The Facebook Stories Guide for Business

The Facebook Stories Guide for Business

The Facebook Stories allow you to share short photos and videos in full screen on the platform.

Well used, this ephemeral format allows companies to communicate authentically to to create or strengthen ties with their community .

But that’s not the only advantage of Facebook Stories.

If you want to know everything about this type of publication, invites you to discover this guide to Facebook stories . You will learn in particular what exactly a Facebook story is, what are the attraction points for brands how to create a Facebook story with the various existing tools, how to add a link in a Facebook story and which metrics are available to measure results.

What is a Facebook story?

A Facebook Story is a suite of clips, with full screen images and / or videos, that disappear from the application 24 hours after they are published .

A Facebook Story can also consist of a single clip, consisting of an image or video.

There are several options for to customize Facebook Stories such as augmented reality effects, stickers, the text tool.

Facebook Stories are displayed in a section on the Facebook page and at the top of the news feed, in a non-fixed carousel for people who like the page and his followers.

Facebook Stories were introduced in 2017 which is about a year after Instagram Stories.

What are the characteristics of Facebook Stories?

photos last 5 seconds each and videos can be up to & # 39; 20 seconds .

As stated earlier, the life of a story is 24 hours .

The dimensions of a Facebook story are 1,080 x 1,920 pixels with a ratio of 9:16 .

Facebook Stories accept comments and reactions . But only the person who posted the story can see them.

What are the benefits of Facebook Stories for businesses?

First of all, Facebook Stories are a second platform news feed thus providing additional exposure space for your business content.

In the absence of recent official data on their use, we know that as of May 2018 there were 150 million active users per day.

Facebook subsequently chose to communicate about the daily active users of Facebook E Messenger stories, thus accumulating 300 million daily active users in September 2019 and approaching just over 400 million daily active users of Instagram stories more or less in the same period.

However, I think many brands are using the feature of sharing Instagram Stories with Facebook Stories, decreasing the number of Stories posted only for Facebook (or even with a differentiating editorial line).

However, business communities are generally more important on Facebook than on Instagram.

So much so that the reach of the same story is often higher on Facebook than on Instagram (it all depends on the size of the respective communities).

In addition to the additional visibility space offered, the stories are particularly appreciated by Generation Y, or millennials (people born between 1984 and 1962).

They therefore allow to reach a targeted audience coveted by companies.

Finally, unlike Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories allow all pages, with no eligibility criteria, to add a link in their content . This is a very interesting function for to drive traffic outside of Facebook (traffic, sales, leads).

However, this function is much less intuitive at the time of writing, as we will see later.

How to create a Facebook story for your page?

You can create a Facebook story:

– From mobile with main application or page manager
– From desktop with Facebook Creator Studio

However, I recommend you choose the former option if you want to access all available options.

Before you begin, remember that you must be an administrator or editor to create a story for your Facebook page.

Method 1: create a Facebook story from the Facebook application


Go to your page after selecting the More button located in the navigation menu at the bottom (hamburger button).

Tap your profile picture and choose “ create a story “.

Choose one of the available modes among: text, boomerang, mood, selfie, poll (main application only).

Or take a photo by pressing the shutter button once or a video by holding your finger on the shutter button .

You can also choose a photo or video from your pel licule .

Personalize your clip with the tools and functions available.

Repeat the operation as many times as there are clips . [19659002] Then, share your clips one by one in your Facebook story .

The procedure is the same as with the page manager: click on your profile picture and choose “create a story”. Please note that you will not access the 5 modes offered through the main application.

Method 2: Create a story from Facebook Creator Studio


Go to Facebook Creator Studio .

Click “] create a publication ” and select “ add a story “.

Choose from the 2 available modes: “ create story with photo ” or “ create story with text “.

Use the options proposed ns . Then share the clip in your story .

What creative tools and effects are available?

You can use the following creative tools and effects:

  • Augmented reality effects [19659053] Stickers
  • Emoji
  • Text tool
  • Drawing tool
  • Buttons
  • Animation
  • Cutting Tool (video)
  • Boomerang (video)

How to add a clickable link in your Facebook story?

Facebook changed this functionality, making it binding today.

To add a link to your Facebook story, here is the procedure to follow:

From the clip (image or video) from your mobile story, press the button icon in the menu vertical right.

Select the call to action button most appropriate for your situation from the buttons available for your page: buy, book, call, learn more, itinerary, see the event, see the job offer, see the offer.

For the first 4 buttons, know that an automatic link will be added, corresponding to the one you indicated on the website entered for your Facebook page (not the call to action button) .


This is a fundamental difference with the previous version which allowed you to manually add a link by indicating it in a specific field.

To overcome this limitation, you will need to use Facebook Creator Studio and then include the link of your choice.

 created er-story-facebook-add-link-creator-studio

It couldn’t be less intuitive. But this function still has the merit of existing for the moment.

How to delete a Facebook story?

To delete a Facebook story, both from mobile and desktop, click on the 3 dots button and select “delete photo / video” .

How to program a Facebook story?

The Facebook API does not allow automatic publication of Facebook Stories in the app .

As far as I know, there is no Instagram marketing partner that offers posting by notification.

What parameters are available for Facebook Stories?

Click your Facebook page stats tab, then Stories.

If you are accessing this section for the first time, click activate.

The following indicators are available:

Overview (summary and graph of the last 28 bear days):

  • Unique openings : number of unique people who have seen a or more active stories. Number updated daily.
  • Interactions : total number of responses, interactions and reactions. This number includes reactions, interactions with stickers, steps up, profile presses, responses and shares.
  • Published Stories : total number of published stories, excluding active stories.

Audience demographics (who viewed your page stories in the last 28 days)

Published stories (add columns to get desired metrics)

  • Unique Story Openings : Number of unique people who opened the story
  • Subsequent Clicks : Number of times a person clicked to go to the next photo or video in your story.
  • Press Enter : number of times someone pressed to go to the previous photo or video in your story. [19659053] Slides forward : number of times a person ea swipes his finger on the screen to go to the next account history.
  • Exits : number of times a person has left the story viewer to return to their news feed.
  • Total interactions : Total number of actions performed by your page story, including reactions, replies, shares, interactions per sticker, taps and swipes.
  • Page visits : number of people who clicked on your page name at the top left of your page story.
  • Shares : Number of people who shared your page story using the Share button at the bottom of the story (including Messenger or in your own story).
  • Actions Drag : number of times a person has dragged the screen to an action link or button located at the bottom of your Page history.
  • Replies : Number of replies to your page story, including text replies and replies as GIFs.
  • Interactions with stickers : number of times someone has clicked on the story stickers on your page.
  • Reactions : number of people who reacted to the story on your page.


Already an Instagram Stories user, I find the experience of creating Facebook stories frustrating.

For Facebook Stories, there are 3 tools, each offering a more or less different interface .

Also, I can’t find all the options available in the Instagram stories even for the most basic.

For example, the Facebook Stories text tool offers a unique font on images and videos …

In the end, the user experience and creativity resent.

If you don’t know the stories, Facebook offers a simple interface that will allow you to get started with this format without problems. Choose a tool and try to keep it.

Remember the subtlety of adding custom links.

However, this situation does not detract from Facebook Stories’ interest in companies as I explained earlier.

Also, some brands are using the automatic sharing feature of Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories too easily resulting in an experience that is not the most suitable for Facebook.

The most informed brands will know how to adapt their editorial line taking into account the specificities of each of them .

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