14 – Discover Your Next Revenue Opportunity Using Native Advertising with Eli Cohen

14 – Discover Your Next Revenue Opportunity Using Native Advertising with Eli Cohen

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving, and people are getting smarter. With more than 10,000 ads running per day, getting a share of buyer attention is more challenging. How can a marketer generate conversions? Tune in to this informative and value-packed conversation between Maria and her guest, Eli Cohen, an expert media buyer specializing in native advertising. Eli learned about native advertising from James Van Elswyk, the founder of Purple Leads. Whether you’re an online business owner, media buyer, copywriter, or affiliate who wants to know how to run profitable ads with native advertising this episode is for you.

“Anything that you sell can convert; it’s just going to take more steps to do so.” – Eli Cohen

In This Episode:
Who is Eli Cohen
What is native advertising
The strategy and approach behind native advertising
What exactly does a media buyer do
The relationship between media buying and copywriting
How long should you run a campaign on a limited budget
The core competencies of a media buyer
What is a Grey hat offer
How ad blockers impact media buying

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