The #best web #marketing #techniques to put into practice

The #best web #marketing #techniques to put into practice

There are many strategies to publicize your activity on the internet. But rather than dispersing or saturating yourself, thinking of everything you could do … you might as well focus on the most useful! 🙂

Indeed, it will always be more effective to properly dominate 2 or 3 strategies. Then, once these techniques are dominated, then add new strings to your bow.

What are the most effective web marketing techniques? What actions to start with?

The best internet marketing strategies

Indeed, register and then carry out declarations of turnover in auto-entrepreneur c is good, but succeeding in your business project is even better! And to do this, web marketing will be the major asset of your success. But, how, by what means? What actions to put in place?

We present to you the most effective techniques to boost your online visibility! 🙂

1. Build your emailing base… via Facebook Ads and Webinars

Generally, on the internet, 80 to 90% of your sales will come from subscribers to your emailing list. Indeed, building your emailing base is the best ingredient to go from visibility to sales. And the first thing you need to start doing in web marketing.

Now, there are 2 ways to build your database: in a “natural” and constant way (with a website filled with calls in action to your welcome ebook for example) or in an “explosive” and rapid manner. The idea is to combine the two, from time to time boosting your database with strategies that will have more impact:

The technique that will allow you to be the most effective today in building your emailing base, it is undoubtedly the Facebook Ads (the online advertising system of Facebook).

Rest assured, you don’t need a budget very important (with 30 € / month you can already do a lot, considering the average price of a prospect at 15 cents on Facebook!).

The important thing will be:
– not to make a mistake in the target that you are targeting and define it well,
– link your ad to a landing page (and not to your website) with a call to action, so that internet users can download your welcome gift (ebook or other resource) in exchange for their address email.

  • “Webinars” or online conferences

Indeed, registration for your webinar will be done naturally by email (and therefore registration for your mailing list). Your webinar does not necessarily have to be sales oriented, but must above all consist in offering (interesting!) Content to your listeners. Point barre 🙂 Today, it is indeed very refreshing to listen to a webinar without anyone trying to sell you anything!

No need therefore to bother your head to find constantly new themes. You can for example present the same every month (you will naturally exclude those who have already seen it and are therefore already subscribed to your list). So think about announcing your webinar to people who are not already on your list (like on social networks) and not just on your mailing list!

2. Dare to Video Marketing!

Indeed, we must consider today YouTube as another search engine. Because when you do a search on Google, you now see YouTube results. More and more people are using YouTube as a full-fledged search engine.

Particularly those who are called “millennials”, or even younger, who are now using YouTube as a television (since they no longer watch the real one). They naturally subscribe to YouTube channels on all the topics that seem interesting to them.

On the other hand, YouTube is one of the last networks on which, on the home page, new content still appears chronological order . This was the case previously for Instagram and, even longer ago, for Facebook. This means that as long as you publish content, even if your YouTube channel still has little visibility (and few subscribers), they will have the possibility of seeing your new videos appear in their news feed.

And those who are not subscribed to your channel will still have the opportunity to discover your videos, thanks to suggestions from YouTube at the end of other videos. For this, take care of the title of your video, keywords and description!

On Facebook or Instagram, know that your video publications (or announcements) will have priority over the news feed of your fans (compared to other formats such as photos or links). And even more so if it is a live video! In fact, they will then take care of alerting your direct users. They will help you create engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your content (which social networks love!).

In short, you are not asked to become a new YouTuber (unless you have some. really want to), but just use video in your content marketing. Because it’s just one of the strategies that work best (according to a recent study, 90% of video-based marketing campaigns would have better results than others).

NB: N ‘ Don’t forget the calls to action in your videos!

Again, always try to redirect users to your own site and turn them into subscribers to your mailing list. For example, by inserting in the description of your videos a link to a page in which Internet users can download your ebook or other resource (checklist, exercise sheet, etc.), which supplements the information given, in exchange for their mail. You can also insert this link on inserts appearing on your video (for YouTube) or only by mentioning it in the content of your video (if you consider the 1st method a little too intrusive!).

The essentials , as I often like to repeat, is to feed your own database and to bring all your subscribers on social networks “home” to your site . We are never immune to a change in algorithm and the loss of our subscribers overnight … If your mailing list is good and important, you will even have the luxury of being able to support your business without them . As a self-employed entrepreneur, know how to stay independent! 🙂

Remember! Those who succeed are those who take action. All these strategies will be of no use to you if you do not put them into practice, by refining them little by little and adapting them to your activity!

Your turn to play:)

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