#YouTube #SEO How To Featured #Tactics in #Searches

#YouTube #SEO How To Featured #Tactics in #Searches

When we opened a new YouTube channel and started to produce content, we said why not let us know what we know and decided to write this article. There are many simple yet effective ways to gain visibility and watch more on YouTube. We will touch on these items in our article. You are in the right place for YouTube SEO, let’s get started.

Use custom thumbnail (thumbnail)

According to YouTube, 9 of the 10 most viewed videos use custom thumbnails. This is probably the most important action that should be taken to increase its visibility.

When they find one of your videos, the first thing they see is the thumbnail of the video. Therefore, it should be taken into consideration. So how should we make small pictures?

You can use remarkable and compatible colors with your channel (brand). For example, we used shades of gray and green on our channel.

 youtube seo

The point to note here is perhaps to choose different colors than the standard Youtube tones.

Use the video description template

Youtube, video confirmed .

How should I apply a template?

In the beginning, you should make a strong introduction with 2-3 sentences. This part is very important. In particular, you should place your targeted keywords in these sentences. Youtube gives more importance to the keywords at the beginning of your description .

Here is an example;

Also, these descriptions appear in a few lines in Youtube searches. Therefore, if you want to create a CTR-increasing effect, you should pay attention to these sentences. If the user’s search query is in the description, you are more likely to click.

Some users can also read your comment after entering the video page. After this point, the “show more” part comes into play. The user who reads here should clearly learn what to get from your video. In fact, we suggest you write everything you can write about your video here. Thus, Youtube will have more information about what your video is.

At the end of the statement, we can give our links. The purpose here is to direct people to your social media accounts or website.

You can link to all of your social networks you actively use. The connections you give out do not hurt. You can also add a call to action here if you want to gain more subscribers. Just add the? Sub_confirmation = 1 parameter to the end of your channel address.

Organize playlists

If you have videos in different categories, the best way to show them to people who come to your profile is playlists. You may already be doing this, but our suggestion will be slightly different. You can position these lists vertically and horizontally. So you can get a more striking look.

Does it look different? Otherwise, it would be difficult to distinguish each other when you think that they are all horizontal. For example, we have two lists on our channel titled SEO Talks and Initiatives. You can also create dynamic lists such as popular videos uploaded. If you’re producing videos under multiple titles, playlists are for you.

Make your video’s title impressive

Your title is an important part of the video and an important factor in increasing CTR. YouTube at this point confirms that the titles are important .

Try adding brackets at the end of your title. A study by HubSpot says adding parentheses to the title increases the clicks by 33% .

The information you write in parentheses can also provide different information about the video. For example, you can think of the above video as Quality Link Strategies (New Factors). According to the title of your videos, the information you write in parentheses is shaped.

You can also use numbers in your titles. If we take the above video as an example, you can write the title as Quality Link Strategies (10 Articles) or Quality Link Strategies (2019). In this way, you provide the triggering information for the video.

Do not make the titles too long. The ideal character limit is 40. Research shows that titles under 50 characters perform better.

Gain views from recommended videos

It is clear that successful channels have received more views than recommended videos. Think about it, have you never clicked or at least reviewed the suggestions on the right while watching videos? This field is very valuable.

So how can you gain more views from the suggested videos? Very simple. By using your titles, descriptions and tags similar to your competitors, you can increase your chances of being displayed on suggested videos. Youtube has announced that it uses metadata for suggested video rankings .

Take position in Google searches

Everything is not the first place on YouTube. According to a study 55.2% of the YouTube videos on Google say they differ from the top in the YouTube search results.

Use your keyword that also points to the subject of the video in your speeches in the video. This can make a noticeable difference for your promotion in Google search results.

If possible, upload a transcript (caption) of your video to Youtube. This way, Google can understand the full content of your video.

Optimized for comments, likes and subscriptions

Video views are of course important. But of course this is not the only criterion. Google also wants to know that people are related to your video. Research shows that there is a relationship between YouTube video rankings and user interaction. So you should direct people to interact with your video. Ask them to write comments, like and subscribe. Make sure Youtubers don’t say “subscribe to my channel” in vain 🙂

Improve your channel’s session time

Audience retention and watch time are important metrics, but none of them are as important as session time. Session time; It is the total time someone spent on YouTube after watching your video.

There are things [1945907] that YouTube says about the metric ;

YouTube’s search and discovery system has two purposes: to help and maximize audience engagement and satisfaction in the long run.

If someone watches your video and then leaves YouTube, it will harm your channel’s session time. If this person stays on YouTube, your session time will increase.

Optimize your last screen for views

You can get more views using the last screen on YouTube. First, choose a popular video from your channel. To do this, go to the YouTube studio and select a video that displays a lot of views over the last 90 days.

Then find a video that someone on your channel will want to watch after you finish watching your popular video and use it at the end of your video. Of course, if the video you will put is related to the video, it is more likely to be watched.

Feature your videos on your blog

Embedded videos provide thousands of high quality views. Embeds can help your videos get higher in YouTube’s search results. An industry study found that videos in the 1st row had 78% more links and embeds than videos in the 2nd and sixth row. It is definitely an issue to be evaluated.

Embedded video is a reference. The more your references increase, the more visible you will be in the search results.

Share clips in your social media accounts

What do you do when you produce video content? You share it on all your social media accounts and aim to increase access. Do not worry, there is nothing wrong here, we are doing so.

This, of course, provides views, but does not produce the effect we want. There’s a reason for that, a serious reason. Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks want to keep people on their platform, just like YouTube.

When you share your YouTube video, the algorithm of the relevant social network will hide this post as much as possible from your followers. What is the solution? Simple.

Upload some of your video (think like a trailer) locally. This is the most valid way to give you the highest degree of access. After uploading the video, link to the full version of your video (YouTube) as the first comment.

We uploaded the 1 minute promotional video locally for this video and got the above access. We then linked the full video as the first comment.

This way, anyone who likes the video can easily find it on YouTube if they want to watch it.

Upload videos when your audience is on YouTube

What is the best time to upload videos to YouTube?

Wednesday 17:00? How about Saturday at 06:00?

The correct answer; when your subscribers are on YouTube. Unfortunately, it does not tell you that most of your YouTube subscribers are online. For this reason, we recommend that you test a few different days and hours to see what works best for your channel. You can even use a tool like VidIQ to analyze the best post times for your channel. These kinds of vehicles can offer you the best shipping times by evaluating them according to their algorithms.

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