iPhone 12: Apple plans to postpone the launch of the first iPhone 5G

iPhone 12: Apple plans to postpone the launch of the first iPhone 5G

In a context of crisis linked to the coronavirus, Apple should delay the launch of the next iPhone model, initially planned for September.

The launch of the iPhone 5G should be postponed for several months. Photo credits: Andy Xu / Unsplash

The release of the iPhone 12 postponed by several months?

Apple was due to release in September 2020 its iPhone 12, the first iPhone model compatible with 5G. But the giant of Silicon Valley would now consider postponing the launch for several months, or even wait until 2021, depending on the evolution of the Covid-19.

Since 2011, each year, Apple unveils in September or October its latest model, an event usually highly anticipated by the tech world.

If the launch delay were to be officially confirmed by Apple, it would therefore be the first year in 9 years that no new product has been presented by the marks at the start of the new school year.

The first iPhone 5G, a particularly awaited launch

Apple is aware that the coronavirus pandemic inevitably impacts consumer demand and the supply chain . A major product launch could be risky for Apple in the context of a global health crisis. This iPhone is particularly eagerly awaited, since it should be the brand's first 5G model. Apple therefore needs this launch to be a success.

A source in the Japanese daily Nikkei Asian Review reportedly declared that the American giant would make a final decision concerning the date of the launch of the product next May.

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