3 Reasons to Have User Generated Content

3 Reasons to Have User Generated Content

The user generated content, also called UGC (user generated content), is content created by people, not brands. Indeed, it is a digital marketing strategy focused on the creation of content via subscribers or buyers of your brand. You have surely happened to see them on the social networks. These are the brands that share them on their account (s), website or others. All with a single goal: to boost sales! Moreover, for most of them, Instagram remains the essential platform for UGCs. In this article, you will find 3 good reasons tohave user-generated content. But we warn you: after discovering them, you will no longer be able to ignore them.

Promote authenticity to make oneself more human

First of all, be aware that consumers consider UGC more to be authentic content. And we know it well: authenticity remains very important for brands. This not only allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition, but also to become even more and more credible in the eyes of consumers. Putting this in place can therefore allow you to attract more potential customers and thus increase your turnover.

Build trust to attract more customers

Before moving on to purchase decision, we all like to know what a particular product or service can really bring us. And that’s normal! Let us be clearer: let’s imagine that you are looking for a good restaurant. Are you there? Many people may decide to take a look on Instagram (or others), to find out more about the quality of the card, the environment, the service, etc. If the company neglects its presence on the social network, it can let many prospects go. This can have a negative impact on its turnover. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Indeed, why would we bother to move if the restaurant in question has not succeeded in establishing a climate of trust and arousing our interest.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. Interesting, isn’t it? And we don’t even tell you about all the others opinion that can be found on the web. Now imagine a restaurant sharing user-generated content. Automatically, your desire to go there will be much greater, especially because you will have more confidence. To be honest, near 80% of people say having UGC significantly increases the number of sales. So, if you want to develop your business, it should not be an option, but an obligation.

Use stories to increase sales

Another point: don’t forget tointegrate UGC into your Instagram stories . Indeed, brands are particularly fond of these authentic assets, shared on accounts with a very engaged audience. Often, official accounts share these assets very quickly via Instagram Stories, which creates a close relationship with fans of the brand. This will allow you to generate much more purchases, of course. By dint of stumbling upon this type of story, we guarantee that at one point or another, the consumer will want to know more and will come to take a look at your website. And who knows? He may use one of your products or services.

To your feathers: now you have 3 reasons to have user-generated content. What do you think ? Is this already a strategy that you are putting in place? Come tell me all about it in the comments below. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you as well. And to go further, we let you discover how to publish the perfect post on Instagram. These few lines will interest you for sure. Go, see you soon at SMFY!

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