+15 ways to MAKE MONEY with INSTAGRAM

+15 ways to MAKE MONEY with INSTAGRAM

There are countless ways to make money with Instagram. Today I’m telling you the 15 best ways to make money with Instagram.

In this episode you will discover an amazing way to earn money with Instagram With which Tamara Alba achieved a turnover of more than 100,000 € in 2020 using Instagram:

And in this post I explain how to start an online business.

And now I leave you what you were looking for:

Best Strategies To Make Money With Instagram

Fortunately today I tell you many other strategies that will allow you generate income through Instagram. And the good thing is you don’t need to have thousands of subscribers to make money with InstagramAlthough, of course, the better and more segmented the subscribers, the more revenue you can generate.

And then I list you +15 Ways To Make Money With Instagram:

  1. Make direct: Thanks to the new functionality of Instagram badges already Instagram badge stages or challenges you can earn money just for the achievement. This functionality arrives by country and certain accounts. You must have a Company or Creator account. For one thing, those attending the live can purchase $ 1, $ 2, or $ 5 badges to highlight their profile during the live show and collaborate with the creator and the creator can offer incentives such as endorsements or a certain service. On the other hand, thanks to Instagram Challenges, Instagram pays directly to do 15 or 30 minutes live of different types. For example, doing a live with another person or doing a live every week for 4 weeks. Pay up to $ 150 for each direct which is amazing. At this video and in my profile I explain more.
  2. Offer paid advice: Consultations, consultations, courses (English, mathematics, IT …), individual or group sessions or even paid webinars. You can use Skype or Zoom for example. Add the link to your landing page (In these masterclasses, you can see several methods to easily create landing pages) for people to book the session and pay or use tools like Calendar that allow interested parties to schedule and pay for the session. Perfect for personal trainers, psychologists, language teachers … Examples of accounts that use this system: tamaraalba @English teacher
  3. Drive traffic to your website, podcast or YouTube channel: Through these visits you can generate income through advertising for example or with affiliate links. Examples of accounts using this system: @borjagiron @ never feet
  4. Use affiliate links: With this system, you don’t need to make any deal with brands and therefore it is faster and easier. You can use the system Amazon Affiliates (or that of influencers), or sites like Tradedoubler O Awin. You will need a website.
  5. Conclude agreements with brands: When you have a niche and a large audience, brands contact you to make collaborations. This is the traditional system of fashion influencers like @mariapombo @hoycomemossano @martacarriedo.
  6. Create your store and sell with Instagram Shopping: You can add products or services even without having an online store. This system is widely used by people from @mrwonderful_
  7. Sell ​​your services as an agency: Thanks to your content on Instagram you will be able to generate trust and you will get clients as an agency offering various services such as Community Managers, designer, strategist … @marketingclassificado
  8. Instagram Ads in the United States: Through the promote button or using Facebook Ads, we can create ads and sell whatever we want. Advertising campaigns use them very well @ ana.ivar Yes @vilmanunez (From the profiles of any account in the menu> information about that account, we can see the campaigns they have.)
  9. Sell ​​your book: Publish your book on Amazon and promote it on your Instagram account appropriately. Example: @ lidia.escriter O @theotroexito
  10. Sell ​​your account: Although this technique goes against Instagram policies, there are people who enforce it by positioning Instagram accounts and gaining thousands of real followers and then selling them.
  11. Offer advertising: Recommend other accounts and get paid for it. Every few days, I receive messages from very large accounts offering me a mention in their Stories in exchange for an amount.
  12. Sell ​​t-shirts: Create your own t-shirts on sites like Spreadshirt and sell them.
  13. Offer private content: There are websites like Onlyfans or Patreon that allow you to add additional and private content for subscribers. You can also create a private account and give access to your students, for example. Perfect for photographers or models. Example @bilbofoto.
  14. Sell ​​things you don’t use: Post them on Wallapop and add the links or comment on them in the Stories.
  15. Sell ​​courses directly online: You can create an online course and sell it. You can also recommend courses to others and earn a sales commission. Examples of accounts using these systems: @thelatinacoach O @communicazen.
  16. Offer a free webinar and sell your course or service at the end: Create a private account on Instagram and provide access at a specific time and day to those interested. You can also make it pay up front. You can create a landing page and email marketing strategies to optimize the process. Example: @ sarahs.insta.secrets
  17. Discounted or exclusive hotel and flight offers: If your account is for travel, you can offer hotel access using the Affiliate program reservation O TripAdvisor and earn money for every sale. You can even use the Skyscanner Flight Affiliate Program. Examples: @travelerspirates Yes @expertoenhoteles.
  18. Offer your payment services: as a photographer, advertising copywriter, community manager, SEO … through stories for example. Add highlights with customer opinions, work done, who you are and show your experience.

As you can see, Instagram gives us a lot of options to make money.

In this article, I explain how to gain followers on Instagram and how to properly use hashtags to reach more people.

Ads with IGTV

Some accounts may already add announcements before, during or after your IGTV videos and so you can take a percentage of the income.

This option will surely come this year for everyone with the IGTV Videos.

With this option, you can earn money with Instagram directly.

The same thing happens with YouTube or with your website. Add banner ads using Google adsense or similar platforms is not the best system to generate income (Yes it is interesting as something complementary if done well).

It is very easy to press the button to activate the ads, but it definitely implies that you are wasting great opportunities in exchange for using the easy option. However, it is a good supplement.

Optimize your income with Instagram

Behind all these systems to generate income with Instagram must be applied sales techniques and conversion funnels to get the most out of this social network.

Learning digital marketing is essential with these courses.

Follow a voucher content strategy Providing solutions to the problems of a group of people is also essential.

Example of valuable content that leads to sales

I’ll give you an example. On my Instagram profile @borjagiron I help people use Instagram professionally and generate income. Also to solve problems using this social network.

They had put me in spam groups for a while and I was getting notice constantly. If this has happened to me, it is possible that a lot of other people have happened to them as well, so I asked in some stories and added one investigation.

It was indeed a very common problem. I looked for the solution and I counted it in a reel of less than 30 seconds. In this way I have helped people solve this problem and after that Reel and thanks to the optimization of my profile with a good description and good content focused on Instagram, several people sent me a private message to hire my board and review your strategy on Instagram.

How to choose your niche on Instagram

To choose my niche I made a DAFO and thus I was able to eliminate weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. This way, I can get the most out of Instagram by offering a service, products, services or courses that I can help the community with the best I can based on my knowledge and experience.

Is your profile optimized to earn money?

To find out if you Instagram profile is optimized to generate sales and income ask yourself these questions:

How do potential customers find you on Instagram? What do they see on your profile when they reach it? Do you follow your own profile by being objective? Are you a professional? Are you clear on what you are offering? Good design and do you use professional photographers, do you publish constantly, you have chosen your formats more in tune with your goals, do you have goals that you measure?you know how to use hashtagsInvest in Instagram Ads develop your account?

Find other professionals with the Instagram search engine and see if your profile is better or worse. Learn and improve your profile to make it more professional and attractive.

It is possible that you need help in the process So you are looking for someone who offers an Instagram account analysis service and whose account is really quality and generates income with Instagram.

Choosing the best strategy can help this post from my profile in which I explain the 8 strategies you can follow on Instagram.


Now you know how to make money with Instagram and I explained methods to do it easily and quickly and others to do it in a more advanced and complex way.

You certainly have one great opportunity now that you have this knowledge and you just need to get to work.

Do you or will you use any of these options to earn money? Don’t forget to listenInstagram podcast»Continue to learn to use Instagram thanks to the interviews of professionals and influencers which come out every Sunday.

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