10 cool facts to know about any website

10 cool facts to know about any website

As internet users, we – bloggers, designers, developers or the curious – visit many blogs and websites every day. Interestingly, I average over 100 pages per day with a few days topping charts with over 250 pages. (Do you want to get similar stats for your browsing history? Vivaldi browser).

In addition to reading the content on the web, we also think about interesting questions like who created this website, what is its ranking, what is the country of origin, how a lot of money makes a blog or website, and more. In addition to fueling your curiosity, these questions also help you to trust or ignore a given given.

For example, if you question facts on a page, you can check website details such as domain owner and others to confirm its authenticity. Maybe you like question things and find out more of all. Either way, you’ll find this article useful; I will discuss the tools for finding things on any website.

To note: Since the products on this list provide several tools to research the market and the web to uncover interesting facts about any property online, I will list each product with its set of tools instead of the reverse.

Warning: I cannot confirm the authenticity of the data on all of these websites. While many of these websites are popular and trustworthy among web communities, they may not provide the correct information for every website.

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Alexa helps with competitive analysis and more

Alexa – now acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon – provides a multitude of tools to perform a competitive analysis, keyword research and website traffic and revenue analysis. It helps bloggers, entrepreneurs and website owners with market research before starting and / or running an online business.

  • Find similar sites: Another competitive analysis tool to help you find competitors. You can find other sites similar to your favorite website.
  • Popular articles by subject: A trend finder that helps discover the latest trends in various niches, allowing you to read relevant articles.
  • Best sites: A website ranking tool that lists the best websites for you.
  • Website traffic statistics: A competitive analysis and website traffic analysis tool to compare your website against your competition. You can check authority and ranking (by web traffic) of any website here.

Internet Archives

Wayback Machine takes you back in time

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to archive our digital history for present and future generations. With his many projects, he archives books, photos, videos, web pages and more for free.

  • Save page now: If you own a website or a reader wishing to archive a web page (eg you have found controversial content), you can use this tool to save any random webpage available on the internet. And later you can browse the same page (for any reason) using Wayback Machine.
  • Return machine: Wayback Machine allows you go back in time in the digital world, allowing you to browse a website in the past. For example, you can type in “google.com” and check how Google looked back in 2015, 2010, 2005 or even before. It covers all popular websites.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom – now acquired by SolarWinds – offers a range of free and premium tools. I first encountered Pingdom almost ten years ago when I wanted to speed test my first blog – in the early 2010s.

Internet State by Pingdom Tools
  • Internet state: An interesting tool that does as its name suggests. It tells you the state of the internet including downtime and around the world browser and device usage statistics as collected by Pingdom users.
  • Website speed test: If you find that a website is loading slowly on your system and you want to explore why, this is the perfect tool. It helps you test the page load speed from any website, allowing you to make sure that the issue is with the website or your system and / or the internet connection.

Free domain scan

Free domain analysis allows you to do a free SEO analysis

Moz free domain analysis is one of the respected tools for performing free SEO analysis of a website. He tells you various fascinating metrics on website SEO like the main pages of a website, the main domains related to a website, the highest ranking keywords, the most featured snippets, the top search competitors, and much more.

Additionally, Moz is one of the most popular platforms for checking the domain authority of a website. Simply put, it helps you research a website to understand its popularity – better known as domain authority or website authority.


sitelike.org helps find alternative or similar websites

sitelike.org is one of the best free tools for find alternative or similar websites on the Internet. It is very useful in cases where you find a tool or website and want to search for similar websites if you haven’t found complete information about a tool or website. Sometimes he can amaze you with a great tool.

Website Outlook

Website Outlook displays website statistics and rating

Website Outlook displays website statistics and rating. It shows you a host of measurements on a website, including its potential value and various rankings. For example, it displays Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, etc.

What I liked the most is that it shows a lot of information on a website, which you would have to search manually otherwise. It also displays SEO related data, Semrush metrics, DNS report, IP address information and much more.

Free Evaluator

Free Valuator is a domain name price evaluator

The free evaluator is a domain name price assessor, allowing you to check the potential price of any domain. Let’s say your favorite social network is Facebook or you browse a random website and want to check its value. Then this tool will help you find the potential price or value of the website.

Website Grader

Website Grader is a testing ground for websites

Website Grader is a great testing ground for any website. You can verify how a website works in terms of many parameters. These metrics are organized under categories such as performance, SEO, mobile, and security. It also helps you analyze a competitor’s website to find how it compares to yours.

Website Grader is part of the HubSpot Tools – a collection of free and handy tools from the popular CRM. Under the hood, he uses Google Lighthouse to perform these tests, so you can trust his results – they’re from Google.

Website Authority Checker

The website authority checker is one of the premium tools

Website Authority Checker by Ahrefs is one of the premium tools for check the authority of a website. Website authority or domain rating is the SEO score of any website, that is, how well a website SEO is. In general, a higher authority website is more respected and trusted on the Internet.

As Ahrefs explains, ““Website authority” is an SEO concept that refers to the “strength” of a given domain. At Ahrefs, we have a website authority metric called Domain Rating. It works on a scale of zero to one hundred. The higher the Domain Rating (DR) of a website, the stronger and more authoritative it is.


WhoIsHostingThis.com helps find hosting providers

WhoIsHostingThis? is one of the simple tools for find the hosting provider from any website. It shows you its IP address, hosting provider, nameservers and other interesting information about any domain or website on the internet.

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