I am not a socialist, but I believe in society and that we can improve or deteriorate it through the way we deal with it every day. I believe that the social causes that foundations support are our responsibility and that planting a grain of sand in support can lead to well-being for our world.

Social responsibility implies an obligation to others, which today is part of the efforts of public relations as part of the management of the company.

And I am convinced that a brand that chooses to support social organizations (CSOs / NGOs) is the most successful decision because of its value, for its commitment to people and for the positive reactions it is in in public opinion and in the community.

Some dates on philanthropy

The United Nations organization stipulates in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and endowed with reason and conscience. They must be fraternal with one another. ”

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Altruism is an issue of love for humanity that manifests itself in selfless help to others, either through structured donations through civil society organizations or through informal, direct or indirect support to people and / or communities going through for urgent needs.
We are not facing a trend or recently coined term as it is a phenomenon that began in the United States in the late 19th century when companies began doing charity work and making these activities public.

In 2008, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) estimated that there were more than 28,750 nonprofit organizations and 200 foundations in Mexico. Just 4 years later INEGI reports more than 40,000 and today we are talking about more than 60,000 … This can only mean that Mexican society urgently needs our commitment to social responsibility in order to maintain a social balance.

In the face of the overwhelming reality contrasts with the spirit that in the face of the tragedies that plague humanity, the support of extreme vigor is emanating from the population, effective but short lived. Why not channel it so that it is permanent and personal and business social responsibility is strengthened, resulting in a much more structured and permanent thought of solidarity actions?

In this so-called “third sector” something is really being done people in rooms that the government cannot reach. Correctly channeled, brands contribute to the creation of a better, fairer and more equitable society with their PR actions through support and actions. False altruism can only be interpreted as a means of opportunistic marketing. The line is subtle, but as experts we need to be careful which side we choose.

Social Responsibility, Public Relations and Marketing: “The Big Idea”

There are people who still believe that public relations is a fashion and an economic way of doing business and one means of doing it is through it to add specific reasons to the trading strategy.

Here I would like to make a strong call for attention in two ways:

1.- The act of public relations should not be the focus. Making sales out of this discipline, of course, creates branding, but one discipline does not replace the other, we are talking about different goals.

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2.- The spirit of social responsibility should not be a subject of Receive media notices or attempt to deduct taxes, although there will be business benefit, it should be a “heartfelt” action that enables it to become a lasting effort for the benefit of others.

Communicative actions together with marketing, they have the power to promote fundamental change in people, and as professionals we need to create awareness.

Let the magic arise, let’s return to the concepts of communication, public relations and social marketing towards the interior and the environment. Companies that sell the importance of social work as a form of transcendence, share a revolutionary social idea that moves conscience and strives for everyone to be able to embrace something they are committed to and thus bring about a real change in their environment. I am convinced that the tactical campaigns of “Good Will” help to resolve every need for the moment, but they rarely become permanent actions and in many cases they were developed as a tool to keep sales above one to increase social interest beyond. If a brand focuses its goal on getting known through so-called “advertising” in the media, the action taken loses its credibility with its consumers.

  Social Responsibility
Social responsibility

It’s important counting with strategies that focus on brand positioning but focus on me Focus on the product or service rather than the action Contributory purposes lose their purpose when companies acting out of a need they already deem urgent for the community in which they operate, rather than because of the advertising in them Ironically, the media they can get get much more dissemination that comes from authenticity.

“An enlightened company makes its marketing decisions taking into account the wishes and interests of consumers, the needs of the company and the long-term interests of society. The company recognizes that rejecting the long-term interests of consumers and society harms both parties. Alarm companies see social problems as opportunities. ”

KOTLER, Philip, ARMSTRONG, Gary” Marketing Fundamentals “p. 516.

Associations and foundations, for their part, should take strategic social responsibility actions that will allow them to strengthen their relationships with businesses and donors in general in order to create common bonds that will place them on the map when it comes to Help goes. It’s a matter of synergy and clearly communicating your mission, vision and values to make things flow.

It is never too late to get the right message across. If we really want to encourage an altruistic attitude, it is our obligation to find out what to say and how to act in order to touch the deepest fibers, change people’s mindsets and disposition. We need to move their freedom to choose a social cause, their will to support it and create an attitude of deep engagement.

We are privileged beings because we are born with this seed of help. It is enough to water it to make it grow. In an emergency, the spirit arises … And then? Are we really aware today that there are sections of the population who still need help? It doesn’t seem like that to me personally.

Let’s keep an eye on the impulse to help others rather than just being inclusive in the face of disasters and always looking for best practice. Create awareness that social disadvantage is also our social and individual responsibility. The cause does not matter: children, adults, diseases or disabilities … the list is extensive and there is room for help in any sector.

Once this is done, we shape our actions through well-structured PR programs that, if they communicate the right thing, they will be successful enough to achieve the virality we are waiting for and translated into notes that reflect the reflect the true spirit that motivates us as organizations and moves our audiences.

Being socially responsible goes much further. Apart from a donation that is tax deductible, this is an attitude towards life and the world in which we must live. Institutions should focus on every employee, every person around them who hoists a flag: your cause is mine, I am accountable to others, it is an act that comes from the heart because when you change, it changes everything.

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