15 effective marketing strategies for lawyers

15 effective marketing strategies for lawyers

Why Should You Apply Marketing Strategies For Lawyers?

Increasingly, the focus is on different marketing strategies for lawyers, more conventional strategies to inbound marketing strategies, because competition from the legal sector is constantly increasing due to the desire to obtain a prestige and an trust for the customer. Therefore, implementing some marketing strategies for lawyers will be of great help.

These strategies son effective, but remember that they must be applied according to each business model, because each company has a different audience, resources and work methodology.

On the other hand, we have to keep in mind that we are in a constantly changing world, that we have to adapt to these changes and try to maintain or improve the value of the services offered.

For all this, do not miss the strategies that we offer in this article!

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1. Know the current state of the law firm

This is the first step in being able to develop and execute marketing strategies in a law firm.

Once we know the current situation, regarding the assets and liabilities of the company, we will know which actions need to be implemented and which are not, because they are already implemented or due to lack of resources.

One trick is to perform a SWOT analysis, an analysis in which the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of the business can be seen in a very visual way.

2. Identification of the target audience

This is important to understand how they think, what their needs are and what concerns them, in order to offer them a personalized service that meets their needs.

The means of identifying the audience are as follows: analyze services who are offered, who is it for or who would consume it? Create persona buyers after population surveys (they do not need to be in large numbers) and interviews.

Based on old clienteleWhich customer profiles are the most recurring?

3. Strategic planning

Does one of the strategies provide for them? It’s correct.

It is important to be able to identify the actions to be taken, the when, how and why they must be taken, because we will want to achieve certain objectives and everything has a coherence, and also to anticipate or avoid possible uncertainties.

4. Create a personal brand

This is crucial to have a name and a point of differentiation andn this very competitive niche. Through the brand, we convey the values, vision, mission and value of the company.

Make sure that their perception of your business is favorable!

5. Create a web page

This is currently essential and a basic requirement in digital marketing for lawyers, as it helps to have an online presence.

This will serve as communication tool, present the services to potential clients, acquire the services or obtain information.

The web must be intuitive, easy to use and with information relevant to the public.

6. Optimize the page

It is important to optimize the web page in terms of SEO for lawyers, if you want to appear in the top results of Google using a keyword.

This way your website will benefit from a increased visibility and organic traffic. Keep in mind that SEO results take at least 6 months to show a result. Be patient!

7. Create a blog on the web

It is related to the two previous strategies, because it allows to obtain greater visibility and helps with SEO. Publications should be regular and of high quality, providing the reader with information relevance and of value.

Keep in mind that the downloaded content must be able to resolve a micro-moment, whether it is “knowing”, “doing”… and that it is not just commercial.

8. Create Google campaigns

It is an option of online advertising very profitable, with optimal conversion rates depending on the investment made, provided that the quality of the ad and landing pages are optimized for conversion.

You can segment ads according to specific interests, by location, age, at certain times or days or on what type of devices you want it to appear.

Results are immediate, but educate yourself before you start and invest in your Google Ads campaign. Analyze the keywords on which you are going to bid!

9. Create a Google My Business listing

CA will help locate your office lawyers. It helps users to be able to access essential information such as phone numbers, timetables, web pages, addresses … among many other information. Always keep the file up to date!

It is said that “if you don’t have a Google My Business listing, your business does not exist”.

10. Create a profile on social networks

Did you think lawyers didn’t have Instagram or Facebook? In fact there is influencers in the legal profession.

Each social red encompasses a different audience segments, and it has different characteristics, but by tailoring the message to each network, you can help capture the attention of the audience.

In addition, with a dissemination strategy through the creation of freebies or a Q&A, you can make your profile stand out.

11. Create a newsletter

It generates trust and loyalty, because the communication is personalized and informative. It is also a very economical option, and has a few high rates of return on investment.

Of course, keep in mind the regularity of sending newsletters, do not bombard the reader and study the most appropriate sending times. No one likes spam!

12. Stay up to date with the latest news

Finding a topic that has been discussed recently and making the most of it is crucial. This is a legal marketing strategy for lawyers that will highlight the firm’s attention to the latest issues of the day. Always be up to date!

13. Actively and passively participate in events

Events related to the legal field. You must be aware of the activities that are being carried out, in order to build a base of relationships with industry professionals. Even if you are lucky, you can get comments from other lawyers on marketing for lawyers!

14. Always have the business card handy

It may sound old-fashioned and ten years old, but to this day this traditional type of marketing for lawyers persists, just like word of mouth.

Many times you find you with potential customers in the most unexpected places, so giving them your details may result in a customer in the future.

15. Specialization of services

Create an opportunity to make yourself known as an expert in a specific area of ​​law. It is said that “he who covers a lot, squeezes little”. Make them remember you are the best and they will feel safe in the best hands!

There are many strategies, and all of them are valid and effective. The important thing is to know which one is best suited to the type of business and its current situation.


Benefits of legal marketing

Applying these legal marketing strategies for lawyers will help:

  • Company visibility: They will find you more easily thanks to a greater presence both online and offline.
  • Customer purchase: with a good implementation of the strategies you will be able to increase conversions thanks to the increase of leads during the application of the strategies.
  • Increased trust and loyalty: By presenting the professionalism and specialization of your services in a correct manner, the public will be aware of your capabilities.

Marketing for lawyers no must demand big budget, and this is one of the great advantages. Very good results can be obtained with minimal costs.

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary from the beginning segment well to the target audience before implementing a strategy, otherwise much of the work will be wasted and we will have spent time and resources.

Don’t get left behind and start implementing changes in your business!

If you need help implementing the right strategy for your business, feel free to contact with us.

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