Social listening: value and dimension in a communication strategy

Social listening: value and dimension in a communication strategy

We recently produced a trilogy (with 3 articles) on social listening and brand monitoring . Social listening, or social media listening, is part of a true marketing and communication approach, which will allow you to learn valuable lessons for your strategy. But the feedback we generally get is that users don't know what value to place on social listening and what method to put in place. In this article we will focus on the intelligence of social media as a whole.

The Value of Social Listening

Communicators can be trained to truly feel the value and importance of active listening on the web and social media to provide thoughtful communication. But often brands don't always have the strategies or tools to materialize social listening effectively (and to draw essential insights from it). It is important to understand that while you have the best service in the world, your business or brand is only worth what your prospects and customers are willing to invest in it. When a brand sets up a social listening process, it shouldn't just listen and watch conversations about its business or competitors. It should also allocate (and free up) time and resources to closely monitor highly focused discussions on its field as a whole. When tracking conversations on your domain, for example, ask yourself specific questions like: What are the reasons customers are generally dissatisfied? Is there a product or service that consumers want but is not available from you? You realize that comments on your domain can surprise you a lot, and these comments are often the most useful for business development.

Brand reputation, a major issue

Pragmatically these are the customers who will be the “engines” of the conversation about a brand, a service or other. Brands can learn best practices for managing customer service on social media. By being actively supported by social listening, a brand can effectively identify one or more potentially harmful conversations. All this to improve the situation before the brand suffers too much negative impact on its online reputation. Once again, a well-established and well-used social listening tool will prove invaluable in developing and checking your brand reputation!

So what to do to get started?

Setting initial goals

How in any strategy or process to be implemented will it be decisive to set goals (simply). The beginning will consist of doing a thorough analysis of your brand to understand what your customers / prospects think. Look closely at your industry for a "temperature" of what's new and what would allow you to produce good content (basically spot trends). Keep an eye on competitor products, different audiences and even marketing tactics, and yes, it's spying, but it's important. Determine the type of content to share based on trends and insights (which you may have identified). Identifying your primary audience on social media to better guide your targeting strategy will also be key.

Choosing the right data

Social listening offers unlimited potential. Whatever tool you use, it is good (and preferable) to have a specialist who addresses all the strategies and tactical actions you need to take to identify the right data. A crucial decision must be made when making the decision. Developing your social listening strategy involves knowing which networks and media to collect data on. While it may seem like a good idea to draw data from all possible sources, it may overwhelm you with data you don't necessarily need. So we will have to be a little selective …

  Social listening: its value and its dimension in a communication strategy

source: Talkwalker

But in the end, it will also be quite It is wise to monitor conversations or data on the network, platforms or brand is not necessarily present. Indeed, we could talk about the brand on platforms where there is not, and it is mathematical, given the number there will still be conversations about the brand.

Collect data to define your strategy

First of all it is good to create your listening topics. You need to think about specific queries, to start finding and extracting relevant data. That is, key words or phrases, hashtags, user mentions …

You can then collect data to refine your strategy. To continue with our pharmaceutical industry example, here is a keyword cloud based on the query (On the Quick Search of Talkwalker )

  Social Listening its value and its dimension in a strategy de communication2

You can click on each keyword to fully understand the meaning of the different messages. This will allow you to access the different conversations, appreciate the feeling (positive, negative, neutral) and see which posts related to that tag have the most engagement. It is a way, based on your goals, to see how you position yourself in your market for example or to be able to identify interesting and stimulating content for your content marketing.

Appreciate and Measure Results Based on Goals [19659006] This is the time when you can associate, merge your social listening data with analytics information from social media and networks. The key indicators that interest you depend on the objectives of course, but here are some of the most common (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • New subscribers
  • Engagement rate

After listening, integrating all this data into your strategy, and running your analysis, you should have a good idea of ​​what's working and what's not. This will allow you to refine your communication / marketing strategy in real time


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