How to upload #videos to #YouTube in 5 #minutes

How to upload #videos to #YouTube in 5 #minutes

You already have your YouTube channel created, right? Well, if you have not already done so, here you can learn very simply how to create a YouTube channel step by step .

Once you have your channel, uploading videos to YouTube is sewing and singing. You enter your account, click the upload button, choose who can see it, enter the title, the description and the labels and et voila, you already have your video uploaded to YouTube.

Rest assured that you will understand how it is done step by step, but you will see how the process does not take more than 5 minutes.

Learn to upload a video to YouTube thanks to this magnificent Google platform right now .

The first thing, before uploading the video to YouTube, you have to make sure that it has image quality and sound quality and also that it is compatible with the formats accepted by YouTube.

The video files you have intended to upload to YouTube, they must be less than 128 GB and have a maximum duration of 11 hours .

There are many supported video formats among them the most important are: MOV, MPEG, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, MP4 and M4V

for create and edit your videos here is a list of the best free and paid video editors .

You have no excuse to upload quality videos to your YouTube channel. Also today, you can upload YouTube videos from your mobile as any mobile device helps you to have more than decent multimedia files created.

Now that you have your video already created, perfect, you are going to see how you have to upload it to your YouTube channel.


How to upload a video to aYoutube step by step

In this video you will see the whole process from scratch. You can also follow it in text if you prefer to read.

The Youtube interface has changed a bit but the functionalities and process are almost the same as before.

When you access your Youtube account click on the button at the top (up arrow).

Once inside select if the video is public, hidden, private or if you prefer, schedule it to be published at a specific date and time.

The difference between public, hidden and private video is:

  • Public: is seen by everyone as the video it has no viewing restrictions.
  • Hidden: the uploaded video can only be seen by those users who have the video link regardless of whether or not they have a YouTube account
  • Private: the url can be shared by anyone and it is not necessary to have a Google account to be able to see it

If you upload it for example in private, you will be able to edit it easily and once the editing is finished, make it public.

Select the image and it will begin the video to upload. Depending on the size it will take more or less.

The name you give to the video file is important that it has a text related to the topic to give more clues to google, avoid a numbering for example

As you can see in the image you have fields to fill in:

  • Insert a title: by default the name that you have given to the file will appear, use a name where the keyword appears and attracts attention to increase the CTR
  • Write down a description: write what the video is about and take the opportunity to insert links to the article where the video is included and / or a link to your website [19659031] Choose some tags : insert as many tags as you want, these names that you have to host in this field have to be related to the theme of the video, take the opportunity to include keywords in it to help positioning.

You can do a YouTube keyword study with various keyword researh tools that include the Youtube option such as Ahrefs, or the Vidiq chrome extension.

  • Select a thumbnail: at the bottom you can choose between three thumbnail images to be the presentation photo of the video.

You can create a custom image with any program and upload it as a thumbnail by clicking thumbnail customize, it is important to optimize the image and choose the size of the thumbnail you upload so that they weigh as little as possible and in 1280 × 720 format

The creation or editing of images can be done for free through some of these tools of free graphic design .

Once you have finished filling in all the fields, click on publish or ready (depending on whether you have selected the publication to be public or private)

By doing this step, it indicates that your video is already available [19659002]

Access the «my channel» section again (upper left corner) to see how you have to edit a video.

Editing videos will allow you to retain the user in your channel for longer and invite actions such as the one to subscribe.

In addition, once each video meets the YouTube requirements, you can edit it individually to include advertising in the parts you choose.

How to edit a YouTube video

Editing a video is very simple, inserting a related video, a subscription link to the channel, you can give a certain tone to the video or background audio is possible with these simple options editing offered by Youtube.

Select a video and edit it, it will indicate at the bottom if it is public and in this way it will be indexing in google or private if you uploaded it to edit it and published later.

Click click on Edit video

Within it you have several very easy to use menu options:

  • Information and configuration: shows a window with three tabs where you can again modify the title and description or delete or add new tags, you also have translation options for languages and advanced settings for that specific video.
  • Improvements: with this design option, it gives another aspect to the video using the options of darkness, speed, slow motion, crop etc …
  • Audio : create a background audio so that only music is heard (choose the type you like among its wide variety) or raise and lower the volume to show more or less intensity allowing the recording audio to be heard.
  • Final screen and annotations: Important option intended for the user to perform a beneficial action for us.

Insert saw Related deos and subscription links to the channel is achieved through this final screen and annotations.

If you click on “add item”, you can insert related videos or playlists, place the icon with your photo so that the user clicks on it, subscribes.

It also allows you to promote another channel.

Insert a link to your Website (as I said above, when linking YouTube account with the web, now you need a number of views, for this you have to register with Youtube partners.

If you want you can also use a template and import a video to speed up the process. Cards: function that allows creating a card where at all times there will be a drop-down so that the user has access to a video or playlist that you decide to place, for example.

  • Subtitles: uses the subtitles so that the v Ideo have more information, if you have time it is highly recommended to do translations in several languages.

Tips for uploading videos to YouTube and making money

I’m going to be honest with you, living on YouTube is very difficult. First you need a significant number of views and subscribers for YouTube to allow you to include advertising in your videos.

From here you have to take care of getting a lot of dissemination and do SEO on Youtube so that those videos that you’ve created reach the top positions and have those ads have lots of views.

If the theme of the video is hardly searched on the internet and does not reach the top positions, do not try to earn more than 50 0 60 euros per month. it is achieved without work and effort and using influencer marketing that they do not sell you anything else.


Uploading videos to YouTube is essential today in 2020, if you want your project to grow faster, you need to adapt to the times and see what the user wants and this needs the visual format more and more, not everyone has the time to read but to watch a video where the information is served faster.

Now you know that if you try hard you can have many benefits thanks to a Yoyube channel.

Start getting great results, more visits, improvement of your personal brand and if you work on recurring monthly income thanks to YouTube.

Tell me and leave me a comment Do you think YouTube is necessary or is it a fad that will pass?

Share it and leave me a comment!

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