical sector is constantly innovating, and more in recent months where it seems that it has evolved more than in the last 20 years. It has had to adapt to current circumstances and carry out an incredible technological transformation. And more that will evolve in the coming years.

Not only is the sector evolving but also its workers. In the world of pharmaceutical marketing it has been lived in the same way as in any other sector: total transformation. Complicated launches, paralyzed sales teams, digitization as a model of life … It goes without saying that the phrase “you are in mute”Is the phrase that dominates our meetings and calls.

At a time like today, it is easy to ask for skills or aptitudes for future candidates from pharmaceutical marketers who have a relationship with the digital world. So, in a sector that has been talking about digitization and innovation for more than a year now, I wanted to do my bit to remember that we are still people and professionals of flesh and blood (not chips and cables). We are the same people who work every day to help other people.

We are still people working with and for people

That is why I launch myself to propose 5 skills that everything Product Manager of the pharmaceutical sector should have. For this I will base myself on my experience in the sector and my subjective opinion. However, I will try to explore to the maximum my learnings throughout this last year and what I have been able to learn from my colleagues and different situations related to the world of pharmaceutical marketing.

  1. Proactivity. In addition to teamwork, proactivity can also be a completely valid working method. Proactive behavior is sometimes difficult to develop, but very appreciated by organizations. It is like teamwork, but individual, oriented to change. The Product Manager You must know how to organize, manage, inform others, train others, etc. Therefore, self-initiative is a skill that can add value in many aspects. Do you usually propose ideas? To propose new and innovative activities? To make your opinion known in different projects?
  2. Problem solver. In any day-to-day situation there can be “problems” or situations that must be overcome. From the preparation of results, presentations, deliveries … Being decisive is a must For any Product Personally, closely related to creativity and personal involvement in the team (and its success). Are you able to get out of complicated situations? To be creative and look for different ways of doing things? Are you worried that the projects will go ahead?
  3. Communication. It is clear that to be Product Manager you have to be a good communicator and for obvious reasons it couldn’t be missing from my list. Even so, there are many types of communication. I propose easy and simple communication. The one that is direct. It seems like an obvious skill, but do we really take care of our communication? Simplifying and getting to the point can get you out of a big trouble. Sometimes, less is more. In a world where we are in constant contact with people from different departments and backgrounds, It seems key to have a direct and precise communication. Does the message you want to convey arrive? It’s easy to understand? Have you ever put yourself in the listener’s shoes? What message does your audience get? Are there any extra points in your message that could get in the way of the receiver?
  4. Adaptation. Personally, I think the ability to adapt is one of the most important characteristics. Everything Product Manager You should know how to adapt to any type of situation, from work under pressure to long-term work. From self-employment to intergroup work. And learning fast, which also goes very hand in hand. It is not necessary to mention the great adaptation that the pharmaceutical industry is currently experiencing. Can you work with different people every day? Can you learn new skills in a short time? Do you adapt easily to new adversities? Do these types of situations stress you out?
  5. Take care of the detail. Being detailed and always taking into account all the variables is key to developing in the day to day of the Product Manager. In an environment where we work with people and for people, it is very important to take care of all the points of our work: from our words, our emails, our reports, our presentations … In such a globalized and interpersonal world, taking care of detail can open doors, people, connections … Very connected with remembering that kindness and ethics should have an equal or greater weight than any other skill. Do you worry about measuring your words well? To review your presentations well? To take care of your work relationships?

Thus, it seems clear that the digital world is dominating our day to day. We are increasingly influenced and / or conditioned by machines and computers. In an environment where we are bombarded every day with new technologies (not to mention artificial intelligence), we should always remember that we are still people. Working with and for people.

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