10+ sites to download free printable calendar templates

10+ sites to download free printable calendar templates

Next to New Year’s Resolutions, the second most important thing about a New Year is the calendar. Every year there is a search for new calendars that would be most suited to people’s specific needs.

However, instead of relying on predefined options in the market, this article offers you a number of cool calendar templates that are editable, printable, and free. You can add country-specific and even religion-specific holidays to your calendar and use other customization options. Let’s take a look at the list.

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1. General blue

General blue

Here’s a simple calendar template designed on a blue theme. The templates are for the year 2020 and 2021 as well as a monthly and weekly calendar format. There is also a calendar format with holidays marked each month.

All templates on this site are free and can be downloaded in printable PDF, Word or Excel format. What is quite interesting is that you can browse a list of calendars from 135 countries mentioning different holidays and occasions from each country.

2. print-a-calendar.com


This simple and absolutely minimal calendar can be downloaded for free. You can either print it as is or customize it to your own theme or taste. It is based on one month per page size.

This calendar can be downloaded in Word or PDF format so that you can easily customize it by adding holidays, colors and even a language. There are also different paper sizes to choose from, for example, letter, A4, poster, legal or movie poster etc.

3. Time and date

Time and date

Time & Date offers personalized calendars that can be downloaded and printed for free in a variety of formats. It offers 3 simple yet attractive design layouts with an option to change the logo.

A high level of personalization is what I liked the most about this calendar. You can select the country, observances and even astronomical events. There are also different options to change the language, print settings, color and orientation, as well as the day you want your calendar week to start.

4. Calendar-12


Here’s an easy-to-print and edit calendar in monthly, weekly, and yearly formats. It features a simple design with tints of three different color options. The templates can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format.

When it comes to the design, the site has plenty of options to choose from from default, bold, and height fonts. You can also change the year to one of the previous or future years.

5. i mom

i mom

With simple yet super cute layouts, iMOM has a whole collection of beautifully designed calendars for moms, kids, and just about anyone. The calendars are for the year 2020 and 2021.

Each calendar has a whimsical design for each of its months and is a good way for adults and kids to organize their time and plan each month. You can edit and print any of the calendar options and even share them on social media.

6. Vertex42


This website offers many versatile options of free printable calendars for the year 2021 or 2022. You can download and print these templates in various formats and color options as well as holiday markers throughout the year.

Printable calendars can be downloaded as a PDF, however, if you are looking for the kind calendar that you can edit for any year, try the perpetual calendar in Excel. Besides the calendar, the site also offers free printable weekly calendars.

7. Calendarlabs


CalendarLabs offers a whole range of highly customizable free printable calendar options. There are photo calendars, family calendars, wallpaper calendars, business calendars, as well as holiday calendars for over thirty countries.

The download formats for these calendars are also presented in a wide variety, including Excel, PDF, and Word. The site also offers calendars based on region or religion, as well as useful calendar widgets for websites and blogs.

8. Calendar without printing

Calendar without printing

Here’s a site that offers basic calendar designs in editable and printable formats. You can customize and download any of the calendar options in Word or PDF format.

Templates can be downloaded in weekly, monthly or yearly formats in A4 or Letter page size. Customization options include changing title, images, fonts, colors, sizes, background, and adding any kind of personal information to the template.

9. Calendarpedia


Calendarpedia offers free calendars and planners in a variety of formats. Calendar templates are versatile and can be used to plan vacations, appointments, family projects, reservations and more. You can download any of the options in Word, PDF, or Excel format.

There are different calendar templates available and are fully customizable. You can also add holidays from different countries or regions. Templates are free for personal use, but for commercial use you must contact the creators.

ten. MS Office Calendar Templates

MS Office Calendar Templates

Here are some cool calendar designs from Microsoft. These templates come in various formats and layouts and can be downloaded in Word format for further editing or printing.

From colorful to minimal, free calendar templates feature different designs and color combinations. Moreover, there are options in Excel format to mark different activities like semester calendar, summer activities, appointments and editorial calendars etc.

11. Template.net


This website offers calendars in various formats, layouts and printable types. From table calendars and wall calendars to birthday calendars and even the hourly calendar format, there is a wide variety of designs available on the website.

All calendar templates can be downloaded in Apple Pages along with many other file formats including Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets (for planners) and Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, etc.

12. WinCalendar


WinCalendar offers simplistic calendar templates that integrate with Excel, Word, PDF, and Google Doc and can be downloaded for free. You can find them in monthly, weekly, and yearly (one page) calendar formats and change the orientation as needed.

There is a drop-down menu on the site that allows you to choose the holiday schedule for the country you want to download. Besides calendars, you will find many useful options of planners and schedules for different years.

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