40+ creative shelving design ideas for your inspiration

40+ creative shelving design ideas for your inspiration

Yes you like books, no tablet, e-books or reading light will make you give up your love for paper and print. Likewise, a bookworm will always maintain a book library. However, if you I can’t find space for a personal library, at home or at work, maybe these creative shelves can help you better organize your favorite reading material.

Here are 20 creative ways to organize and display your books, ranging from floating shelves with winding trees, deer heads and even a shelf made of water pipes! Also, if you are the DIY type, these will be a great source of inspiration for your own version of a creative shelf.

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# 1 – Oak deer shelf

This design is inspired by wild forest deer and beautiful nature. You can use it to store books, magazines and small decorative items.

# 2 – Kollen Library

The Kollen bookcase is an amazing piece of furniture, because it can be fully customized to fit the shape and size needed. It is perfect for collecting books, but also for spicing up any interior.

# 3 – Meb Rure typographic library

This shelf is a marvel reminder of the books you need to read in the future, but it also shows how many books you’ve already read. A perfect the white finish of the shelf will fit almost any room.

# 3 – Tree library

Add a little nature spirit to the nursery with this amazing green tree bookcase. It can keep around 100 pounds at a time and can be attached to the wall to stay stable.

# 5 – Floating bookshelf

This popular award winning shelving design by Miron Lior is amazing because the frame seems invisible behind the book. It really looks like the books are floating in the air right next to the wall.

floating shelf
# 6 – Table bookcase

This awesome bookshelf will be perfect for students as the spines of the book are on top and can be easily seen. Beside features a truly unique wooden design.

library table
# 7 – Steampunk-Industrial Library

This insanely cool steampunk bookcase is made from old used water pipes. Each shelf design is unique.

# 8 – curved bookcase

Salvador Dali would really appreciate this shelf design. This piece of furniture was inspired by the books of Dr. Seuss. It’s green and 6 feet tall.

# 9 – Glass shelves for Naviglio bookcase

This amazing metal and glass shelf would suit any room perfectly. It features a classic minimalist design.

#ten – Installation of the Pyramid library

This cool bookshelf looks like it’s falling down anytime. However, it is a designer affair. This cool design will fit any modern living room, a hotel lobby or a comfortable country house.

# 11 – Equilibrium Library of Malagana

Balance is the spirit of nature and that’s what this interesting library represents. It is available in three different color options to go with any interior.

# 12 – Osuna Library by Tonin

Tonin’s Osuna Library is made up of geometric shapes in wood with mirror finish inserts which create effects of depth and light. It is not only good for books, but can contain other things as well.

# 13 – Sheep Library

This pretty sheepskin shelf so fun and creative storage solution. It is white and will fit any nursery, be it a boy or a girl.

# 14 – vocal shelf

This bookcase looks like a staircase at the top of a box. You can put anything on the top, it’s quite stable and strong, and a ideal storage solution for an apartment with limited space.

voice shelf
# 15 – Tess Tree Library

An amazing tree shelf for those of you who love nature and the woods. He gives the appearance that things are placed there from different angles.

# 16 – Wooden bookshelf

It’s a custom-made hanging book rack in oak wood. It comes with 12 pins so you can attach your books and detach them when you need them.

wooden book holder
# 17 – Wall bookcase by the meter

This ruler shelf will help you count the number of books you have read not by number, but by height. Outraged, you can measure your kids’ height as they grow up.

# 18 – Kesselhaus plywood bookcase

Made from Baltic birch plywood, this insanely cool shelf looks chic and elegant. The shelf can be kept standing by the wall or hanging.

# 19 – LiliLite: All-in-one book lamp, shelf & brand

A multifunctional product for reading in bed: LiliLite is a bookcase, a reading light and a bookmark all at the same time. When you remove your book from the wooden pick, a sensor automatically turns on the lamp. When you put the book back the light goes out.

# 20 – Fan-shaped shelf

This the bookcase can have different shapes, according to your needs. It will adapt perfectly to a child’s room or a living room to store books and other things.

fan shelf

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