LinkedIn Stories: Everything you need to know about LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories: Everything you need to know about LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories: Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Stories

Popularized by Snapchat, Stories are content formats that are now gaining ground on all social networks: after Instagram, then Facebook , it's LinkedIn Stories turn – just call LinkedIn Stories from the platform – to make an appearance. The concept is simple: a short video, lasting just a few seconds, available for a limited time.

What are LinkedIn Stories?

For several years now the stories have exploded on all social networks, each of which has highlighted some peculiarities. On Snapchat, for example, stories are only visible for 24 hours, beyond that, they disappear. Instagram has made it possible to keep them longer and to fill them in, visible on the profiles of Internet users. What about the LinkedIn stories?

What do stories look like on LinkedIn?

Stories on LinkedIn are currently only viewable from the LinkedIn app. They appear at the top of the news feed on your home page, associated with the identity of the person or company that posted them. You just have to click on it and it will show up in full screen on your phone. Once the story is over, the next one will start automatically, as on most networks that use this format.

Today, the stories are only available for 24 hours.

  linkedin stories

LinkedIn stories appear at the top of your news feed in the LinkedIn app. Image from LinkedIn Support

How to create a LinkedIn story?

How to create a first LinkedIn story? Nothing is easier. You already know that anyone, user or company page, can easily create a story. It's a fast, new and dynamic way to interact with your community.

To create it, you need to use the LinkedIn app again. You can add your story directly from your news feed by clicking "Your Story". The application will then ask you to upload an image or video from your phone or capture a video of up to 20 seconds in length.

Like all other platforms that offer this type of content format, the LinkedIn Stories therefore allow you to edit your content, thanks to several elements:

– Adding stickers

– Mention of members of your network

– Add text, with possible changes on font, size, etc.

– Audio changes: reduce volume or increase it …

You can also start a post in the classic way and publish it as a story: [19659024]   stories linkedin post effilab

Once your Story is ready , you just have to confirm its publication: it is published in the thread of your network.

Why the stories on LinkedIn?

As we know, LinkedIn already offers many content formats for those who wish to post on the platform: article, natural post, video, link are some examples. Why add stories?

LinkedIn Stories Target Your Network Only

LinkedIn Stories are a new way to engage your network. Video is increasingly a medium that is gaining importance on social networks. Thanks to their instant format, Stories make it easy to create content that may interest your audience.

Keep in mind, however, that Stories are only intended for the people in your network and your followers – we don't 'so it won't use this format to broaden its audience, but to engage the existing one.

LinkedIn Stories Are Used To Engage Your Audience

LinkedIn Stories can be created by human platform users and "pages", which most often represent companies.

On a human level, we will then share tips, tricks, inspirational or personal content, as we see on the other content formats of the platform.

For companies, it's' will involve sharing news, good news, or conveying company values. Like on Instagram or Snapchat, we can easily imagine setting up contests that allow users to interact more and more with their brand. But, as Ioana Erhan, LinkedIn's Director of Marketing Solutions, points out, Stories also allow you to engage with customers and prospects.

We understand: the possibilities of LinkedIn Stories are numerous, and so are the opportunities. It remains to be seen how they will actually be used in the future. To help you with this process, LinkedIn has already published several tips for better integrating these LinkedIn Stories into your more global digital communication .

LinkedIn stories: what future?

So what can we expect from this format? While it's a fairly young format on LinkedIn, Stories have been around for a few years on other social networks.

If internet users adhere to this new format, we can expect LinkedIn to deliver ads on its stories fairly quickly, as other social networks have. We think in particular of Instagram: Stories are one of the main advertising formats on Instagram . Coupled with the targeting capabilities of LinkedIn and its 20 million French users, the format could be very effective for brands.

Conclusion: LinkedIn Stories, a new lever in your digital communication

Still being tested in several countries including France, LinkedIn Stories is a new format that aims to engage your network around fast-consuming content and highly engaging. Very easy to create, they can be an integral part of your digital communication strategy.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact our agency specialized in LinkedIn Ads: if the stories are not yet a real advertising product, they should become one soon. In the meantime, you can discover the other advertising formats offered by the platform.


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