Some tips for successful marketing campaigns

Some tips for successful marketing campaigns


Are you looking for ideas and creative ideas for successful summer campaigns? Do not miss our guide today

The summer is a time of the magical year: people leave the house more readily, the children do not go to school, the holidays are already planned and numerous events such as concerts and concerts are planned Festivals … Except in 2020, where all plans have changed in recent years.

Because of the closure of several weeks which lasted several weeks, some companies did not. They will stop in August and because it will be a “slower” season than the others, it will be necessary hypothesize new marketing strategies for to involve and retain his community.

Below you will find some tips that you should consider when creating your new summer marketing strategy .

1. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to get mobile first.

The weather is getting hotter and people are spending more and more time outdoors between beaches, swimming pools and parks after a long winter.

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A mobile website first is the answer to the needs of all users who connect on the go now the majority of those who connect of laptops and / or desktops. And then let’s be honest: there is nothing more annoying than navigating with your smartphone on a website that is not responding and it is also known that Google tends to Rewarding positioning in SERP for all those companies that first design in the mobile area.

What to do? If you still don’t have a website that adapts to mobile surfing it’s time to innovate and respond to the new needs of your community. A responsive mobile website is a great way to increase traffic in the summer because it is certain that your users will have easy access to all the information while relaxing on the beach, in the mountains or in the swimming pool.

2. Reevaluate social media to use.

Regardless of the vacation destination of the users in your community, it is certain that they will continue to use social media . They take photos, shoot mini videos and upload creative stories to show every moment of their journey.

However, there may be some platforms that are used less during the holidays, such as. B. LinkedIn . It is clear that you cannot stop your communication out of the blue, but we recommend somewhat lighter and more user-friendly content even in summer .

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If your goal is TikTok it may be time to explore the platform as a real marketing tool . . Since your users are on the go, they are less likely to read blog articles or enjoy more institutional content. Instead, they tend to watch a funny video or a series of pictures because they require less effort.

3. Try New Ways to Increase Engagement

As mentioned above, even though people go on vacation or outdoor activities in the summer, people are very likely documenting everything on social media and doing it all day spend several hours on their favorite platforms.

Perhaps the contribution to the commercial target may not work as much, although much depends on the sector to which it belongs, but it is certain that this can be exploited to offer more engaging content to increase brand awareness to improve and to promote lead generation .

Interaction with your users / customers shows that you will think about them and this will strengthen loyalty to you. It is up to your company to identify unique tactics to increase engagement. However, here are a few tips that can inspire you.

Instagram Contest and Online Contests

Start a contest on Instagram . or online and social media advertising is a great way to raise awareness among members of your community, qualified leads your loyalty and your own awareness .

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You can ask your users to share a photo of their vacation by the sea or in the mountains, publish a shot or a video to remember, but also to start quizzes and thematic surveys . What is certain is that it is always an idea to focus on the subject of the competition on fun and emotionality which must correspond well to the business goals of the brand .

Learn more and read our article on Examples of competitions on Instagram with real case studies .


The hashtag was born on Twitter, but they are absolutely not a privilege of this platform. To date, they are also often used on Instagram to to improve the visibility of content especially when inserted in certain contexts.


To date, the brands can use their own thematic hashtag and, under the same collection various UGC (User Generated Content) that should be suggested in the stories or in your feed . It is no coincidence that it has been possible for some time to follow certain hashtags on Instagram to find your own photos and / or videos in your feed, but also to perform a search to display all content that contains that particular keyword.

Give your community a purpose this summer by potentially launching challenges and creating your unique hashtag to improve user engagement. Try it!


Ask your customers for their opinion through mini surveys and quizzes . You can start a real online competition by awarding one or more prizes and generating leads. But you can also choose to use Instagram stories for a purely engagement thing.

Ask them where they will go on vacation, plans for the weekend, and so on. Once the results are available, you can also think of creating ad hoc content that is designed and intended for the specific needs of your users .  4. It lays the foundation for a good strategy for autumn

. Although summer can be a business . Low profile season unless you are active in certain sectors such as tourism. It is the right time to set new goals and also to develop new strategies for autumn.

You can create engagement in your community through the suggestions we just gave you, but you can also remember to use the moments of greatest inactivity for to engage with to network new potential customers to spread the awareness and positive mood in connection with your brand and to inspire for new products ] services or events that will be launched in autumn .

And you have what it takes for the summer season?


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