Learn step by step how to perform a digital marketing audit

Learn step by step how to perform a digital marketing audit

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How do you create a marketing plan that consolidates every action? The most effective way is with a digital marketing audit. A job with which you can recognize the gaps you have to solve to arrive at a good strategy to move forward with certain steps.

It is normal for to pass you when you are busy with your marketing campaigns all day. some details . Exactly, between those small slits that sometimes get out of hand, the digital marketing audit works. That, along with the ability to pay attention to and respond to the needs of the company, will improve any of your actions as a brand.

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Audit

  Develop a Digital Marketing Audit

As simple as it may sound, a digital marketing audit is a constant and painstaking work process that demonstrates the power and effectiveness of visualize your business model.

Efficient Digital Marketing Audit will help you demonstrate that the company and its projections are truly sustainable.

1.- Questions like “ Big Picture

Before attempting to address specific issues or areas for improvement in your marketing audit, it is best to start by visualizing your marketing strategy.

Focus on the improvements to be made or compliance. In practical terms, will be useless if your overall marketing plan has no focus . Or worse, it mobilizes your organization in the wrong direction.

“To prepare for success, you must define it.” Most experts agree. Because, as you will often have read, “ what is not measurable does not exist .”

To measure your efforts in detail, you must clearly define the criteria for success. This is exactly what the first phase of a marketing audit should take: insight into the current state of affairs. The value of all future efforts will be assessed against this baseline.

The questions to be asked at this stage of the marketing audit may seem simple, but “the devil is in the details”. Careful consideration can reveal truths about your business or your marketing strategy that had previously been hidden.

What are the questions “ Big Picture “?

  • What is the current status of the company?
  • How does the current marketing strategy affect the company?
  • What are the commercial objectives expected from a marketing research?
  • How would success be?
  • How Would Marketing Contribute to That Success?

The next step in formulating the expectations of your marketing strategy is to visualize how the actions taken in the marketing department will affect results .

At the end of the day, this is the sole function of a marketing strategy: to present results for the company. Therefore, it is necessary to understand through the audit how marketing will ideally be related to the project to both evaluate the current strategy and plot a course for the future.

2.- SWOT analysis

 SWOT analysis

You think SWOT analysis is very old fashioned and you think digitally. But this is an old but effective strategy to develop your digital marketing audit externally and internally.

Once you’ve defined your success criteria and how your digital marketing strategy could help you achieve these goals, you can evaluate each part of your organization’s marketing strategies using one of these four categories .

Weaknesses versus Strengths

When performing a Digital Marketing Audit based on SWOT Matrix or Analysis visualize the following factors:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: represent the internal state of affairs within your current digital marketing strategy. This assessment may take into account the current capabilities or competences of your marketing team, the quality of the communication or the accuracy and scope of the marketing data they collect.
  • Opportunities and Threats: are factors that can influence your overall marketing strategy. This may involve looking more closely at market research and determining whether the channels you are currently using have a downward trend in traffic.

Additional factors to consider are what your competition is committed to and, if you can overcome them or find space in that area, it must be vital in your plan. When performing a SWOT analysis, always consider the scope you set out in the previous step.

All these terms are relative assessments and are based on the capacity of your company (both internal and external). use marketing strategies to achieve business goals.

Once a SWOT analysis for the marketing strategy as a whole has been completed, the next step is to perform a more detailed analysis of the various components of your marketing actions Digital.

3.- SEO Audit

 Analyzing SEO

The Search Engines are central to any digital marketing strategy. The reason is that this is one of the main ways in which audiences discover products and services online.

Optimizing a website for search is a complex, lengthy and complex process. This makes current efforts particularly difficult to control. However, there are some important steps in evaluating where your SEO strategy is and how you can improve certain factors that affect search results.

SEO Audit Steps: Aspects to Analyze [19659015] Competition Analysis: The first step in determining the effectiveness of your SEO is determining where your strengths lie. Take stock of the content, keywords and links currently on your site. You will see which of them work best in your search engine ranking. Prioritize those who work and continue to pay in these areas.

  • Technical Problems: The next step in the digital marketing audit process is to determine if there are weaknesses due to programming or design errors in your place. Are there too many non-tracking links? Badly written or outdated content? Identify and fix any problem you encounter
  • Optimizing your page: Once you have identified strategies that work and fix any obvious errors on your website, now is the time to optimize this content. This is where examining best practices will be crucial. Prepare your site for a good ranking using title tags, metadata and keywords .
  • Link Building: After fully optimizing your site and understanding the content that works, use a Link Building Strategy that helps seize every opportunity. Search for reports on other relevant, high-traffic pages, or produce content that you know your audience will share.

4.- Digital Marketing Audit in Social Networks

 Digital Marketing Audit [19659003] Searching the best search engines can be the native way people search for specific product information. But social media is the main way the audience is influenced about a brand or organization.

An audit of digital social media marketing should resolve questions about how social media target audiences communicate or will communicate with your brand within digital social environments.

How to Apply a Digital Marketing Audit to Social Networks

  • Participation Assessment: Do One First Balance your current social media efforts in each of the channels you live on to determine which of your messages report the highest levels of involvement and involvement. This data shows what types of messages are attractive to your target audience. Likewise, they will indicate your strengths in social networks.
  • Profile Standardization: The next step is to identify the cracks or gaps where your brand is not present or where your message may be perceived as inconsistent. This includes making an inventory of your current resources and skills. You can determine how many channels your team can use optimally.
  • Assessing Trends: Once you’ve seen your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to review the trends. That way you can see which motivate the conversation within your target group.
  • Layout of the schedule: After performing an extensive analysis, you identify the most important channels and determine best practices. To do this, work with your social media team to include the audit findings in a complete and detailed editorial calendar.

5.- Content Marketing Audit

 Digital Marketing Audit in RRSS

The content of is the basis on which to build a digital strategy. It is precisely this that adds value to marketing campaigns.

If a content is of quality, it is much easier to position the brand. This way you can improve their visibility, attract customers and build a good online reputation. Therefore, checking your content and its results is important and should be done by paying attention to:

  • Content Consolidation: Many brands may produce content, but these efforts are often spread. Locate all the content your brand has produced across all channels and decide where it can best be consolidated.
  • Audience Assessment: performs a target audience analysis that can really relate to that content. [19659016] Content Strategy: Once you have decided which audience you are going to target and the channels you will be interacting with, you determine not only where your content will live, but also what types of content and How often would they be more suitable for this channel.


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