#Storytelling – Why you need to use it in your #communication

#Storytelling – Why you need to use it in your #communication

storytelling is one of the themes that I love the most. Stories have always been part of my life and, since I started writing in 2015, I have been studying the stories and their narrative structure, the storytelling .

. As it is a topic that fascinates me, I always bring it to my work, whether we are talking about communication and brands, or whether we are talking about personal development.

Today I want to draw your attention to the importance of storytelling and why it is something that you should incorporate into your brand communication. There are very strong reasons for you to do so.

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1. Stories provoke emotions

Have you ever cried or been frustrated by something that was happening in a movie or in a book? Have you ever felt your heart beat faster with a story? All of this is emotion caused by something that doesn’t have to be real.

When you have a brand you want people to create an emotional connection with your brand, to enter your story, follow your journey and want to know more about it you’re communicating with. It is the emotion that will make people want to continue to accompany you. If there is no emotion, people will disconnect from your brand, just as they disconnect from stories that do not have a good structure or a good narrative arc.

2. Stories capture attention

As human beings we evolve with stories and they have even been essential to our survival. In prehistoric times, stories were the only way to convey information. Often vital information for the survival of our species. Thus, people became aware that stories are important and that we must pay attention. That is why, when you hear a story told, your attention automatically awakens. And, when a story is well told, you can’t let go of that story and you’re stuck with the book, the movie or the series. So you, as a brand, with storytelling will get people much more effectively to pay attention to what you are saying.

3. Memorization

Stories are more easily memorized than numbers, data or statistics. It is proven that, after a communication of any kind, people memorize the story that was told much more easily than the facts or figures that were shared. If you want people to keep the information you are sharing it is very important that you incorporate storytelling into your communication.

4. Stories bring communities together

Surely, as a brand creator, you want to gather a community around you, right? So you must always remember that stories bring communities together.

Just think about the different religions that exist in the world. All of them are associated with a story, a narrative that tells the origin of that religion and it is this story that unites the people of that particular religion. People know these stories, talk about them, believe them and feel an emotional connection with them. Consequently, these people also feel a connection with each other because they share the same story and all believe in it.

Thus, it is the storytelling that will allow you to create a sense of community within your brand.

5. Stories change beliefs

I’ve talked about beliefs in my Podcast several times. You can listen to this and other episodes to learn more about this topic.

The important thing here is that stories have the power to change beliefs. There are studies that demonstrate that narrative transport is directly related to the change in the way we see the world. Narrative transport is related to the fact that we are transported into a well-told story that causes us emotion.

It is very obvious to me that stories have the power to change beliefs, because, as I mentioned in other moments In which I addressed this theme, beliefs are installed when there are events with a great emotional charge associated with them. So if stories have this same emotional charge, they can also have this power to change our beliefs. It is for this reason that there are, for example, so many stories whose central theme is Good versus Evil, so that we believe that we live in a world where Good predominates.

So, if you want to change the way people around you see the world, if you want to paint a different set of beliefs for those people, storytelling will help you.

Now that I presented you with my reasons for using the storytelling in the communication of your brand, I would like to know that you would like to know more about this topic. Leave me your doubts, challenges and difficulties so that I can create more content that meets what you need and helps you apply storytelling within your brand.

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