Necessary #optimizations for all #devices

Necessary #optimizations for all #devices

In our new design, we wanted to provide our first article for mobile devices because Google sets priorities. In this article you will find important metrics and ratings for Mobile SEO . We hope you enjoy reading it.

Mobile SEO

Can you imagine an adult near you without a mobile device? So can you imagine yourself without a mobile device? Do you remember what we did before the internet? I personally panic, even if I think I’m going anywhere without a phone. I’m sure there are millions of other people who think like me.

When Google was so important, Google’s mobile-first indexing was put into practice in mid-2018. Waiting. Anyone who manages a website should spend more time optimizing mobile devices if we already leave the first month of 2018 behind us. So what should you do to optimize your mobile website?


Before you begin to carefully optimize your website for new trends that make your mobile website the best and fastest, you should make sure that you have problems that can damage the entire optimization process.

Using Google Search Console you can identify potential problems on your website. It is very important to know whether all important resources can be accessed correctly via Googlebot. Also keep in mind that you should check that every page of your website is compatible with mobile devices.

  • Use the Google Search Console.
  • Test the mobile compatibility of your websites.
  • Perform an in-depth review for tools using mobile devices. 19659012] Avoid using Flash

    Flash is not supported by many mobile and desktop browsers. The best way to ensure that Google and your website visitors can access all the content on your website is to not use Flash content on the pages of your mobile website.

    If you implement and troubleshoot all of these processes, you can be sure that Google will take them into account to measure the usability of your mobile website.

    User Experience

    The purpose of users using the Internet from mobile devices is to be able to easily do what they want. In other words, without a zoom on the site, they expect a site where the structure of the site is not complicated and the menu tools are not very close. Above all, they don’t want to wait. In a situation where one of these expectations is not met, users leave the site and this increases the bounce rate of the site (for this reason the bounce rate for mobile devices is 40% higher than for the desktop). So what matters is the user experience, and you have to give users what they need.

      User Experience and Design

    Responsive Design

    Responsive design is most important in the multi-screen world (desktop, mobile) is one of the elements. Without the mobile version of the websites, your website can make mistakes if you change the size of the website according to the screen used. This affects the functionality of your website.

      google responsive

    A responsively designed page should have the following functions.

    • Fast loading time
    • Appropriate text and images
    • Perfect use
    • Optimized for design changes dots

    It is important that you set up your site in detail and make your site design responsive. The smaller the screen of the device on which you want to display the site, the smaller the user can view at first glance. If you don’t customize the site design on a device basis, you may lose the user. If your site doesn’t load fast enough, you can lose the user. Similarly, popup windows that open on your page can cause you to lose users.

    Loading time

    According to Google’s loading speed for mobile sites the loading rate increases from 106% to 1 second if the loading time increases from 1 second to 6 seconds.

      mobile seo

    Google values the speed of loading pages. In order to close the gap in the mobile area, the Google speed test was announced, which will affect Google’s placement on mobile sites from July 2018.

    It has been announced that this update will affect only a “small fraction” of the slowest loading mobile sites. He also explained that the search term is the most important factor in the ranking. In other words, according to the search query, the website that contains the content most relevant to the search is slower, but can be ranked higher than other websites. Given that Google’s 3.5 billion searches a day, a “small section” is actually an important number. Since no area has yet been specified, we cannot comment on the “slowest” loading time, but we can list below what you can do on this topic.

    Optimize loading time

    Optimize your pictures, improve the mobile user experience and shorten the loading time. The simple thing is:

    Rate Page Performance

    There is no tool you can use to question whether your website is affected by the new speed update. However, Google recommends using the Chrome User Behavior Report Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insight for this situation.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source project that instantly transforms the content of mobile websites (by replacing the website with an easier to load HTML version ). The sponsor of this project is Google. The project is also supported by Bing, Baidu, Twitter, Pinterest and some other companies.

    When the project first appeared in 2015, it focused on publishers. This was a good opportunity for publishers, but why were other players so interested in this project? The answer is simple: installing AMP gives you a very good user experience. A recent study found that 60% of respondents said they preferred sites with AMP because they offer a faster user experience.

    For example, e-commerce websites rated this possibility immediately and it was a great advantage. They found an average increase in sales of 20% on AMP-containing sites compared to AMP-free sites.

      Amazon, Walmart, Yahoo loading time

    created by Stone Temple How AMP Affected Different Sectors You can also review different case studies. However, you can also run your own tests on the mobile websites of the same companies.

    When you choose to set up AMP, don’t overlook the very important factor in your success. If you only install the AMP plugin on your website and forget that the plugin is available, it is not enough for you. If you want to benefit from this job, you should invest time until your AMP pages and mobile pages are the same. This requirement became even more important after November 16, 2017, when Google announced that AMP sites that were different from mobile sites at that time would be excluded from AMPs. That is, when you start the AMP project, you should run it to the end. It may not seem easy at first, but you will be satisfied with the results.

    Web applications that can be developed

    Web applications that can be developed (PWA) can be used as an application if they are installed correctly, although they are not available in the App Store. . PWAs combine the loading speed of mobile sites with the functionality of an application. It can be installed on phones, has app icons, no address bars, full-screen images, online and offline functions and sends notifications. They also require a lot less optimization and advertising effort. Below are examples of PWAs.

      Progressive Web Apps

    For a list of activities for PWA and static pages, see Mobile Design

    . To improve the design of your mobile site, you should consider the following points:

    • Images, fonts, titles

    If your site has a responsive designed mobile site, test it with different devices. You should check what the graphics look like. Your images should fit on the device’s screen, the fonts should be legible, and the titles should not cover most of this page when the user opens a page.

    Navigation shouldn’t be the first thing that users see on your website. When the user comes to the site, they shouldn’t come across the menu on the main screen. However, the menu should guide the user. The hamburger menu may be your best bet (a box with three horizontal lines in the top left corner).

    If your site is large enough, consider using the search feature. It is very important to place the search bar so that users can easily see it. After placing the search bar, you can use Google Analytics to find the most frequently searched terms. If you find that users are looking for a term that is not in your content or that is difficult to access on your website, you can remedy these shortcomings.

    There can be hundreds of problems that can arise for an average user. Even if you don’t get user feedback about your website, you may never know what the issues are. However, if you get feedback on your website, you will learn about your vulnerabilities and can correct them over time. You can use live support or email for feedback. You can also prepare a FAQ page for your site.

    • Activation buttons

    If buttons need to be activated by tapping the mobile version of your website, make sure they are large enough to be clicked with your fingers. You should also make sure that the buttons are not too close together. You can also use temperature maps to see which regions users interact with most on mobile devices. You can also use this tool to perform funnels, feedback surveys, online forms, and research.

    You should be careful about using pop-up windows. Nobody likes pop-ups for advertising purposes with a tiny x-key that covers the entire screen. See examples of pop-up windows below.

      Pop-up Examples


    Content should be easy to consume. Another? Regardless of Google’s restrictions, your website can rank high as long as the content is fantastic. Another thing you shouldn’t forget about mobile search engine optimization is people search by language.

      Voice Search

    What can you do to improve the content of your website with mobile search engine optimization?

    Keyword research

    You should also behave differently when making calls using voice dialing. They write a few words in the search bar that briefly describe what they wanted to find in the first. However, when using the voice search assistant, they tend to say this as if they were chatting with someone throughout the sentence. This behavior creates a new kind of word research. In short, you should consider potential users’ questions and be careful about creating content.

    • Finding suggestions using the “People Asked About Them” field

    The “People Asked About Them” field is an infinity of related questions. If you select one of the search queries, other questions about it will appear. After a certain number of clicks, the questions can repeat themselves, but overall this area is like a magic box for new topics.

      People also ask

    Optimization for snippets with search function

    Selected snippet (with an answer) A box and a link (especially results) should rank even higher in the mobile search. Because if you have a prominent snippet, it will cover most of the mobile device’s screen and is the only thing that can be read on the screen while the user is making a voice call.

    • Make your content compatible with the prominent snippets.

    Use the following pyramid model to configure your data: Start with the most important information to answer the question.

  • Address details outside of the direct response and support them with visual
  • support with sample or case studies.

 presented snippet pyramid.

Optimize the format.

Landing page below Optimize according to the main headings.

Paragraphs: Must consist of 30-50 words to answer a possible query and to fit in the answer field. Place the paragraph between the HTML tags

and place this paragraph directly under the title found for the question.

Tables: Add tables if necessary or convert the corresponding paragraphs into tables. Use the tag

on the page to indicate your table.

Lists: Give your list an appropriate title for your target keyword (H1 or H2). Google can automatically create lists from texts. You can add subtitles to your text where you think it is right. Then Google lists your subtitles chronologically.

Re-indexing request

After making some changes to your pages, you can crawl your pages again using Google Search Console. After this request, your pages will be updated almost immediately. You can win a prominent snippet the same day you request re-indexing.

Using Structured Data

Structured Data is very important to Google because it can see what is happening on the website without crawling the website. You can follow these steps to edit this data:

Different types of content

Mobile users’ attention times are shorter than on the desktop. They generally search the pages and save them for later reading. For this reason, you should consider providing users with different content such as GIF, video, image and infographic.


Technology companies know more about us and can get a lot of information from our cell phones. Google does not hide the fact that it creates user paths based on our behavior on the web. This makes the search very personal. We can understand this sensitivity when we search locally and especially on mobile devices. Google says that 80% of searches near me are done on mobile devices.

  Searching for Storage

So what should you do to make your website appear as a result when your potential customer searches locally?

Request your Google My Business account

When you create your Google My Business profile;

  • Make a long and clear description with the link to your official website.
  • Choose the right category for your company.
  • Upload a high-resolution profile photo and cover photo
  • Make sure you have entered your address, local phone number and opening hours correctly.
  • Update your information if necessary.

Get positive reviews.

Try to get at least 5 reviews on Google as this is the local one from Google is important for ranking. In addition, Google offers users the opportunity to choose from companies with a certain ranking. If you have a satisfied customer, try to get their assessment. Read Google’s Assessment Policy .

Also keep in mind that responding to negative comments and providing solutions to customers is helpful.

Make sure the name, address, and phone information are consistent.

Name Make sure your address and phone number are also available in the mobile version of your website. Also make sure that this information is correct and consistent everywhere.

Adding Photos

Take some time to take photos of your work and add it to your My Business account.

Use schema markup

Use of local microdata ranking can update to. There are many categories you can use in the local area of including address, phone, and work hours.

Optimize your AdWords campaigns to find “Near me”

If you already have an AdWords campaign for your local business, you can maximize your visibility on both voice and standard calls by applying.

  • Use AdWords location extensions

When you enable location extensions in your AdWords account, your company’s address, phone, and location will appear in your ads. Location extensions are important if you want to appear in searches near people near me.

  • Use local Google Maps search ads.

These types of ads are above the organic results in Google Maps.

If you are not sure whether you should take serious steps in mobile search engine optimization; This is a sign: you should definitely do something.

If you are considering trying one of the new trends; This is a warning: make sure you do thorough research before and after the test until the process is complete.

This article comes from the SEO Powersuite source and was translated and put together by us.


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