What is a good #backlink, how to conquer and #tools

What is a good #backlink, how to conquer and #tools


Backlinks are external links that point to your website. They are important to increase the authority of the domain and the page and to increase the likelihood that they will be better positioned in search engines.

In this article you will understand what a good backlink looks like and conquer useful tools to evaluate it – as part of the off-page SEO techniques in the optimization strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of using several strategies to improve the factors that affect the positioning of a website in search engines, and backlinks are one of these factors.

When we deal specifically with backlinks, we are not only talking about quantity, but also about quality.

By gaining backlinks relevant, your website will have more authority, there will be an improvement in its positioning in the search engines as well as an increase in business conversion.

If you prefer, go directly to one of the topics:

Backlink is a link found on third-party websites that links to the pages of your website.

The more high quality backlinks refer to your website, the greater the chances that you will get better positions in the results of

The backlink essentially consists of two parts:

  • Anchor text: It is the word that is usually highlighted in blue (on most websites) and is clickable, ie it is the means by which the user has access to the target page.
  • URL: is the address of the target page and is available in the HTML coding of the page.

In addition, there are additional parameters such as “rel”, which we will discuss in more detail later in this manual, and also the “Target” parameter, which indicates whether the link is opened in a new tab or a new page or the open page should be overwritten.

Via these links, search engine algorithms such as e.g. For example, Google identifies which websites have the greatest authority on the Internet. [19659002] In other words, backlinks are like other websites’ votes on their content.

Why are backlinks important for search engines?

With backlinks the algorithms of search engines evaluate search engines how relevant a page is.

Various factors are taken into account, such as: B. Number of backlinks, quality and contextuality of the source website, anchor text used etc.

Creating an analogy We can say that each backlink is a kind of vote of confidence. The higher the authority of the site that refers to the backlink, the better the quality of the backlink.

The more trustworthy votes are gained from websites with high authority, the greater the likelihood that your pages will achieve better page positions from search engine results.

This process of acquiring external links is referred to as link building in the context of SEO techniques.

Ranking factor: How does Google evaluate backlinks?

Backlinks should be evaluated according to qualitative and quantitative criteria.


For a backlink to be of quality, it must be in a context, that is, both on the website where the backlink is inserted and on the website. The target page must have related content.

For example, a blogger is fully contextualized with topics on makeup and creating a link to a makeup sales website.


The quality factors of backlinks are very important, but we cannot overlook the quantity requirement.

In addition to the number of backlinks your website can earn, it is also important to have a variety of domains.

That is, the more different websites link to your pages, the better your assessment will be in this regard.

To make it clearer, imagine the following: it is better if 60 people speak about you only once, rather than letting one person talk about you well sixty times.

Diversity is most effective in assessing the authority of a person (and also that of a website).

] There are several types of backlinks, but we will highlight three of them: sponsored, nofollow and dofollow.


The nofollow attribute is used when an external link is cited in your content, but you don’t want Google to link it to your website or track the linked landing page.

Below is an example:

I do not support this site.


If the mentioned external link is of quality and has been inserted in an organic way. This means that since the link is really a vote of confidence for the target page, it does not require any special treatment.

Therefore, it is similar to the following example and configures itself as a dofollow attribute:

] Excellent content here


Sponsored links are used when someone pays to an external To create a link for certain content, ie to place advertisements.

This information is stored in HTML encoding one of the parameters of the tag that creates the link. See example:


Which metrics are used for analysis?

Because of the factors that make a domain or page more relevant, as well as establishing authority, two metrics can be used: Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Domain Authority and Page Authority

Very well known in the SEO area under the acronyms DA and PA, they correspond to Domain Authority and Page Authority, respectively.

These metrics are provided by Moz through the Link Explorer tool, which we will talk about later in this guide. 

In the case of the DA metric or “Domain Authority”, it is possible to evaluate the value of the authority of a website, since the larger it is, the more credibility is transferred to the website via the backlinks created.

The PA metric, also known as “page authority”, specifies the authorization value of a specific page in a domain and this also influences the credibility with which the links on this page are transferred to the target page of the backlinks created.

Both metrics are affected by the amount and quality of the backlinks received. That is, the more high quality backlinks a domain receives (it should be noted that this applies to all pages in the domain that receive a link), the larger the domain authorization.

In order to improve the page authorization, a certain page is required. Get higher quality backlinks that specifically refer to it.

You should note the following: Some features of the page that the backlink is inserted on may reduce the permission that is transferred to the target page.

According to a study by Moz that analyzed several features. In the backlinks we can see that the position, the context and various other features can influence the quality of these links.

Here are important points that can affect the quality of your backlinks.

Link Juice

To better understand this point, we need to understand the concept of link juice.

Imagine that each page has a limited amount of authority. The more links are added to your page, the greater the division of this authority between them.

 Backlinks and Link Juice


Every domain and page has an authorization level. [19659002] The higher these levels, the greater the transfer of authority from your backlinks.

In summary, backlinks that come from sites with higher AD and PA transmit greater authority to the target location of the backlink.

Link Context 

In the same analysis by DA and PA, it is important to check whether there is a context for receiving a backlink from a particular website.


As already explained, the quality of the backlink is of great importance and one of the factors for this quality is the context.

Even if a page has a high PA and DA, there is no context if this site is not related to the target page of the backlink, and so it is a low quality backlink.

If we re-use our example of the blogger talking about makeup, there is no context in creating a backlink pointing to a tire sales website, and consequently the backlink becomes independent of the DA and PA of the website of considered very low quality.

When analyzing the quality of a backlink, keep in mind that in addition to the domain authority and the page authority, the context must also be analyzed.

Another factor affecting the The authority that a link generates is its position on the page.

Links located in less privileged areas of the site, e.g. B. in the footer, have less authority than a link that is inserted in the middle of the main content.

The main content is the real reason for So that the user can access the page.

If the author of the content inserted a link in this area, it is because it is really relevant.

There are several ways to get high quality backlinks. and creativity will be your greatest ally.

Below are some basic strategies to get your first backlinks.

Quality content

In order to get quality backlinks, the big secret is to create interesting content. well written, attractive, and that your audience has a real interest in sharing them on other websites.

These can range from producing a great article to interesting videos, market research, infographics and anything else your audience thinks is relevant. and it deserves to be shared.

It is therefore very important to understand what your audience likes and to produce the content with mastery.

Strategies to Get Backlinks 

This process of creating backlinks is referred to in search engine optimization as Link Building .


Basically, these are measures that promote the exchange of high-quality content and should help to set up external links.  Here are some good methods for building links.

Guest Post

If you are looking for an ally in the SEO strategies for your first backlinks, you know that the guest post can help you improve the gain of external links to your website.

Guest Post or Guest Post is the strategy of finding websites that accept third-party posts, meaning you have the option to contribute an article to those channels.

As we said earlier in this guide, you should look for websites that have the same context as you so that your post is legitimate.

When creating the material to be published, try to insert the link you want in the most useful way, after all, the intention is to really work together and point to a functional link.

This is one way to correctly apply the guest post strategy.

Digital Press Office

One strategy for getting high quality backlinks is to create press releases.

Basically, you should make a publication about some of the data from your market, talk about the results of some of the research that your company has done, or even find one A hot topic and journalistic material.

Then a digital press spokesman should contact news portals, specialized websites, and industry influencers to distribute the material.

This material may be published in full or may be supplemented in accordance with the channel that will conduct the publication.

All of this is tailored to your digital press office.

P. By default, these releases should not and should not be distributed with links. In many cases, however, due to their great utility and the value generated, the channels that effect distribution will include reference links in the publication.

In this way, quality backlinks are generated and a contribution to the link building strategy as a whole.

Linkable Assets: Infographics and Market Research

Infographics are arts that facilitate reading numbers and information, usually from a market research or survey.

Visual work translates the information into images that are easy for the general public are to be read and understood.

When this type of infographic is created and relevant to a particular sector, the trend is that it is shared and referenced by multiple sites, that is, it receives credits from the source through a backlink.

One of the ways to encourage sharing is through your network of contacts or through direct access to specialized websites in your niche, stating that the material can be shared, in addition to using dissemination strategies on social networks.

To maximize the sharing potential of your infographic, remember to use reliable sources for data collection, choose topics that are of interest to a large audience, and produce visually engaging arts that facilitate understanding of the information that wants to convey the infographic.

Another tip: Use the Pinterest social network to post your infographic, as thousands of people search for this type of information there.

In order to evaluate the performance of your backlinks, there are some tools that can help you. You need to understand your backlinks profile, ie the amount, the place of origin, the anchor text and much more.

The following are some examples of tools known on the market.


 Backlinks Tools: Ahrefs As one of the most used tools among SEO professionals, Ahrefs analyzes all attributes of its external links

With this tool you can get information The number of backlinks on your site, the total number of domains that refer to your site, as well as diagrams that show the progress of the backlink acquisition and an analysis of the anchor texts are used more often when generating these backlinks.


 Tools for backlinks: Majestic Majestic, formerly known as Majestic SEO, is a very efficient alternative to Ahrefs.  In this tool we were also able to analyze the number of backlinks, domains, the acquisition rate and also the anchor texts.

An interesting fact is that the tool provides information about the size of its database and it has already exceeded the incredible mark of more than 1 trillion unique URLs found.

Moz Link Explorer

 Backlinks Tools: Moz Link Explorer Formerly referred to as Open Site Explorer or with the acronym OSE, Moz Link Explorer is also included in the list of preferred Tools included by SEO professionals for backlink analysis.

In addition to providing all data in a manner similar to Ahrefs and Majestic, Moz Link Explorer is responsible for providing information about the Domain Authority and Page Authority, data that we mentioned earlier in this guide.

Because these metrics are generated by this tool, we were able to quickly analyze what the distribution of domains is. This item contains backlinks to your website that have been categorized by the Domain Authority.


SEOprofiler is an excellent alternative to other backlink analysis tools compared to free versions.

 Backlinks tools: SEO Profiler Through these tools you can collect various information about your backlink profile, similar to before and there are other functions, such as tracking rankings.

However, to get access you need to subscribe to the tool.

SEOquake (for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

 Backlinks Tools: SEO Quake SEOquake works as a free extension for users of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Allows analysis of essential metrics for an SEO strategy and the use of the tool to compare domains, create complete reports for link building and backlinks and evaluate SERPs.

This extension also allows you to check search results parameters, track errors on your website, smooth your social media stats, determine keyword density, and check cellular compatibility.

To find out which backlinks your competitors use and which vehicles are used in a company In the same segment, the external links of the competition can be checked.

Some tools such as SEMrush, Moz Link Explorer and Ahrefs offer actions that make analysis easier.


 Backlinks Tools: SEMrush With the backlink checker from SEMrush, the user can, in addition to the backlinks that are directed to their pages, the external links of the Identify competitors to improve competitive positioning

In the tool it is possible to check links from a specific domain, analyze anchor texts of the backlinks, display URLs and links of websites of competitors, etc.  Moz Link Explorer

As previously mentioned, the old Open Site Explorer, now Moz Link Explorer, provides information about competitor websites via the selected URL, domain or subdomain.

In the tool you can check the number of links and the authority rate of the domain. The higher this is, the more relevant it is for Google.

However, the user can review various backlinks and link building strategies from your competitor with data from PA, DA and even spam pages from the website for review.


You can use the Ahrefs platform to review valuable information about your competitors. such as the vehicles selected for link building strategies.

With this tool it is also possible to analyze and decipher which measures are taken to increase the backlinks performed by the competition.


Now that you know how important backlinks are and how you can earn them, you should include in your digital marketing planning strategies that help your website get high quality backlinks in good quantities.


This way the authority of your website will increase.

This way you get better positioning in search engine results and consequently better visibility for your company.

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