4 selling methods to know

4 selling methods to know

Here are 4 selling methods you should know!

The DIPADA method

It responds to 6 characteristics: Definition of the need, Identification of the product, Proof of the suitability of the product to the need, Acceptance of this proof by the consumer, the birth of the Desire in the consumer for this product and finally the Sell Action. This method is used when the customer knows what he is looking for but cannot decide between several products or services.

The AIDA method

Using this method, you will need to grab your customer’s attention, arouse their interest, arouse their desire to buy and complete the purchase. This method, even if it strongly resembles the previous one, is used in the situation where the consumer wants to buy a product when he does not necessarily express the need for it.

Harvard’s reasoned method

This method is based on a principle of equity between the seller and the customer. Concretely, in case you employ this method, the sale should not be solely in your best interests as a seller. At the end of the sales process, both parties will have to come to a win-win business deal, in which each finds a profit.

The SBAM method (Smile Hello Goodbye Thank you)

The objective of this method is not to convince the customer to buy immediately, but rather to maintain a relationship of trust with the latter to build loyalty. This solution is based on 3 criteria which are a smile, a greeting and a thank you. It remains mainly used during direct sales.

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