2021 the year of fundraising

2021 the year of fundraising

In this time of uncertainty, many believed that fundraising was at half mast. Well no, some fundraisers have reached amounts beyond imagination. Focus on a few of them.

1 PayFit (Series D)

PayFit is a French company that is developing a SaaS tool for payroll management and human resources management. In Series D, the startup raised 90 million euros from four investors: Xavier Niel, Eurazeo, Bpifrance and Accel.

2 Soul (Series B)

SOURCES ALMA - La French Fab

The startup Alma offers a guaranteed payment solution in several installments for the e-commerce and stores. Alma raised the largest fundraising for a startup in France, in January 2021. She raised 49 million euros from Seaya Ventures, Cathay Innovation, Idinvest Partners and Bpifrance.

3 Sorare (Serie A)

Sorare, is this a scam?  Is it reliable?

Sorare is a startup specializing in gaming. In February 2021, Sorare is the startup that collected the most important fundraising. Indeed, she collected 40 million euros. Among the investors are: e.ventures, Benchmark, Accel, but also Gary Vaynerchuk, Rio Gavin Ferdinand or the very famous football player Antoine Griezmann.

4 CorWave (C Series)

French startup CORWAVE implantable cardiac assist pumps using membrane technology

CorWave is a startup specializing in the design of heart pumps for patients with severe heart failure. At the beginning of January 2021, CorWave raised a good fundraising of 35 million euros, after having made a fundraising with several investors such as Bpifrance, Ysios Capital, Sofinnova Partners, M&L Healthcare Investments or even EIC Fund.

5 Cubyn (C Series)

Cube vector logo |  Free Download - Format (.SVG + .PNG) - SeekVectorLogo.Com

Cubyn is a private business-to-business logistics company. The company offers a technology-based order fulfillment service for e-business. Cubyn raised 35 million euros in March 2021. Among the investors, we note the presence of Bpifrance, Eurazeo, DN Capital and BNP Paribas Développement.

Pharma 6 Steps (Series B)

Fundraising: the startup Step Pharma raises 14 million euros

Step Pharma Step Pharma, a biotechnology company that develops drugs for oncology and autoimmune diseases. At the end of March, Step Pharma announced that it had raised 35 million euros notably from Bpifrance, Sunstone Life Science Ventures and Pontifax.

7 Indy (Series B)

Indy, accounting redesigned for the self-employed

Indy’s solution (ex-Georges.tech), develops an accounting tool for freelancers in order to simplify the tasks related to accounting. Indy raised 35 million euros in January 2021 after raising funds from Alven, Singular and Kerala Ventures.

8 Iziwork (Series B)

Discover the latest news from iziwork |  I startups

Iziwork offers an accelerated connection between temporary workers and client companies. In January 2021, the fundraising of the startup amounts to 35 million euros. The two main investors are Cathay Innovation and Bpifrance.

The ranking of the largest fundraising startups in France in 2021

Rang Start Series Funds raised
1 Alain D series € 185M
2 Ornikar C series € 100M
3 PayFit D series 90M €
4 Open classrooms C series 80M €
5 Ultra Premium Direct 68M €
6 EasyMile B series 55M €
7 Alma B series 49M €
8 So rare Series A 40M €
9 CorWave C series € 35M
9 Cuben C series € 35M
9 Pharma step B series € 35M
9 India B series € 35M
9 Works B series € 35M
14 Shippeo C series € 32M
15 Not so dark Series A € 20M
15 delivered Series A € 20M
17 Promise Adventure Tour 15M €
18 HomaGames Round Seed € 12.59M
18 Labyrinth Series A € 12.59M
20 EG 427 Series A 12M €

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