11 tools to create infographics online

11 tools to create infographics online

One of the most interesting areas for those looking for images to post on the blog: the infographics. Everybody must good treatment data for your blog. Hence, it is common to need the best tools for creating infographics.

How to create your infographic?

Articles enriched with this multimedia content are essential to enrich the editorial calendar. Also because readers like well-organized data but obtaining a result worthy of the name is not easy.

Do you want to solve the problem? Here are apps and tools for create infographics that can never be missing in a professional blogger.


How is an infographic made? You can use Infogr.am, a tool also appreciated by those who have worked in the web design world and graphics.

With this tool you can create free infographics, to work on charts and dates narration.

Start with the collection of templates and designs that you can customize with your branding and colors, fonts, stylistic lines, logo and pictogram.

Be careful, you can create beautiful animated infographic and involve the whole team thanks to the possibility of inviting users to the same project.

power point

Yes, it is possible to create infographics with Powerpoint. Not just slides, presentations, and tools for creating concept sequences. Or rather, you can do it even vertically and on one screen. This is because Powerpoint offers a series of ready-made templates for generating graphics, including animated graphics.

create infographics with powerpoint
Create and generate infographics with PowerPoint.

Find it all on templates.office.com. Download the program, install it on your computer and then use the templates you will find here: you can create infographics of all kinds, even on the go and with animations. I know, hard to imagine but that’s it.


You want to generate animated infographic? Perfect, you have to use Animaker, an online application that turns your videos into masterpieces of good visual communication.

You can do a lot with this tool which is not free but the prices are low and allow you to start over correctly the investment to create video infographics.

Pay attention to the graph

A educational tool, an application for school and for students. Do you want to generate scientific infographics? United States Mindthegraph.com, here you will find everything you need to clearly define your course of study.

Of course, creating illustrations with Illustrator or Photoshop would be ideal in these cases. If, for example, you have to carry out a project for school or university, it may be useful to work with a professional tool. But I assure you that with Mind The Gap you can find all the professionalism of advanced graphics software.


Looking for an online application to generate infographics drawing modules and move numbers with ease? I advise you to take a look Easel.ly. Here you will find ready-made templates for making infographics even for beginners.

tool to create infographics
Create Italian infographics for school.

With this online tool to get infographics, reports and charts which are also useful for social networks like Facebook or Instagram, you can work for free. Without watermark and having to pay for the work done. So you can get a great result at no cost.


You know people remember the 55% of information more information when they see it? Compared to writing or listening, it is a step forward. That is why you should use tools to generate infographics like Visme.

Simplicity reigns supreme Vism. Choose a template, add your data and forms, share with anyone who needs to edit or download, download in your preferred format (PDF, PNG) and share. You can also create reports, messages for i social e video.


A good tool for creating animated infographics of different types: Affordable. This tool is based on simplicity: connect, choose the model, edit your video template to turn it into an infographic as you see fit, or create a project from scratch.

Software for creating infographics.

Affordable has a animation library and common action scenes that allow you to be creative and efficient. So you can also upload your infographics to WordPress.


The search for a tool to create infographics turn into tools to find new clients, jobs and special opportunities? You can’t do it by hand Venngage. Which is essentially based on three simple but significant actions:

  • Choose an infographic template.
  • Add graphics and data.
  • Customize everything.

This is a tool, a professional infographic maker, for transform your CV in an infographic that you can also post on a page about me.


Cannot define one list of the best tools to create infographics online (and for free) without mentioning Canva. With this tool you have endless templates, advanced modules, the ability to change fonts, upload photos and find free images.

Tutorial for creating an infographic with Canva.

Creating custom infographics from scratch isn’t difficult. Everything is quite simple here: just go to the specific section and choose how to generate infographics adapted to your needs. But here you can also manage presentations, flyers and social media posts.


The most popular search engine famous of the web helps you in the work of creating an effective infographic. First of all to find unique data and free icons, but not only.

His Google, in fact, there is a section dedicated to generation e data visualization. Which of course you can use in your process to publish an infographic.


Among the different tools to build an online infographic, there is also Pictochart, namely a special tool that allows you to accelerate every design operation.

How to create beautiful infographics.

With this application, you start from a diagram and create presentations, charts, ebooks. Piktochart is easy to use, you get the most out of it without major problem.

Start with a template, add what you need and download the infographics. But also reports, presentations, content on social networks like Instagram, posters or flyers.

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Online programs and applications are not enough to create infographics. And if you don’t want to compromise with Photoshop or Gimp, you have to use templates. Like those of Hubspot which provides 15 free templates for modeling infographics.

There are other ways to create infographics as well. On different tools you will find specific models for these products, but if you need a custom product At 100% there is no other solution, you have to contact a professional graphic designer.

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