The #digital #marketing #news of the week

The #digital #marketing #news of the week


The latest news from the digital world in today’s weekly marketing summary

From these last days, the news is about the ongoing testing of a new way of email marketing to ] Facebook Business Manager . Will it be the farewell to external tools such as MailChimp or MailUp or will it remain unused? As the saying goes, the tedious sentence for posterity.

Meanwhile, Google publishes Discovery ADS worldwide, LinkedIn introduces new features related to advertising and Snapchat censors Trumps stories . This and much more in our weekly marketing summary from June 8th.

Facebook is testing business manager’s email marketing

Facebook wants to make its way into the world of email marketing not surprisingly, that today a special test was activated on several business pages that were selected at random on the platform. To find out if you already have the active feature, just go to Inbox and see the various options available .

With this new tool, administrators of Facebook pages can create] e-mail contact lists directly from the platform or for uploading from CRM using simple sheets in XLS format . It will therefore be possible to create and track email marketing campaigns directly from the Business Manager without using additional external tools.

  Email Marketing Facebook

It is easy to imagine how Facebook can quickly dominate the email marketing market which adds its tremendous ability to collect personal data to performance and performance improve advanced targeting. For example, the company could suggest better days and times to send newsletters based on the location of the recipients and their activities.

A Facebook spokesman confirmed the tests t of this new tool and said that based on the results achieved, the company will evaluate how and how the function can be expanded.

Facebook has started to verify the identity of the profiles behind Pages with extensive

How part of its efforts to ensure that the content on the platform is authentic and genuine People originated (and not from BOTs or fake accounts that want to hide their identity), Facebook started with a massive review of the profiles that manage pages with a very large audience, especially in the USA.

In particular, the company will verify the identity of anyone who could do so that you could adopt spurious behavior patterns and their contributions will go viral in the US .

We want users to know who is behind specific content. For this reason, it is important to carry out an identity check, especially on positions that reach many people.

Product managers Anita Joseph and Michele Pacelli said in a recent announcement.

If someone chooses do not verify their identity or The ID provided does not match the linked Facebook account. The platform reduces the organic reach of the post in order to keep it “hidden” from as many people as possible. If they are administrators of Facebook pages, the company also forces them to complete publication permission before they can share content.

This further step shows how much Facebook cares about . Limiting the Spread of Fake News .

Google Releases Discovery Ads Worldwide

Last year Google launched the Discovery ADS : a new way to help people discover and new brands interact with them while browsing their favorite content. Discovery ads are now available to all advertisers worldwide and it looks like they’re going to improve their performance significantly.

In practice, these ads can appear on multiple Google platforms. with a unique campaign that is easy to create and is aimed at users who explore their interests and seek inspiration.

As explained in a recent announcement by the company:

More and more consumers are finding inspiration for new purchases through a growing number of contact points. In fact, around 86% of online users state that they look for shopping ideas when shopping for videos or surfing the Internet. Discovery ads can rely on Google’s understanding of consumer search intent. In all of our properties, you can engage these audiences as they scroll through their favorites without the need for searches.

Thanks to the Discovery ADS, the ads can be displayed in different ways in practice:

  • YouTube : All advertising brands can show their products on the homepage, where 90% of users state that they discover new companies.
  • Discover : Each brand on Google Search’s app feed can reach hundreds of millions of consumers as they explore their interests and stay up to date;
  • Gmail : It will be possible to show potential buyers offers while checking their interests via email box.

Richard Russell, VP Omnichannel Marketing at Deckers, said he was very happy with the performance of discovery ads as they helped the company develop its sales strategy.

Discovery ADS therefore kept the promise for which they were created and led the results, leading to a performance increase with a ] cost per action up to 48% lower than Social ADS.

Google extends its research to self-assessment of anxiety disorders.

I Anxiety disorders affect approximately 48 million adults in the United States alone and can have a wide range of symptoms . As more and more users search Google for answers that also relate to their own health, the company has decided to work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to offer real help to people.

A. As of this week, when people search for fear information in the United States, they see a clinically validated questionnaire called GAD-7 . This self-assessment survey consists of seven questions and is designed to help people understand their fear and provide helpful resources to get the help they need.

  Google Fear Test

This is the third screener that is dedicated to mental health and that Google has made available in the search. The first two related to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder which gave people access to relevant resources and clinically validated questionnaires.

Self-Assessment for Anxiety It is currently only available to the United States, but Google wants to get it to other countries as soon as possible.

LinkedIn introduces retargeting for video views and lead generation modules

LinkedIn becomes a platform The social network has become increasingly stronger for companies, especially in recent years when some functions in the ADS suite were strengthened.

The news of the past few days is the news of the introduction of two new functions for retargeting for both the video and the form of lead generation . By the end of June it will therefore be possible to start specific campaigns dedicated to those who have seen at least 75% of a published video or who have opened or responded to a special form .

From the tests performed, these new remarketing functions contributed to an increase in the conversion rate and to a cost reduction . The retargeting on lead generation modules increased the click rate 2-3 times and the generated leads showed higher qualification rates.

Retargeting for video views and lead generation modules works on both LinkedIn and LinkedIn Audience Network so brands can get their message across the potential buyer’s browsing process on mobile and desktop Devices.

Snapchat stops promoting Trump Stories on the Discover homepage.

We will not augment messages that encourage racist violence and injustice by offering free Discover advertising.

A spokesman and the parent company Snap also stated that violence and racial injustice have no place within the company and to take a precise position on recent events overwhelmed the United States.

This decision was made last week and reported by the New York Times, stating that Trump’s Snap Stories are no longer shown on the Snapchat Discover homepage .

Snapchat stated that social platforms have a great responsibility towards their users, so this important position was born. However, the company said Trump’s public account will not be removed.

This step follows Twitter’s decision to publish public notices linked to Trump’s tweets before the account is removed, on the grounds that it is against the anti-violence policy has violated.

The President of the United States has not yet responded publicly to Snapchat’s decision. If we know what happened after Twitter removed its tweets, we can imagine the reaction.

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  Facebook launches a new email marketing tool: Weekly Marketing Summary of June 8
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Facebook launches a new email marketing tool: Weekly Marketing Summary from June 8th


these days the news of the ongoing test of a new type of email marketing via the Facebook Business Manager. Will it be the farewell to external tools such as MailChimp or MailUp or will it remain unused? As they say, the tedious sentence for posterity. In the meantime, Google publishes ADS Discovery worldwide, LinkedIn introduces new advertising-related functions and Snapchat censors Trump’s stories. This and much more in our weekly marketing summary on June 8th.

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