4 ways to make employees loyal

4 ways to make employees loyal

Uncertainty in the future demands that we consider our employees with more empathy. Not out of simple interest in asking for more involvement, but above all because it is necessary to respect above all what we call human capital to create a company where it is good to live. barrier gestures do not prevent communication, quite the contrary. Many companies suffer from a turnover that is difficult to control. This becomes time-consuming to train, recruit and integrate. So how do you retain your employees?

Pay attention to the working conditions and the atmosphere

Theatmosphere and good working conditions are the 2nd most important factors for French employees (after salary).
Indeed, bad working conditions (printers that do not work properly, heating failure in winter, etc.) generate frustrations which can be a source of a bad atmosphere at work and repeated absences. Making the workplace pleasant, the work space as warm and friendly as possible, with offices organized for the comfort of employees will make your employees want to come with a light heart.
A good atmosphere at work and group cohesion do not just happen. So taking your lunch break from time to time all together (respecting barrier gestures !!!) helps group cohesion and the development of a good atmosphere between colleagues. Strengthening ties means first of all asking your employees about their wishes and you will see that many of them are within your reach.

Congratulate for the work accomplished

Celebrating the success of a goal and encouraging your employee is good and costs nothing. Apart from the good points vis-à-vis your employee who will feel valued by the work he has provided (3rd factor of loyalty at work among the French, 2nd factor worldwide). An encouraged employee leads an employee who is motivated, productive and ready to invest in the company.
So do not hesitate and do as at Kantar WorldPanel, which likes to emphasize “that thanks and congratulations are not reserved exclusively for the achievement of an exceptional job, because it is the work provided on a daily basis that the we recognize “.

Give challenges

Give meaning to the work of your employees through individual and collective objectives. Employees like to have responsibilities and to feel that they are contributing to the evolution of the company.
An employee gives more importance to his work and invests himself more when he has challenges to meet. In this case he will find his work interesting, captivating and will not seek to see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Be approachable and empathetic

Going to see your employees once in a while will only do you good. Not only will your behavior show your employees that you are accessible, but such meetings will also allow you to take the temperature within the team. See if some things are wrong. Be careful, however, not to give a coping effect.
Communication is an essential point between the employer and the employee. Establishing a climate of trust between you and your employees is essential, show him that you are accessible and that he can speak to you with confidence.
Listen to your employees if they have a problem or question and try to answer it as best as possible. But also taking into account their ideas or suggestions are points not to be overlooked.
Of course, communication takes place from both sides, so don’t forget to communicate and share certain information on the evolution of the company so that your employees feel as concerned as possible.

In conclusion

These simple and effective steps will not only help you have loyal employees, but even push them to become fans and staunch supporters of the company. And remember one unmotivated employee and badly in his workplace is an unproductive employee who will leave as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Become the company where life is good!

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