HTML factors to optimize the #SEO of your website

HTML factors to optimize the #SEO of your website

Have you already thought about how to work with HTML for SEO? The SEO strategies extend to all parts of your web page. It’s not just keywords that will help you rank in the top positions, there are many other factors that will influence too.


In other posts we have already talked about all kinds of aspects related to the SEO of your website and how to improve it. Today we will see how you can improve HTML for SEO and what factors will help you climb the top.


SEO in HTML: factors to consider

So how can you work on SEO in HTML? We know that the world of HTML can be complicated and complex enough to understand. Therefore, we bring you some of the tricks that have helped us when working with HTML for SEO.

Take note and don’t miss any of them. These could determine the success of your web page.

🔶 Optimize HTML code based on a keyword

Keywords are great friends of SEO and are always one of the essential tools for SEO positioning on the web . We will normally associate them with blog content, however, these can also help you improve HTML for SEO.

  • Use it in the web page metadata (metadescription and metakeywords) as well as in the page title. For this purpose, the HTML tag to use is . To manage metadata as well, in WordPress you have several SEO plugins where you can edit them without worrying about the HTML code.
  • Include keywords and longtails in the headings of the articles you publish ie in H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Title images you incorporate with keywords and don’t forget to include them in the alt text!
  • Don’t forget to use the links and include them in the titles of these .

Emoticons to improve SEO and CTR

🔶 SEO HTML tags: which ones should you use? 

Although we have already given you a little preview on which HTML tags for SEO you can use, here you will have a small summary of the most important and the ones you shouldn’t forget when working with HTML . your web page.


HTML Keyword Tag

The ta tag is also related to the keywords of the post or page you are about to publish. In it you have to include the keywords you intend to use. As we said before, you can save time with an SEO plugin where you can include it directly.

🔹 HTML for splitting titles

Another of the most relevant HTML tags for SEO is


and so on. These will allow you to create headings in the texts and to include various keywords or longtails in them and favor the positioning of your web page.


🔹 Don’t forget the links with this HTML tag!

Links are important, how can you work your HTML for SEO through them? With the tag which is responsible for inserting the links. If you have written good anchor text, you will greatly improve your ranking. Use one more keyword to make the most of it.

Within the tag you will also need to choose the title of the link with title if it will be a link nofollow or follow or if the link will open in a tab different (_blank) or on the same page with target.

🔹 HTML SEO strong tag

The tag is what will allow us to highlight in bold those aspects that we consider most important within the content. In them, we also need to make sure that some keywords are included to optimize SEO as much as possible.


🔶 Tips to know how to use HTML for maximum SEO

Although you already have some tricks to improve your SEO your webpage via HTML, we also want to give you some general advice so that you can end this post with a good taste in your mouth.

Don’t stop reading yet! Keep scrolling …

🔹 What is metadata?

The metadata that should interest you the most are the meta title meta description and the meta keywords.

The meta title and meta description are what will appear when your web page is in the search engine results of your choice. Here is an example:

Of course, it seems that lately they are not as relevant as they were in the past. However, if you create a good presentation of your website in front of your audience, you will have a better chance of them accessing it before others.

🔹 Create interesting headlines that grab attention

Today nobody has the time and wants quick answers. The titles of the web pages will be the first thing they will look at and this will increase the clicks and therefore, Google will also rank you in higher positions as it will consider that you are providing valuable information.

While this doesn’t have much to do with HTML for SEO, we recommend that the titles chosen provide concise and interesting information for people looking for you .


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⭐ HTML factors to optimize the SEO of your website

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