Sponsored posts. What are and platforms to sponsor articles |

Sponsored posts. What are and platforms to sponsor articles |

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Sponsored posts are content that you promote on platforms or blogs for a fee with the idea of ​​making your brand, products or services visible and getting an SEO link.

In an environment as competitive as the current one, The post sponsored are one of the online marketing actions that brands and advertisers like the most, for their versatility and power, as long as they are done well.

After all, the promoted articles do not they are more than just a very powerful type of content marketing that helps brands both get leads and customers and a substantial SEO improvement for your website.

Today you have ever heard of the possibility of promoting and sponsoring the contents of your blog in order to get more visibility.

However, if you still do not know what they are in detail, it is very likely that you are asking yourself questions like:

  • What is a sponsored post really and how should I do it?
  • How much does it cost to sponsor a content and what results will it give me?
  • Where or who has to do it? sponsored articles?
  • etc

Sponsored posts are created with the objective of publicizing a product or service of a brand or company on a site that has some relevance well within the sector or because your SEO Authority is to lta.

They can also be seen as a link building strategy, which allows you to position and increase the visibility of your website quickly and easily.

Today I want to talk to you in detail about what sponsored posts are, their advantages and some specific platforms to promote brand content.

Let's do it!

Sponsored posts are content that you publish on blogs or highly relevant digital media with the idea of ​​promoting your products, services or your website. They work especially well in new product launch campaigns.

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What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is an article that you publish and promote in a blog, magazine or digital medium external to yours, in exchange for financial remuneration Mainly.

The main advantages of sponsored articles are that you reach a new audience within your sector and also, you help boost the SEO of your website, as you receive external links or backlinks. [19659003] It is a very powerful content marketing strategy that includes an important part of SEO positioning but also a very special brand component, since it allows you to talk about your product or service in a very subtle way. [19659003] Later we will talk about how to create a sponsored post, however you must understand that this is not direct advertising, but a way of reaching your user with quality content, subtle and at the same time persuasive that talk about your brand.

After all, sponsored content is often used a lot in campaigns to launch a new or innovative product or service and thus generate visibility from various media that talk about it. [19659039] How does sponsored content work?

There are many ways to work sponsored post campaigns however here I am going to do a quick planning for a high performance campaign.

Imagine that in At this moment you have launched or you are going to launch a new product or service to the market and you want it to be discussed in many media and to position itself quickly.

Among many actions of the actions you can take, the possibility of working with sponsored posts It is a good option.

  • At first, you or your online marketing agency contact bloggers, sponsored article platforms or digital media in your business sector. d in order to promote your product or service.
  • You analyze costs and especially with bloggers, you analyze the ability they have to move information at the level of visits, impacts and engagement on social networks. If you all fit the cost and the means, go ahead with it. They are all different as is the approach of the posts, but they talk about your product and include links to its commercial page or product file.
  • All the participants actively participate in the dissemination of sponsored posts, generating much more brand visibility and quickly positioning it in the market.
    As you can see, although the process of creating sponsored content may involve working with many media and bloggers, the results can be very good for your brand.

Why what to do sponsored articles? Advantages of sponsoring your content

Sponsored articles are shown to be a very effective solution for brands in improving their SEO strategy but they also show many other advantages for that publish this type of content.

However, before showing you the advantages of sponsored posts, it is important to speak previously of two specific aspects that are implicit within these promoted contents . importance of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a frequent practice among bloggers and companies or trademarks that have a blog on their website.

Guest Posting is an action by which you are going to publish a post written by you in a blog external to your domain but from your same sector (preferably), so you are going to reach a new type of audience, so that you can increase visits to your website.

It is a generally free online marketing action that will allow you to sponsor a post and promote it relatively well.

Guest Posting can also be understood as a method of obtaining backlinks, which makes these articles Sponsored links also become part of a very effective link building strategy.

Link building in sponsored content

And what is link building? Well, the link building or link building strategy seeks to increase the brand awareness by creating backlinks that point to your pages.

It is a fundamental pillar of SEO web positioning [19659006] and for this reason it is very important both when generating sponsored articles and when doing Guest Posting, since in both you will introduce at least a link to your website.

Once you have seen these two aspects, I suppose that you will begin to understand what Sense sponsored posts make sense in your online marketing strategy. So let's see some of its main advantages.

Advantages for advertisers

Advertisers are the brands, agencies or companies that seek greater visibility and web positioning through sponsored posts on blogs and digital media.

An advertiser must very well segment the media where they promote their articles according to their needs and choose the ones that best suit their type of business.

Now, what advantages do you receive? The advertiser once uses a sponsored post?

  • Manages to approach the public in a more natural way and without the need for large intermediaries.
  • It improves its organic positioning.
  • It increases its brand awareness.
  • Create alliances with bloggers and other media that are up-to-date in terms of digital marketing news.
  • Its contents are created to stay, therefore they endure over time oy are indexed in Google.

Advantages for bloggers and media

There are many bloggers who manage to make money with sponsored posts, publishing them on their own blogs or writing them for brands and companies.

Often , his work consists of writing content demanded by the advertiser following the same way of writing as if they were his usual articles.

In this way, the result will be a more natural and character promotion permanent, which leads to greater brand reach and greater relevance for the blogger.

And what advantages does this promotion of articles provide to these publishers or bloggers?

  • They start earning money with their sponsored posts
  • They offer content that adds value to their community and the advertised brands
  • They are always up to date due to the proposals presented to them.
  • They have the possibility of d decide with whom to work or collaborate.

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 Inbound Marketing

How much do sponsored items cost?

There is no brand or company with whom we are working the positioning that does not end up asking us how much sponsored posts cost.

The truth is that, in my perception, it is much cheaper than many other online marketing actions or positioning.

However, As you can imagine, there are many variables when considering the cost of these sponsored content. Some to consider are:

You create your own posts and upload them to a platform

In this mode, you want to promote your content on specific sponsored post platforms. For this, although these platforms offer you to create the post for you, you are the one who creates the content.

The cost in this case will be the cost of the digital medium where you promote your post. There are those that cost thousands of euros, hundreds of euros and many others, good too, in which for less than € 100 you can have sponsored content with good results.

You create the posts and send them to each of the media or bloggers

This way of sponsoring your articles involves working with various media or bloggers who will be in charge of publishing and disseminating your content.

Again in this case, it is you who creates and sends them to each medium.

You hire the sponsored post and they do it and publish it

In this case, an online marketing agency, a blogger or a content sponsorship platform creates the post for you, so obviously, the cost goes up .

Depending on this, costs may vary. Just creating a post can be around € 50, publishing a sponsored post on a blog can be between € 100 and € 200 (depends on the SEO relevance of the blog) and if you go to digital media, it can be a higher cost.

How to create a sponsored post? Methodology and steps to follow.

The creation of sponsored content is not far from how to write an article for a normal blog. If you want to know how to write a post, in the previous link I have left you a link about it.

In this section, I want to indicate the main aspects that you have to take into account when you want to sponsor your content in some medium or blog. [19659120] The theme of the medium in which to publish the content to be sponsored

It will do you no good to try to sponsor a post on a page that deals with different topics, since its audience is not your audience. And also Google can penalize you or the environment quickly.

To understand us, it is as if on the blog of this website, someone offered to publish a post about Fitness with a link to their gym page. It has neither feet nor head.

The sponsored post extension

A sponsored post of 300 words where you talk about your product will not do you any good. The key is to add value and talk about benefits or what problem solves your product or service.

My recommendation, write a post above 1,000 words and if you write it correctly, you will see important benefits regarding of traffic and customers.

How many maximum links can I put in a sponsored post?

If you want to have a good SEO return, keep in mind that the more links you put, the more diluted the SEO that that website can transfer to you .

Usually with a link or two maximum that point to your website from that promoted article, is more than enough. And also, it would be convenient if the first link of that sponsored content was yours and also that it is Dofollow.

Many blogs allow you to put links of this type, but they tell you that the first is always an internal link. [19659003] Ah, if it is a blog, they probably won't let you link to a commercial page and they will ask you to do it against a post, so just in case prepare similar content on your own website, which links to the product or service file.

Should sponsored posts also include SEO?

Yes, always. Keep in mind that the more traffic that points to that content, even if it is on a page external to yours, the more chance you have of getting traffic, Leads and new clients.

SEO works as if a post of yours were try .

Otherwise, as I said before, write your articles to sponsor as if they were normal content for your own blog.

Where to buy, create or get sponsored posts? Platforms to sponsor articles

The truth is that every day there are more platforms for sponsored articles where you can promote your content and products or services.
Next, we leave you several specific platforms where you can get good sponsorships, the key will be for you to go Trying all (or some) until you find the one you like best.


Coobis is a content sponsoring platform that connects publishers with advertisers. It has more than 10,000 editors available to give visibility to brands in different formats, both on websites and on social networks.

It allows you to manage the entire campaign process by selecting editors, briefing, reviews, approval, and accessing real-time reports on campaign metrics such as visits, users, etc.


Publisuites is a sponsored post platform that facilitates the relationship between brands with the media, publishers and influencers. It allows you to buy both content and / or publications as a brand and earn money selling sponsored publications for bloggers, press and influencers.


Unancor is one of the best-known platforms for buying sponsored articles. It makes available to users a media database where sponsored content can be published.

Space Content

Space Contentes is a sponsored post tool that has 4,800 websites and 600 clients. It is aimed at advertisers looking for suitable digital advertising channels in a simple and comfortable way and website owners who are interested in generating income with them.

Seeding Up

Seeding Upes a sponsored articles platform that allows the diffusion professional content on blogs, online media, web pages and social networks. Advertisers have the possibility for the publishers of this tool to spread content about their products and / or services on those pages with the highest visibility.


Leolytics is a content creation tool in digital media. It has access to more than 3,000 national and international media and has the possibility of including links to the brand to provide leads and positioning. In addition to offering you media analytics.


Prensalink is a platform for writing sponsored articles. It has 3,200 companies and online marketing agencies that will help improve brand positioning and greater visibility on the Internet.


Lowpost is one of the most viewed sponsored content creation tools on the Internet, since it has more than 41,000 editors. It promises to create the valuable content a brand needs to position itself in search engines and thus connect with its audience.

Well, now that you know what sponsored posts are and how to create them, you no longer have an excuse to start promoting your brand on internet.


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