20 supports and organizers to tame your cables

20 supports and organizers to tame your cables

It can be very complicated to maintain an organized office space. This is especially true when many devices are placed in close proximity to each other. But thanks to some creative inventions, maybe we could find the right tool for the job.

If you’re having trouble with cable management, check out this gallery of awesome solutions: cord tags, tags, clips, cable boxes, zip ties and more. These are all fantastic products that have created a buzz around the internet community. And while browsing this quirky collection, you’re bound to find something cool for the home office!

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# 1 -CableClip
Cable clip

As the name suggests, CableClip is perfect for collecting all the loose cables you have. It allows for portability, and you’ll never have to deal with chaotic balls of strings all wrapped around each other. A very durable product, it carries a thoughtful price tag.

# 2 – ONME cable support
ONME cable holder

These cable taps are much more convenient for experienced users and workstations. They keep your desk clean and also offer easy access at all times. Additionally, these cord holders can also double as organizers that you can use to organize your workstation setup. Chargers, keyboards, USB cables and similar external connectors will no longer get in the way.

# 3 – CableBox Mini
CableBox Mini

If you are tired of finding the entire length of your cables sprawled out on the floor, CableBox Mini can be used to solve this problem. Store the cables in the box, then tuck it under your desk or workspace for a quick cleaning solution. The box also comes with a surge protector and is the perfect grommet for small spaces.

# 4 – Reusable flexible ties
Reusable flexible ties

Struggling with unruly threads? You wouldn’t be the first person. The flexible ties released by UT-Wire are exceptionally strong. They can coil and hold virtually any cord and are just as easy to undo. The process of managing your cable collection can be easily simplified with a set of these bad boys.

# 5 – Cordies cable holder
Cordies cable holder

Now, if you need a must-have solution to keeping all of your cords accessible, look no further. The Cordies Cable Holder is the perfect grommet, small enough to fit anywhere on your cluttered desk. It’s a great tool to help you get organized, and it comes in a really awesome form!

# 6 – Dotz reusable cable straps
Dotz reusable cable straps

This product is for those of you who often have difficulty managing the identity of your cables. Dotz cable straps are available in multiple colors and behave as a permanent zipper solution. You can tag each of your important cords and never lose sight of them again.

# 7 – DIY cable management bracket
DIY Cable Management Bracket

Fans of the Star Wars series will love this one. The product page gives more details on the setup and tools required, but it shouldn’t take you more than a day, on average, to put it together. This handy organizing tool adds a little flair to any room. You have easy access to all your cables and also a little extra storage space.

# 8 – Cord control tube
Cord control tube

The Cord Tube has all the standard features you would expect from a cable management tool. It’s not exactly the prettiest item on the market, but it gets the job done when it comes to hiding your cables and keeping them in a central location. The standard length is 6 feet in total and will easily bend to accommodate more cables.

# 9 – SOULWIT cable holder clips
SOULWIT cable holder clips

A good way to manage your messy cables and cords, these cable holder clips can be attached to your desk with strong adhesive and can hold up to 6 cables with a maximum thickness of 6mm. Made of soft, durable and flexible silicone, it allows your cables to slide easily without dropping them.

#ten – Hmrope fixing cable
Hmrope fixing cable

Here is a set of 60 cable ties that can be used to tie up almost anything, especially messy cables. Fasteners are made with a microfiber cloth with a hook and loop that keeps your things securely fastened. In addition, the ties are 6 inches thick, are elastic, come in a set of 4 different colors, and can be easily closed and taken off.

# 11 – Waterproof cable organizer bag
Waterproof cable organizer bag

For those who always carry a lot of cables and wires, here is a cable storage bag that allows you to store up to 12 cables, 6 USB sticks, cell phones or charger, a small SD card pocket and a large one for a Tablet. The bag is made of durable, waterproof nylon with quality zippers and a removable wrist strap, all of which makes it an ideal travel companion.

# 12 – Adhesive cord for cable organizer
Adhesive cord for cable organizer

These cable organizers or cord holder clips can be attached to any smooth smooth surface with strong adhesive and can be a good cable management solution. These wire clamps are made of strong PA66 material and can hold wires up to 0.26 inches. You can fix them along the wall or on your worktable to hold multiple cables.

# 13 – SMART & COOL silicone magnetic cable ties
SMART & COOL Magnetic Silicone Cable Ties

Magnetic silicone ties are a great way to organize your unruly cables or hold other items. Magnetic ends can be assembled to hold anything or you can attach them to any metal surface to hold notes, keys or photos etc. You can even attach it with your bag and the magnetic clips can come in handy in an emergency.

# 14 – Extension support
Extension bracket

This is a set of sturdy cable ties in various sizes and useful for holding ropes, pipes, cables, or anything else that needs organization. The hook-and-loop structure is great for keeping a firm grip on your belongings and the polypropylene material is so durable it can hold up to 88 lbs.

# 15 – 150 ″ cable corrector
Cable cover 150

Messy cables not only cause problems in your work, they also look downright ugly. The EVEO cable management solution organizes your messy cables and neatly conceals them along the wall. This detailed kit includes everything you need to install, including connectors and a concealment cover in different shapes so you can easily do it yourself.

# 16 – Avantree reusable cord organizer
Avantree Reusable Cord Organizer

These colorful Velcro cable ties can help you deal with any kind of messy cable situation big or small like headphones, computer cables, electronics and other things. Ties are available in different colors so you can color code your cables and different sizes to meet your needs. Besides, they are made with durable material which can withstand rough use.

# 17 – Twelve South CableSnap
Twelve South CableSnap

This handy little CableSnap from Twelve South is made of premium granular leather and offers a wonderful solution for managing your charging cable and headphones, etc. It keeps the cables coiled so that they are not damaged. Plus, the loop keeps your cable attached to the CableSnap so it won’t come loose. You can get it in three beautiful colors.

# 18 – XIAOKUBB cord rewinder
Cord winder XIAOKUBB

Here is a nice cable reel to manage your charging or data cable. Made with environmentally friendly ABS material, it is so compact and lightweight that you can easily put it in your pocket, place it in your bag, or store it in a drawer. You can easily retract your cable and it works with cables of any length.

# 19 – Self-adhesive hook plug
Self-adhesive Hook Stopper

These cable retention clips give you a simple and easy way to hold any cord, cable, or outlet around your home or office. Just attach them to any clean, smooth surface (horizontally or vertically) and clip in your coiled or straight cables. The clips are available in different colors and are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

# 20 – Twisted ties for SUNFICON cables
SUNFICON twisted ties

Twist Silicon Cable Organizers are pretty versatile little ties. They come with magnetic clips that can easily wrap around your cables and hold them in place. You can hang, mount, or clip them to anything that needs a quick hold. Besides their ease of use, the big-eyed owl design and multiple color options make them adorable.

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