Why should you bet on a #CRO #strategy?

Why should you bet on a #CRO #strategy?

Any businessman interested in improving his sales strategy can find hundreds of articles and reveal tricks on how to increase the conversion rate and optimize his metrics .

But, like Any news in the world of online marketing and business strategies, time shows that there is no applicable and replicable white paper for every company . Especially when it comes to conversion and sales improvement reports.

Implementing an effective CRO strategy in line with business goals goes beyond focusing on call to action or the vanishing points that a landing page could have. It is more than that, and it is actually a way of designing conversion improvement strategies where it is very clear what you want to achieve and how to measure the execution of these results.

Investing in CRO: the path to success in improving conversion rates

By now in the digital age it is easier to know the concept and the acronym CRO – Optimizing the conversion rate – and almost all companies focused on achieving business objectives know the importance of this methodology for improving the performance of their digital products.

It is currently useless to think of how to present a sales strategy without being very clear on these factors:

  • Knowing who we are targeting and who is our real user .
  • Understanding of the needs of our users.
  • Knowledge how the user navigates and manages to satisfy their needs on our website.
  • Measure how many users who surf the web satisfy the user conversion goal defined and they monitor these metrics exhaustively. In general, it seems obvious to take this into consideration. But the reality shows that there are many companies and strategies that are overlooked when betting on a redesign of a website that seeks how to improve the conversion funnel going beyond an increase in traffic or positioning. organic.
    Similarly, any company accustomed to applying Inboud Marketing or carrying out marketing campaigns and advertising is very aware of the ROI and of the measurement of the success of its actions according to the effort needed to recover the # 39; investment made.
    Therefore, if everyone is so aware of the importance of measuring ROI to know the success level of a strategy, why not give the necessary importance to CRO and know that every effort or investment achieves optimal results ?

    And, how to start introducing culture CRO marketing into a company? Well, the first step is to give the necessary importance to the data information that reveals much more than we think of our users and expectations about our products and services.

    How to design a CRO strategy to achieve business objectives

    Since each business model is different, its conversion rates are also different, as are its products, the type of user, the objectives. business, … But yes the steps needed to start working on the CRO can be taken into consideration:

    • Analytical : Data is the best source of information, so every start of a CRO strategy goes through data and establish analysis tools . This is most effective if you have qualified professionals in web data analysis.

    This step also includes the definition of metrics and the extraction of all the key information for the & # 39; 39; increase in sales, subscriptions, … or the goal of each business model.

    • Strategy : knowing where we started and where we want to go, it’s time to define the actions and exercise them.

    There are many actions that can be designed to see how to improve conversion rates. The tests A / B are very useful for the validation of experiments, as well as the heat maps which provide a lot of information on how the user surfs a web. For their part, the usability tests are intended to know the satisfaction and frustrations of a user when he consumes our product or service.

    • Monitoring and analysis of results : success stories of large companies such as Adidas e-commerce, focused on increasing revenue through improving conversion rates from users to customers, demonstrates the various options to improve the web CRO and all the variables that must be elaborated to: define the conversion rate formula, introduce changes, obtain results and validate the success of the decisions made.

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