100% remote! Interesting companies to inspire your business model.

No trips, no one stops in front of your desk to ask you a “quick” question, you don’t even have to change your pajamas in the morning if you don’t want to… what? don’t like working from home? This benefit is one of the most interesting benefits and employers are taking note of it. As a result, a growing number of companies allow employees to work from home on occasion, and some even occupy full-time remote positions.

But a handful of companies are taking this concept to a whole new level, with all of their employees working remotely and in a hypothetically irreversible way. Nicknamed “virtual businesses” or “distributed businesses,” these businesses don’t have physical offices, but every worker telecommutes wherever they are.


Collage.com allows users to create and purchase personalized photo collages in frames, mugs, covers, and more.

Voices to Employees: It’s a small, vibrant company, with smart people who all work towards the same goal: customer satisfaction. Decisions are always based on data, which significantly reduces business risk. There is no micro-management and the processes are designed to be as light as possible. Finally, making all employees work remotely solves many communication problems.


PartnerCentric, Inc. is a successful marketing agency with over 40 full-time employees based in the United States and Europe. At the base, they build meaningful relationships and we aim to be the best partners for large companies.

The level of talent is very high in a team that is highly experienced in their industry. The service really gives customers a very specific level of satisfaction. And so, they understood 100% how to be successful as a completely remote workforce.


We are the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy, Cloudup, and more. We believe in making the web a better place.

Open source, big salaries and benefits, support group. Surprisingly paltry bureaucracy for a company of 500 people


Toptal is one of the world’s leading networks of engineering talent. Through design, they help companies to accelerate, adapt and scale their size with their eyes on the future.

A culture of high quality and interpersonal standards based on responsibility and honesty, essential elements for making employees work smart, take risks and have fun collaborating with each other.


Close.io is one of the most advanced CRMs for startups and SMEs. Increase productivity by concentrating communications from a single pole. They are changing the way they sell in their own way, providing specific tools and tools for a mindset change.

Employees say that each of them is in the right place and that they enjoy the work they do. The teams are well structured and the confidence of the whole team is essential to increase performance even in the face of very difficult and complex challenges.


TrustHCS operates in the healthcare industry, improving documentation and reducing downtime for healthcare organizations. Finally, the TrustHCS team is dedicated to implementing new and efficient coding, compliance and development cycles. They bring long-term value to all of your consulting initiatives.

The work is very flexible and the program provides that supervisors are called upon to assist each employee. Employees are also extremely satisfied with this way of structuring the internal architecture.

Articulate Inc.

Trusted by more than 78,000 organizations around the world, Articulate makes it easy to create courses that you can use on any device.

The culture of this company is unlike any other. Free and open communication, respect and trust towards employees to carry out their work and concern to simplify customer interactions from sales to support… The philosophy is simple: put employees at ease.

In Italy, many companies are already operating remotely. However, we want to give inspiration to all those small and medium-sized businesses that are currently struggling in the remote working phase, offering an expectation of positive growth.

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