The best advertising campaigns

The best advertising campaigns


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We live in the age of consumption. We have more and more needs that we impose on ourselves or society. Anyway, we are used to to gradually improve our quality of life. Advertising plays a fundamental role in our system. This allows us to expand our expectations. Every day we learn the latest innovations on the screen of our computer or mobile phone analyze some of the best advertising campaigns in recent years .

How do the best advertising campaigns influence

Advertising is an instrument that is able to influence society Out effects on moving masses that go viral. Social networks play a crucial role in this rapid expansion as they are one of the most effective channels for companies. Here we show you five ways you can use Facebook to improve your business .

Another means of distribution is the cinema. Did you notice that brands in films tend to have as much meaning as the actors? This is referred to as product placement . See this article about this special tool that you use to sell advertisements while enjoying your favorite movie.

The best advertising campaigns

You have surely seen some of these impressive advertising campaigns. We present a list of some of those who have had more success and impact on social networks in recent years.

Always – Like a Girl

The campaign of the popular brand Always went viral very quickly. It was also one of the most popular commercials that aired during the Super Bowl 2014 . A very simple message made criticism of the current stereotypes of society and the use, for example, of the expression “You run like a girl” as if it were an insult.


The company that manufactures feminine hygiene items has managed to destroy an entire perception of gender. It is a campaign that seeks change. It caused such a stir that it won an Emmy Award for the best advertisement of the year in 2015.

Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

The Dove brand gave a lot to tell with this powerful advertising campaign. It was based on an insightful fact: Only 4% of women consider them beautiful. From there, the hygiene and beauty company launched a campaign to inspire and encourage women to improve their self-esteem.


The company decided to conduct an original experiment. It was to ask different women what perception they had of themselves. The advertising campaign generated more than 163 million views and became the most viewed YouTube ad.

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Pepsi – Test Drive

In 2013, Pepsi wiped out an advertising campaign that started on the YouTube platform. It was played by a professional driver and car salesman. For the advertisement Jeff Gordon volunteered as a shy man who wanted to test a car in the dealership. However, when the driver gets into the vehicle with the car salesman, the show begins.


The video has had more than 44 million views since its first release . This is impeccable evidence that when you do amazing things that are unusual, people want to see and share them.

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