2021 inbound marketing results

2021 inbound marketing results

New 2021 Inbound Marketing Study (EIM21) includes analysis of the results achieved by companies in the software industry in 2020 (and before).

This year’s data is very relevant as it reflects how SaaS (Software as a Service) providers have been successful in improving their customer acquisition levels with the inbound marketing. It was by taking advantage of the momentum that the digital transformation had in companies that needed to maintain the continuity of their activities despite the social confinement measures that began that year.

Today, software companies continue to play a fundamental role in this new normal that we are living in, as thousands of organizations around the world have standardized teleworking as the basis of their production and operating models, they must therefore put in more digital solutions.

This is where inbound marketing takes center stage, since Businesses looking to go digital are starting to connect with SaaS providers with valuable content that they publish and distribute.

In this context of new normal, the EIM21 has shown that inbound marketing strategies can help software companies to:

  • Generate more demand for digital products or services.
  • Shorten sales cycles.
  • Reduce costs per acquisition (CPA).
  • Multiply the traffic to the web pages.
  • Speed ​​up the conversion of records to customers.
  • Position brands in target markets.

Therefore, download and know in detail the results of 2021 Inbound Marketing Study This is something that will allow technology providers to find out what kinds of benefits they can get by implementing inbound marketing strategies, both organic and paid.

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Methodology for analyzing 2021 Inbound Marketing Study

The methodological bases applied in the EIM21 are the following:

the EIM21 It includes 2 different categories of results obtained by companies in the software industry, and each category has its own time frame. There are the results of organic inbound marketing strategies carried out for 3 consecutive semesters (one and a half years), and there are the results of the advertising campaigns obtained during the year 2020.

the EIM21 analyzes the results of a total of 67 companies, belonging to 11 different sectors and divided by economic models (B2B and B2C). Regarding the software sector, the sample analyzed was 9 companies.

The metrics used in the EIM21 To analyze the results of inbound marketing in companies in the software sector were as follows:

Indicators on organic strategies:

  1. Site visits
  • Total visits (organic + paid + others)
  • Organic visits only
  • Primary user logs
    • Total records (organic + paid + others)
    • Organic records only
  • Total MQL (organic + paid)
  • Metrics on advertising campaigns:

    1. Average monthly investment
    2. Cost per prospect
    3. Lead conversion rate to MQL

    Regarding payment channels, the EIM21 shows the results achieved by advertising campaigns executed through Facebook Ads (along with Instagram Ads), LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads in most of the analyzed industries. However, in the software sector, campaigns have only been carried out through Facebook Ads.

    Inbound Marketing 2021 study: know the results of more than 60 real companies

    Inbound marketing results applied to companies in the software industry

    Then we will show you the results obtained by SaaS providers in terms of attract visitors (circulation), recording capture (tracks) Yes conversion to MQL (market qualified prospects) when implementing combined inbound marketing strategies with methodologies specially designed by InboundCycle.

    In the catchment segments of visits and of recordings you will see that first we explain the results totals and then the organic, while in the segment of converting leads to MQL you will only see the total results. We explain:

    • The totals They are the sum of the results obtained through organic channels, payments, social media, SEO, direct channels, among others.
    • The organic are these results obtained only by organic channels, mainly by the SEO positioning blog content.

    On the other hand, at the end of this article we also show you the payment results. That is, those which were obtained by inbound online advertising (POI), which consist of the execution of paid advertising campaigns in order to accelerate the results of inbound marketing in the projects of SaaS providers.

    Results of the attraction of visits in SaaS projects

    The total traffic capture that companies in the software sector have succeeded in driving more than 150,000 visits in the first semester Finish 414,000 in the third half of the year. This means that, as you will see in the following graph, the traffic generation has increased by 2.75 times in a year and a half.

    inbound marketing study

    However, we have the most interesting results by analyzing the evolution of visits captured by organic techniques, which mainly have to do with the positioning of the company’s blogs in search engines such as Google, through the publication of content designed with parameters SEO.

    So, in the following graphic, you will realize that if you implement inbound marketing in your business in the software industry, you could start to multiply by 3.45 the visits to your website in a year and a half of the project.

    inbound marketing results

    Results of connecting to SaaS projects

    The entering total records that companies in the software sector have succeeded in driving more than 1,800 leads in the first half Finish 3,000 in the third semester. This means that, as you will see in the following graph, the traffic generation multiplied by 1.61 in a year and a half.

    Inbound Marketing Study Results

    On the other hand, as for the lead capture through biological techniques, you will notice from the following graphic that, like other SaaS providers, your business I could multiply the records by 2.48 in a year and a half to set up an inbound marketing strategy.

    software for the inbound marketing industry

    Results of MQL adoption in SaaS projects

    After companies in the software sector hand in hand with Incoming cycle will implement techniques of lead scoring Yes lead maintenance, these reached multiply by 2.01 the conversion of leads to MQL in a year and a half of their incoming projects. This is how you can see it in the following graph, which shows the evolution from the first semester to the third:SaaS inbound marketing

    Inbound online advertising results in SaaS projects

    Although in the rest of the sectors the EIM21 shows the results achieved with advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google, in the software industry, inbound online advertising has only been developed by Facebook Ads.

    On the other hand, and as you will see in the following table, the analyzed SaaS providers only activated advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads during 2020. With them, they obtained a cost per lead of 3 € to 4 € each on average, and with an efficiency in converting leads to MQL of around 57%.

    inbound advertising

    It is important to note that all the results presented in the 2021 Inbound Marketing Study were obtained not only by classic inbound marketing strategies, but also by the application of certain methodologies designed exclusively by Incoming cycle.

    And the fact is that inbound marketing is a constantly evolving strategy, which is why, at InboundCycle, we are constantly studying all its advances and its range of possibilities in order to develop ever more efficient techniques, tactics and methodologies. .

    Finally, we invite you to read our article Inbound Marketing for Software and SaaS Companies: The Key to Getting More Customers, and, besides the software sector, you can also know:

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