What is SEM?

What is SEM?

Have you ever wondered what SEM is? SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a series of internet marketing techniques whose main goal is to promote a website on search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google and Yahoo!

Would you like to know more about it? this digital marketing strategy? So be sure to read the article!

What is SEM?

  What is SEM?

Basically, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a number of strategies used to create a website at the top of search engines, can be both organic and paid.

SEM is divided into two categories:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO strategies aim at the optimization of keywords, content, links, on- and off-page factors, optimization for social networks, organization of site architecture, best practices for using Javascript and Flash. In other words, where even usability is a factor in optimizing Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

I can say that SEO is the flagship of SEM and it represents a medium and long term win for the Increased traffic to the website.

Sponsored Links

Another SEM strategy is the sponsored links as is the case with Google Ads.
The paid links section is interesting because it offers a model called PPC (Pay per Click), which means you pay in proportion to the number of clicks you get.

As early as The Paid Inclusion Section, the webmaster pays to display the link on your website, either in a directory or on a website related to the topic.

Compared to SEO, we can consider the paid links area as a short-medium profit term, which means that income practically stagnates after a long time.

Organic Search or Sponsored Links: Which to Choose?

A SERP consists of two sets of results when a search is performed: the organic search results and paid results from sponsored links. It is not possible to pay Google to list a website in organic search results, unlike sponsored links, where multiple websites compete with each other by paying Google to show:

It’s worth noting that not for everyone Search The results of sponsored links appearing appear above the organic search. However, when it does appear, they’ll usually be at the top or bottom of the page and receive a notification letting you know it’s a paid advertisement. Page? ˅. In the paid results, in addition to the need to invest a certain amount, there are also several factors that change the ranking.

Therefore, advertisements are displayed to businesses that want to reach an audience that is looking for specific solutions. SEO strategies strengthen brand authority. This is because when a company appears in the first positions in organic search, it has more credibility than the paid results. Your results stop when campaigns are paused.
However, for a better result it is worthwhile to invest in both strategies together!

Why is SEM important?

Search engines make up a significant part of data traffic from the Internet. To give you an idea, 2.3 million searches were performed on Google every second. Based on this data, it is easier to understand the potential of these strategies.

It should also be remembered that Google is known as the largest online advertising platform. If you are not present in the digital world, leave money on the table!

In addition, SEM offers companies several advantages, such as: For example:

  • Democratization of access to users and visitors;
  • more traffic to the site and consequently greater sales opportunities;
  • qualified traffic on the website or blog;
  • improves the conversion rate.

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