Outbrain advertising: how it works

Outbrain advertising: how it works

As consumers, we are flooded with advertisements every day. Our feeds and searches, and even the emails we receive, are so overwhelmed with advertisements that we may even no longer register fully by seeing half of them.

Right now, when users install ad blocking programs at historic highs and people are starting to automatically block ad content, it is more important than ever to ensure that your ad is shown to the right people. in the right place at the right time. Your message must be hyper-relevant to them, or you can’t expect to see any results.

Outbrain advertising is a platform that can potentially help in this by offering native advertising solutions designed to help you expand your reach while offering content relevant to your target audience.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what Outbrain’s advertising is, how it works, and whether it’s suitable for your brand to consider experimenting.

What is native advertising?

Before diving too deep into the specific Outbrain platform, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how native advertising works.

Most of the ads you see are PPC campaigns, where advertisers make an offer to put their ads in front of users based on activated searches or in news feeds based on audience demographics, behaviors and past relationships with your brand.

Native advertising takes a different approach. Instead, list your ad as an article, newsletter section, or display ad on specific publications. The idea is to buy an advertisement space on specific publications so that you can align your ad with the right intent and demographics. This ensures that your ad is shown to users who are not only receptive in general, but who are more likely to be receptive right now .

  Outbrain advertisement

When I am looking for information for a financial blog post I am writing, for example, I will not take the time to click on an ad of a brand that makes pasta made in home. Cooking is a hobby for me, so even if you normally click and convert, I’m not of the right mindset. If, however, I saw the same ad while browsing recipes during my downtime, I would be much more likely to care. The focus here is on the context creating seamless ads that are hyper-relevant.

So What Is Outbrain Advertising?

Outbrain is an independent third-party platform offering native advertising.

It works by opening the platform to both advertisers and publishers. Publishers monetize their content by allowing ads to appear on their site in designated areas, which they can include in the sidebar, below the content, within the content or as a banner. When certain actions are taken (which are predetermined and may include a certain number of impressions, clicks or video views), the publisher receives financial compensation.

The advertiser, on the other hand, will pay to get results from these placements. They will be able to search for placements that could benefit them and pay a specific number of impressions or results. They can use it to increase brand growth, brand awareness, lead generation and sales. When you advertise through Outbrain, you are paying per click (CPC).

Outbrain advertising is commonly used and there is a large network of high profile publishers who have ad placements on their site. It is particularly popular with media publishers, including CNN, The Guardian, Hearst and many others.

What are the advantages of Outbrain advertising?

Outbrain advertising has numerous advantages to consider.

professionals are as follows:

  • Costs may be lower than other platforms. Probably because there is a slightly lower mix of competition and you are not fighting for high-intent searches, some brands report lower CPCs on platforms like Outbrain than traditional PPC campaigns on other platforms. For example, a case study with Nissan saw a CPC 50% lower on Outbrain than other paid channels they used.
  • You can reach a relevant audience interested in seeing content like yours. This is an advantage for native advertising and is worth considering. People could scroll through your ad on Facebook without thinking twice, but if they are actively reading content on an important news site, they may have a better view to read the content you are promoting too.
  • Other platforms means multiple potential connections. Being able to reach your audience in multiple online locations is always an advantage and these are reliable, high-authority placements you can appear on. It works in your favor, because it can help with customer trust from the start.
  • You can adjust your bids in $ 0.01 increments. This gives you tremendous flexibility, especially considering that some native advertising platforms require paying a flat rate or offering in larger increments. Get more control over what you’re spending and how.

How Outbrain advertising works

To get started with Outbrain advertising, you must first create an account. You can do it here . You can then start creating your current campaigns to reach the audience on premium publications.

Creating your Outbrain campaign

Once this is done, you can create video and image ads that are essentially displayed as display ads or suggested content, but that all fit perfectly on the platform on which they are present.

There are two main types of formats you can choose from here.

The first will be their smart native ads, which will include an image and text. These are provided based on context and timing, increasing the probability that the user is receptive to the content when he sees it, increasing the probability of a click.

Outbrain also offers video content, which is called “ Native Outstream Video .” These videos can last from 6 to 120 seconds, offering advertisers an enormous range of flexibility and come with great functionality.

One of these features is sound detection, which examines competing videos already playing on the page to ensure that you are not creating a negative user experience and that your video will not be in direct competition. with another who is actively playing. Videos are especially powerful on mobile devices, but they can also be effective on desktop.

  outbrain advertising

Outbrain advertising targeting options

Options audience targeting on Outbrain advertising are strong, particularly when compared to some of their direct competitors. These include:

  • Interest targeting. You can reach your target audience based on their interests and what they are reading. Outbrain creates user profiles based on the content that users are actually consuming, not only have they shared or searched. They look at what users are really interested in based on their past experiences when choosing who to show a specific ad to.
  • Similar audience. You can reach users who have similar profiles to your active customers or site visitors, as much as you can on Facebook .
  • Targeting for data marketplaces. Exploit data from Outbrain’s market partners to better connect with your audience. You can reach new unique audiences or reconnect with high-value customers.
  • Bid strategy targeting. Some audiences cost more than others, so if the acquisition cost is a major concern, you can choose this option. It will automatically adapt which audiences are seeing your campaigns while keeping CPA low and conversions as high as possible.

Outbrain Campaign Best Practices

Outbrain has an extensive list of best practices that they recommend using when setting up your campaigns, but there are some that have a greater impact on brands of all sizes. .

These are the best practices which, in our experience, are more effective and are more likely to lead to success:

  • Try multiple contents simultaneously. We recommend that you use at least five content to see what your audience is responding to and hopefully increase repeat site visitors through the platform.
  • Launch your campaigns early in the week. According to Outbrain the sites within their network typically have the most traffic on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so this increases the chance that your content will be positioned and published immediately.
  • Create multiple campaigns as needed. Each audience that uses different targeting should get separate campaigns for maximum results. It is better not to layering the targeting here, unlike other platforms, or you may find it difficult to scale your campaigns.
  • Associate tablets and desktops together, not tablets and mobile devices. Although tablets are technically mobile devices, for this platform, desktops and tablets will actually have more similar CTRs.
  • Offer what you can afford or feel comfortable paying. You want to be as competitive as possible with your bids to increase your potential number of placements, especially since Outbrain will optimize your costs. Even if you are willing to offer $ 0.50, if it will only cost $ 0.20, that’s what you will be charged for. If you are stratifying your targeting options, your bids should be absolutely competitive to combat potential problems with scalability.
  • Monitor your campaigns carefully. It’s no surprise, because we recommend it for both paid advertising and organic marketing. You want to make sure you get results at an affordable cost. If not, we recommend that you change your campaigns or even prove that it is not a different platform.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to drive high-quality traffic to relevant content or landing pages on your site, Outbrain may be a platform to consider. Their affordable CPC prices are appealing and the ability to publish your ad natively and without interruption on high-authority, respected and trusted publications like the BBC should not be ignored.

Outbrain’s best advertisement may not be right for all brands, we recommend starting small, testing it to see how it works for you and climbing from there. It should never be your whole PPC or your advertising strategy but it can be a valuable addition.

Wondering which platforms would benefit you the most and are you trying to get started? We can help! Get in touch with us to find out more about the best platforms for your brand.

What do you think? Have you ever used Outbrain advertising or other types of native advertising? What results did you get and would you use the platform again? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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