TikTok Launches New Promotion And Advertising Tools To Help Small Businesses Maximize Their Platform Efforts

TikTok Launches New Promotion And Advertising Tools To Help Small Businesses Maximize Their Platform Efforts

TikTok has ad a range of new promotions, advertising tools and training sessions to mark National Small Business Week – or National Small Business Month, as TikTok calls it – that will help SMEs make better use of the platform- form and will provide more promotional opportunities via short video clips.

The main and overriding element of TikTok’s new push is a new push to help amplify SMEs through the hashtag #SupportSmallBusiness.

As explained by TIC Tac:

“Throughout the month of May, the TikTok community can discover and show their love for their favorite small business by using #SupportSmallBusiness. Business owners can also share their experiences and give us insight into their world. From packaging orders and behind-the-scenes tutorials to business advice and tough times motivation, we’re excited to see more business owners and their supporters interacting on TikTok. “

TikTok says many small businesses have seen huge success thanks to viral TikTok clips, including Artesana Soaps in Arkansas, which was able to survive the pandemic thanks to its TikTok presence.

Of course, not all businesses can just create popular TikTok content, but through promotions such as #SupportSmallBusiness and #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, TikTok hopes to expand these opportunities to more businesses and improve SME discovery through the app.

In terms of advertising tools, TikTok also has ad a new partnership with Nielsen that will allow businesses to use Nielsen’s Designated Market Area (DMA) geographic targeting for their campaigns, facilitating more direct focus based on advanced segmentation.

DMA geo-targeting provides businesses that want to reach customers and users in the United States with more granular geo-targeting options, exploiting more opportunities in enterprises, midsize businesses, and SMBs. DMA geo-targeting uses standardized geographies so that businesses can share more relevant, interesting, and impactful content with their customers in geo-targeted areas, saving them time and resources. “

So this is essentially geo-targeting, but with additional information from Nielsen, which improves geo-data and will help improve the accuracy of TikTok’s listings.

This could help improve the targeting of your TikTok campaigns and focus on more specific markets and audience subsets, which could have specific benefits for SMEs in their region.

And finally, TikTok also launches a new TikTok for Business Club on Clubhouse, which will see the platform host a series of interviews with SMEs that have been successful on the platform.

TikTok Small Business Month

According to TIC Tac:

The conversations will take place every Friday in May at 11:00 a.m. EST and will give small business owners across the country the chance to learn how to get started on TikTok, find their communities and thrive. The first conversation, From Main Street to Mainstreaming will feature four small business owners: Marlene Robinson of Mrs. Robinson’s Tea in Kennett Square, PA, Tina Sapia of Sapia’s Barber Shop in Clearwater, FL, Javier Juarez of Jay’s Fresh Pressed Lemonade in Parlier, Calif., And Glenn Poole of Izola’s Country Cooking in Hinesville, GA. We hope you can join the conversation. “

If you’re looking to better manage the platform and the opportunities for your business, it may be helpful to dive into these discussions and hear how other brands have launched and optimized their TikTok profiles.

Like TikTok keep growing, it is also gaining momentum from a marketing perspective, with more and more companies looking to enter the actand reach new audiences with short video clips. As stated, it’s not necessarily easy, and it takes a level of knowledge and understanding of the platform to do well, but for those who are able to leverage TikTok, the benefits can be significant.

With the platform looking to boost SMEs this month, this might be a good time to reexamine your opportunities, while TikTok also has a Small Business Resource Center, which includes a range of case studies, creative tools and explanations, which can provide more understanding and insight.

You can also consult TikTok’s Ad Library Tool to better understand effective promotions.

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