▶ Adwords strategies for real estate

▶ Adwords strategies for real estate

Businesses that buy and sell properties every day have more competitors in the market. Being one more or standing out from the crowd is in your hands. We teach you how to succeed with AdWords for real estate.

In this article, we take you through how to use online marketing and, in particular, search engine advertising, to get better results in your SEM campaigns.

Steps to follow in AdWords for real estate

More and more real estate agencies are looking to advertise on the Internet. This channel supports all kinds of strategies, marketing campaigns and AdWords. Know how to optimize and get the most out of your online advertising This can be the key to the future of your business. Here are the steps to follow.

🔎 Design your buyer personality

This point is of vital importance to your business. If the user, a potential customer, is looking for and cannot quickly find your business and attractive will go with another and will be a lost customer.

You need to study your target, create a profile and design one strategy that has a great impact on this audience. Basically we could say that our buyer persona it can be so women as men, with an average or high socio-economic position looking to rent or buy a property.

The age range is quite wideFrom 18 to 70, the ages will be segmented according to the advertisement, for example: “renting in a university town” would target a younger audience. In addition to “selling your old property in the Castellana region”, for the older ones.

When the said user decides to start the active search for an apartment, the first step is usually to search the Internet to visit the website of certain real estate agencies and be able to do a little market research.

🔎 Establish the main questions

To create a good AdWords for real estate strategy, you need to ask yourself a series of essential questions for your campaign: what type of properties do you offer: apartments, houses, studios, premises … What type of hiring, be it rental, transfer or sale. And finally, Where are you. These three issues are important to segment your campaigns and achieve greater impact.

🔎 Keyword selection

Based on these three questions that we have raised, we must conduct a study on keywords the most used in the main search engines, as well as, the long tails popular to be applied consistently across all of our ad titles and descriptions.

🔎 Network type: view or search

These two types of ads complement each other very well, so establishing an ad strategy with both will help you achieve better results.

The network of display made our announcement Whatpray banner, video u other dynamic modalities which are very attractive and help attract customers.

The network of Research focus more on copys and positioning of our ad in search engines. It allows our real estate to appear as a suggestion in maps, in Google Shopping, and on other additional websites.

It is re-impact of visitors who have already seen our ad, but they made no conversion. This tells us that there are weak points in our strategy that we need to correct and, again, show the customer our optimized ad. That way, we can finally get you to the web and find out more about the company.

This is an industry where the decision-making process for consumers can take months or even years. Thanks to remarketing, it is possible to continue to impact the customer. We have more opportunities than in other purchasing processes.

🔎 Ad groups

To start your advertising in AdWords for real estate you need to create different ad groups. The world of real estate is a very large industry and if you don’t narrow your search you won’t get the impact you want.

If your real estate offer includes apartments, houses, premises or other, you must create an ad group different for each modality or type of house.

Likewise, we must define ad groups by location. If, for example, you have real estate in Madrid in the Sales, Viso and Latina area, you will need to create three listings depending on the locations. Yes indeed When a user searches for a property in that neighborhood, you appear in the search engines.

🔎 Ad extension: call, location, note

Extensions make your ad more attractive At first glance, but not only aesthetic advantages, they add value. With AdWords for real estate extensions, we can add a direct link to call, prompting the user to contact us quickly and easily. It’s also interesting indicate the location in Plans from our offices or from Star rating the satisfaction of customers who have already tried the services.

Advertising cost in AdWords

In order for your ad to appear to your target audience, you must bid on the keywords wantslet them trigger your ad. However, you don’t always have to pay more than your competition to be in the top positions of search results.

It is important to mention that the better the optimization and the quality of our ad, the lower the auction cost and the CPC (Cost per click). Indeed, as for organic traffic followed by referencing, such as positioning in AdWords (SEM) for real estate, the structure, keyword and the design of our ad will be assigned by search engines.

By following these guidelines and with work and perseverance, you will make your AdWords for real estate strategy a success and, consequently, the results are reflected in the company’s books of account.

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