I still have work, it never ends!  How to allow yourself to send everything for a walk?

I still have work, it never ends! How to allow yourself to send everything for a walk?

Today in this context, there are days when the complication due to the pandemic makes us want to stop everything. If entrepreneurship is not easy, nothing justifies that it is akin to the torture of Sisyphus! Besides, if you want to take it all for a walk, it’s because you’re probably close to breaking point. You need to rest, to get away from the office a bit and to take a step back from the thousand and one problems that monopolize you. Here are three solutions to allow you to allow yourself a real break that is beneficial for you as well as for your entrepreneurial adventure.

What if you close for a few days?

It’s very simple and ultimately not that stupid! Your small business will not be affected by a closure of a few days that has been duly prepared and anticipated with your partners and customers alike. There is nothing abnormal or dramatic about allowing yourself a closure. If you think these days off will be lost for good, you are wrong! In fact, your productivity and the quality of your work will be much better when you return. Close without a bad conscience, it may be for the survival of your motivation and therefore that of your business.

If you delegate?

You are the boss and you are indispensable! Are you so sure? Is it wise and rational that no one within the company is able to replace you? Knowing how to delegate is an important quality of a good manager. By delegating, you empower your employees and motivate them! You have everything to gain. Delegation allows you to focus on the essentials on a daily basis and avoid wasting energy and time on issues that are not your level. As soon as your team is set up, you must therefore plan to replace you in the event of illness or leave. Cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people, think about it!

If you organized yourself a bit?

We often hear entrepreneurs talk about a professional agenda. The adjective here is heresy! There can be no professional diary and no private diary. There is a personal agenda made up of professional moments and private moments. You must learn to balance your personal schedule by allowing moments of total break with the office. Again, nothing dramatic if the boss takes one or two hours, laptop cut off to do a squash, a jog or to have dinner with the lady! The cut must be sanctuary, of quality and total. Beware of the omni-connection trap! Learn how to turn off your damn smartphone to fully enjoy these moments with family or friends. To do this, you must organize your diary with a color reserved for these times of ventilation and not use it as an adjustment variable.

Close, delegate or organize! Three verbs that must also be part of the language of the entrepreneur. Failure to balance your life, you risk quickly reaching your psychic and physical limits. Most of the time, crossing them signifies abandoning the adventure. Too bad to get there, especially since the wisdom of the proverb “Who wants to travel far takes care of his mount” is known to all and applies to entrepreneurship as in everything!

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