🥇 🥇 3 goring to avoid in your Google Adwords campaigns

🥇 🥇 3 goring to avoid in your Google Adwords campaigns

Today I bring you an article related to Adwords, a very important Digital Marketing leg that must always be taken into account in most projects.

As I am not an expert on the subject and I wanted to publish an article with «chicha», I have contacted my friend Juanfran Berbejal, a crack in Adwords that has something very good to tell us …

Go ahead Juanfran!

Before revealing some of the practices that make a adwords campaign is more like a goring to the chest than a digital marketing strategy, you are going to allow me to tell you a recent anecdote that will show you how fine you have to spin when implementing this type of SEM campaign.

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to carry out an SEM strategy in Google Adwords for a soundproofing company in Spain. When I received the order I was very happy because in the agency we had a lot of experience in this sector and one of the most important questions when raising a campaign in Adwords it is precisely to know the sector and the commercial scope of the company, the behaviors that users develop when they search Google and the semantic ecosystem around the product.

Really no campaign settings on Google Adwords It is 100% perfect, but it is necessary to maintain a constant optimization after its implementation based on its evolution and the environment of competitors, which is constantly changing.

To configure and optimize the campaign of the soundproofing company we based on previous experience, the keywords that we knew worked and a long list of negative keywords that would exclude the appearance of our ads for unwanted searches. For example, our client had warned us that the company did not carry out soundproofing for homes, but that its projects were oriented to the business and industrial field.

With negative keywords we avoid clicks for terms like “soundproof room” O “soundproof home”, But what was our surprise that over the days Google was revealing a series of search terms used by users who triggered our ads in an inappropriate way, namely:

soundproof parrot cage, soundproof my wife, soundproof sexual intercourse, soundproof toilet …

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