Optimize the loading speed of your website?

Optimize the loading speed of your website?

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If the user’s browsing experience is not positive, you should optimize the loading speed of your website Nobody likes to enter a page that waits for more than 10 seconds to load . The world of the Internet is characterized by fast and immediate searches.

This is also a factor that directly influences web positioning as Google takes this into account . As you can see, don’t ignore this as it will negatively affect the development of your project. The idea is that once the problem is detected you will start working on the solution.

Did you know that your risk-free conversion rate for improving the loading speed of your website is at risk? Yes, as you read, this shortcoming has a significant impact. It’s not just about losing visits and leads, it’s also about reducing sales.

Ideal loading time on the web

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There is a fixed loading time ideal for any website Loading pages can take 1 to 8 seconds. But the optimal interval of a for a site should always be less than 3 seconds . If you want to know the data related to your website, you can do this on Google Analytics .

But you certainly wonder what are the factors on which the speed depends. To a large extent it depends on the device used by the user and the quality of his internet connection . These are the external aspects that you get out of your hands. But the ones that should interest you are the ones you can improve on.

You should focus on implementing certain settings on your site, such as designing pages or updating and debugging plugins . This not only improves the loading speed of your website, but also helps you to post it on Google . As soon as you start working on it, you will see the results.

Google Web Vitals

  Google web vitalis
Google is concerned about the browsing experience of the user . For this reason, he launched Web Vitals, a tool that can improve page loading speed by calling it “the most relevant positioning factor”.

Provides you with a unified guide to learn how to measure essential quality signals. and provide an excellent user experience . It is available in two formats: as an extension of Google Chrome and as an installable JavaScript library.

This tool is based on 3 data to know if a website offers a positive or negative user experience. Then you can find out what they are:

  • LCP: is responsible for measuring the observed loading speed. In addition, it marks the point in the timeline for page loading when the main content is loaded.
  • FID: measures responsiveness and quantifies user experience. Especially when the user first tries to interact with the content of the page.
  • CLS: measures visual stability. In addition, quantify unexpected design changes for visible page content.

Reasons why you should optimize the loading speed of your website

You have already understood which factors influence the loading speed of your website. Now is the time to learn more about why you should optimize it. The aspects that you will see below will help you improve your site:

1.- Rate of abandonment

  Dropout rate
When a website fails to load within the stipulated time, users leave it. The worst thing in this case is that they leave without using the service offered or without buying if it is a store. If you want to avoid a very negative percentage, you should improve the download speed of your pages.

This is an aspect that must be taken into account by all those brands regarding electronic commerce. The failure rate has a direct effect on sales. It can reach 68%, while when the process is performed from a mobile phone it can reach 97% . Figures representing large losses for e-commerce .

Remember, users who browse and want to make a purchase on the web expect speed and immediacy. They will not waste their time on a page that does not load quickly. They will leave your site and visit another one which will give them the product they are looking for and a better browsing experience.

2.- Conversion Rate

  Conversion Rate Speed ​​
The moment a visitor leaves your website not only loses a sale, but also the chance to take advantage of it. There is no doubt that these two aspects go hand in hand and that one affects the other negatively. You could lose a lot of potential customers if you don’t consider the loading speed.

According to a survey Hubspot about 79% of customers are unhappy with the performance of a website and say they are unlikely to buy again. The worst part is that you can not only lose new visitors, but also ordinary consumers.

Another negative aspect is added, because if the experience is negative, 40% of dissatisfied customers will not hesitate to offend your acquaintances about your website.

3.- User Loyalty

You will not only lose sales and leads, but also the ability to retain customers. Someone who has had a bad browsing experience will never want to visit your site again. Remember, users expect the page to load in 2-4 seconds and those surfing from a mobile device to 5 seconds.

According to an Akamai statistical infographic, 22% of desktop users no longer return to a slow website . It also reflects the number of mobile device browsers, which is increasing to 46%. The fact is that people hope to have an immediate experience that saves them time.

4.- SEO (search engine optimization)

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What does SEO have to do with the loading speed of your website? Much more than you think, since Google and other search engines take this factor into account when ranking. While it is true that it is not the most important thing, you should still keep it in mind if you want to appear in the first search results.

Do you think it can be a distinguishing feature of the competition as many ignore it. Note that most users are now browsing their mobile devices. This means you need to work on optimization, not just desktop users.

One of the options that online stores can use is WordPress . Thanks to the new version “wordpress 5.4” together with that of woocomerce 4.0, it aims to improve the performance of a website between 20% and 60%. The idea is to work on optimizing the loading speed to avoid losses of any kind.

5. – Mobile devices

 mobile speed
You might think that this is an external factor that you cannot control. However, if your website and mobile devices come together, you need to improve the user experience. How is that possible? Work on the design of your page. The capacity of a desktop computer is not the same as that of mobile.

The study published by Akamai shows that mobile customers are more involved than desktop customers. 57% of tablet users search for products at least once a week, compared to 37% of those who browse desktops.

In addition, 35% of tablet and smartphone users make at least one online purchase on a week via mobile devices. While desktop users only reach 15%. Do you realize the importance of these technological channels?

However, 39% of mobile users are not satisfied with their online experiences . This is due to two basic factors that damage your experience: slow pages and blocked or blocked sites. For this reason, it is essential to optimize the loading speed of the website in view of this large audience.

Tips for improving the loading speed on your website

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L The idea is not to deal with everything this entails, but to optimize the loading speed. But you probably wonder how you can improve it. Here are some tips that can help you: watch out.

  • Work on a responsive design .
  • Optimize images.
  • Eliminate what you don’t use.
  • Use ] cache plugin .
  • Get quality hosting.
  • Search for a light and efficient platform.
  • Clean the code regularly and thoroughly.

Now that you know why you should continue to optimize the speed of your website. You avoid losing leads and sales and keeping your customers. And if you need help to improve SEO positioning  we have the right experience and technology to make your efforts profitable.

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