# 39 Emmanuelle Ossola: Having fun selling

# 39 Emmanuelle Ossola: Having fun selling

In this podcast with Emmanuelle Ossola, we talk about business, pleasure and how to have fun selling our services, services or products. Do you have fears and prejudices surrounding the sale? Would you like to be comfortable selling but feel like “a carpet merchant”? Then this episode of From Roots To Heaven is for you!

Selling from a new perspective

Emmanuelle is link maker. She is a certified trainer and has 30 years of sales experience. One of its peculiarities and what makes all its magic is that it offers workshops and training to observe sales and customer relations. from a new angle.

It is from her original and innovative vision that she created her training concept “Selling is a game”.

His approach will revolutionize your way of seeing sales and will deconstruct your preconceptions on the subject.

So drop your fears around selling and start playing!

Emmanuelle’s journey: sales in all areas

In this episode, Emmanuelle also tells me about:

  • His professional journey from the bookstore to his own business, including Herbalife.
  • What she learned through her path
  • His vision of sales
  • What drives him today

Here are the links to listen to the episode:

From Roots to Heaven · # 39 Emmanuelle Ossola: Having fun selling

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The references of the books mentioned in this episode

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Ah ah and if you want to go further with the sale, this is the theme for the month of May 2021 in the Club. And you are welcome!


I wish you a pleasant listening and see you soon!

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