Manage your image: The pitch

Manage your image: The pitch

The pitch, commonly used by creators to present their project, allows you to practice saying, in a few words, the essentials and managing your image for your own notoriety, that of your company or your project.

We need few words to express the essential.

Paul Eluard

The corollary of confinement is that all oral presentations, whether for a competition, entering an incubator, meeting with business Angels, clients … instead of taking place face to face (face to face) take place by through new technological means: Zoom, Skype… A few tips to successfully complete the thorny exercise of pitching your business presentation in a limited time.
You don’t have to be talented to be successful summary in seconds ! The goal is to achieve impact in a few words. The origin of the expression elevator pitch sums up the concept well: if you meet an essential person for your business in the elevator, you must, in a few words speak about your company and succeed in obtaining a meet her. The presentation of your company in the form of a pitch is, in particular, what will be requested of you by potential investors, but also in the many conferences, whether face-to-face or remote, in meetings with customers, etc.

What are the secrets of a successful pitch?

Always be ready to “pitch” between 30 to 60 seconds flat.

Communicating about your company, a product, a project is a challenge. To get your presentation to the top, make three key principles the basis of your speech: be clear, believable, and compelling. Do you think that the idea for your project and your business deserves much more than a half-minute presentation and that you would need the same time to the power of 10 to explain it? This is a misconception because it must leave a first impression of your company, service or product and arouse the curiosity of those who listen to you, who conquered, will want to know more. This cannot be improvised and it is not reserved for an elite of talented or charismatic people who effortlessly win membership. Work and still work your ground in advance to acquire the necessary ease and confidence, regardless of the stress or the audience you are talking to!

Exclude all jargon! Use words that everyone understands.

The raison d’être of your company is to meet customers, all customers and with those who will make your reputation. You must therefore adapt to all audiences, those who know the jargon of the trade and those who do not know it. It is not always easy to realize that we have become inaudible when English-sounding words have become familiar to your ears and also reveal a certain professionalism during your discussions between start-ups. This vocabulary has the magic of registering you in a family of entrepreneurs or profession and remains an essential identity factor. You appear credible yes, but be careful not only in a closed circle… Not in everyone’s eyes! Adapt your messages to your interlocutors and especially out of arrogance or vanity, do not lose their attention. When using words that sound good, do you ask yourself what they mean to the other person? You are not looking for compliments but for relationships that develop your business. You are not trying to “show off” but to give an image of excellence and to create lasting links.

Impact the maximum of your interlocutors with 4 steps

Identify your audience

Above all, you have to identify the audience you are addressing. Once this has been determined, you will be able to find the expressions that best suit this goal. Your pitch should be like a movie trailer: say enough to arouse curiosity, without giving the interlocutor the impression that he already knows everything and that he is “full”! and make him want to know more. When your turn to “pitch” has arrived, address your audience as if they are your future associates, with humility but assurance. If you are presenting your project to investors, it is important to understand what they expect: for example a united, motivated and energetic team.

Training, the sine qua non for success

You will need to practice, over and over again, to acquire the ease necessary to maintain your confidence even in stressful situations of pitch presentations. You have to come forward with the belief that you will be selected, that the customer will be convinced to order you, that the reporters will be talking about you, and that you will make headlines in all media.

Infographic: the pitch, remedy to the fear of innovation

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