Online video: a new golden age for advertising?

Online video: a new golden age for advertising?

Since 2013, the average time dedicated to the use of video content has grown by approximately 32% per year [1].

Extremely emotionally engaging content, consumed in large quantities on a daily basis by millions of consumers: all conditions exist to make online video the new priority for advertisers.

Yet this revolution seems largely ignored by French advertisers.

Why is this medium struggling to find its place in advertising budgets? How to take advantage of this advertisers' disaffection in the golden age of video?

A new use of technologies

The extremely rapid growth in the consumption of video content is primarily the consequence of a technological revolution: that of the mobile phone.

In recent years, the arrival of mobile broadband and the democratization of ultra-high-performance smartphones have completely transformed mobile uses.

Previously dedicated to practical uses, the smartphone is now a leisure object that we consult without a specific purpose other than entertainment.

In this sense, the mobile phone has come close to television, which is itself in full convergence with online video via the progressive distribution of smart TVs.

Reaching communities through personalized content

This transformation of uses is not only about technical nature, it is also related to the way in which the content is produced and distributed. Video content creation platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok or Vimeo are at the origin of a movement to decentralize creation.

Millions of content creators use them to reach their audiences and create good communities. more varied, specific and engaging than institutional producers ever could have done.

Thanks to this limitless range of content and constantly improving algorithms, it is possible to offer a completely personalized experience to everyone.

The diversification and personalization of contents therefore directly benefits consumers, but also consumers.

A channel still too little known

Video advertising is experiencing rapid and uninterrupted growth, as evidenced in particular by the impressive increase in Youtube revenues: over 35% in 2019 . 19659003] It is therefore that some advertisers have identified the potential of this new medium of emotionally engaging, precisely targeted and massively distributed video content.

Yet there is a real asymmetry between the place of online video in consumers' lives and what it occupies in advertising budgets.

Little known to advertisers, this channel is too often overlooked even then. which could have a decisive impact on the effectiveness of many campaigns.

Understanding advertisers' lack of interest

Again, several factors certainly play their part, but the most easily identifiable is the lack of expertise

Online advertising is a young and up-to-date industry. within this industry, video advertising itself is one of its most recent components. Competence in this field is scarce, highly sought after and therefore not very accessible.

For non-video specialists, that is, most advertisers, this medium is still identified as too expensive and unprofitable leverage.

This bad picture is mainly due to the fact that major video platforms have been slow to allow their customers to set performance goals and, more generally, to take their priorities into account.

But this period is well over, platforms now compete in ingenuity and creativity in terms of advertising services: CTAs, modules integrated into the video, innovative targeting parameters, etc.

Technicality and art direction involved

This lack of experience is all the more evident since the effectiveness of a video campaign is now largely based on two relatively demanding skills: the accuracy of its development technical and coherence of his artistic direction.

Any company that wants to start and exploit the opportunity represented by this still underutilized channel should therefore invest in these two directions.

This approach therefore requires substantial preparation, far from the one-shot projects that can sometimes be performed on other channels. But the game is worth the effort, and the opportunity may not last.

The surprising effectiveness of today's video campaigns depends on two factors that can be made to disappear.

The first factor is the relative imbalance between the supply of content and demand from advertisers an imbalance that cannot last. The second is the concentration of personal data in the hands of the platforms .

However, it is also possible that this situation will end: the movement for the protection of personal data and the American antitrust laws risk in the long term depriving the platforms of their most effective tools.

For advertisers, the golden age of the video may be shorter than expected. It is therefore all the more urgent to take advantage of it!

[1] Zénith study conducted in 2019.

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