What is online reputation and how to take care of it?

What is online reputation and how to take care of it?

Your online reputation is made up of all the opinions generated on the web by your business. The Internet offers a wide range of communication channels to advertise these views. This is also the reason why it is up to you to follow all the discussions that take place and that concern your brand.


The first step in building an online reputation is to set limits: what passes a check on the type of information you make available. Remember that everything you do or publish online leaves a fingerprint that can become permanent and have a lasting effect on your online reputation. It is essential to ensure that your company controls the content generation process as much as possible. This is true for both companies and self-employed workers.

Online reputation monitoring

There are generally three main areas and communication channels that affect online reputation:

  • Social media
  • Research results
  • Customer feedback

Understanding these three areas, monitoring them and ensuring that the communication process in each of them is effective and sincere is always a decisive factor when it comes to managing your reputation online .

Once you know where your online reputation is built, you are ready to manage it, analyze it and sometimes change it if

Social media

Social media is about conversations that take place with or directly about your business. This means that the key to success in managing your online reputation is open and honest communication on this type of platform.

First of all, an active presence on social media is needed. A real presence will allow you to follow these conversations more easily, to react quickly and to gather a loyal audience around your brand, be interested in what you have to say and to those who feel esteemed enough to trust you.  Here are some good practices to keep in mind:

  • Always be true to your goal
  • Be transparent and sincere
  • Respond politely and in good time to any comments, positive or negative. Never, never lose your temper if you feel offended or attacked. Excessive reaction could lead to negative attention, which would be disastrous for your online reputation.
  • Be consistent with your thread

Search engines

Search engines now enjoy so much credibility of traditional media in terms of information found and reliability, which means that using Google to search your business is a very effective way to measure your current online reputation.

The real challenge is that search engine results can actually be manipulated, which means your company has an interest in implementing a relevant SEO strategy to avoid any potentially negative digital exposure.
Other elements of the presentation play a role. For example, never forget that the logo design for a website can greatly improve your digital reputation.

When it comes to comments or reviews, there are two big categories:

  • Sincere opinions, which reflect what users think of your services or products
  • Unsincere attacks, specially created to damage your reputation  Generally you can distinguish these two types of people by the quality and detail of what is written or said. Attacks are generally repetitive and short, as they are only there to reduce turnover. The best way to manage them is to report them. If this happens on your website, you can delete it yourself, but make absolutely sure it is really offensive comments, otherwise you could pretend that your company wants to silence critics!  In the case of honest reviews, the important thing is to listen / read. If these users have had problems with your company, this is an opportunity to get closer to them, show them that you care about them and learn from their comments in order to improve their quality of service. 

    Managing online reputation is a delicate task, which is why it should always be taken seriously. How others perceive you will determine how they interact with you, which is very important if you are a company looking to expand your customer base.

    Find the right way to manage your company’s reputation through online reputation management services or an internal team of professionals. And never forget that as long as you remain alert, you can be sure that your digital image will remain positive and always conform to the value of your business.




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