Marketing 4.0 – What it is and how you can apply it to your business

Marketing 4.0 – What it is and how you can apply it to your business

Marketing 4.0 is the term that was created to talk about certain points in digital marketing. In one of the publications by Philip Kotler – the Pope of Marketing – the author describes an era when consumers search the Internet for services and products in order to get quality content, and with an increasingly personal relationship between customers and businesses.

In this article we will better understand the new concept and how you can apply it in your company. Enjoy it!

What is Marketing 4.0?

Marketing 4.0 is one way of attracting and retaining consumers with high quality content on the Internet. All measures must be more humane in order to directly touch the customer’s pain. In this way, people can feel closer to the brands and also to their truly valued wishes.

How Marketing 4.0 came about

The use of the Internet is increasing every day. According to a survey by TIC Domicilios published in Brazil in 2019, three out of four Brazilians access the internet. This means that we already have more than 134 million users on the Internet.

With the growth of this medium and its possibilities for interaction, marketing had to adapt to the new way of consumption and is improving every day.
According to Philip Kotler, we are experiencing a new phase in marketing today. He defines that in the current scenario, brands need to be prepared for this closer relationship with consumers, in which they are not only looking for products, but also knowledge, content and learning exchanges.

In addition, the connection between marketing channels and integration are essential. It also means that we shouldn’t leave traditional marketing behind. In fact, both complement each other to make strategies increasingly assertive and enriching.
In this way it can be said that 4.0 marketing is even more human and closer to the consumer than traditional marketing. It is necessary to consider this feeling as well as social and digital transformations, trends and above all the search for quality content .

Who is the consumer? 4.0?

Since one of the pillars of 4.0 marketing is close and human service, it is important to understand exactly who the current generation consumer is. be on multiple channels. And that’s exactly what Consumer 4.0 expects, a modern and highly networked being. For this reason, brands need to be present on websites, social networks and video channels, among other things.

All of this makes the access to information more intensive and faster. We can’t forget that in today’s world, most people don’t have time to wait long for data. The clarifications and relationships offered by your company must be agile.

What does Marketing 4.0 focus on? For him, the implications are as follows:

When it comes to Google, it is important to know how demanding and demanding the search engines are and how beneficial it is to have a suitable website. Using SEO Practices to create content and improve your website pages helps make organic traffic even more assertive.

Content creation is also a very important factor as consumers are looking for companies that can offer them something useful that will answer their pain and solve it.
If we talk about the effect of social networks, the opportunities are used to increase the reach and visibility of the brand with smaller investments. In addition, the proximity to consumers is also more pronounced.

With regard to the third effect, which is called services, Kotler refers to the possibilities that the Internet offers to expand this field. We can use companies like Netflix, Uber, Nubank, iFood, and Spotify as an example. Apps and online companies have made the proposal to make life easier for consumers – which is also a strength of Marketing 4.0 – and not only to cut costs and have close contact, but also to make customers feel valued will.

How is 4.0 marketing applied in practice?

Now that you understand the concept of Marketing 4.0, it is time to filter the knowledge and identify improvements for your business and apply some strategies. Among these we can mention:

  • creating profiles on social networks,
  • creating quality content,
  • implementing SEO techniques,
  • a responsive website that adapts to mobile devices,
  • all Update information – such as telephone, address, opening times, etc. – of all your company’s channels on the Internet
  • have a publication frequency on social networks;
  • knowing who your target audience is and how to talk to them;
  • interact in networks, respond to comments, ask for suggestions from consumers;
  • think about ways to bring consumers closer and improve their experience for example with game apps that offer gifts for those who score higher.
  • Think about how you can optimize the lives of consumers, save time and offer solutions – like with the boom in digital banking, for example
  • you humanize your brand (such as the magazine Luiza with the Character “Lu”) as well as the service and make sure that the customer feels even closer and identified with the company.

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