How to perform #digital events #remotely? #Alternatives for industry

How to perform #digital events #remotely? #Alternatives for industry

Webinar? Digital conferences? Streaming? By now he has not heard of these words.


Welcome to the express digitization of most companies in the industrial sector.

Today, surely you have the e-mail full of invitations to webinars, digital or virtual fair events to attend.

What is going on? Where does your interest in digital events come from?

Very simple. What was once an alternative has become a necessity and many companies in the industrial sector have been forced to switch to high speed digital to continue maintaining these regular contacts with customers and partners. Remote events have become a fundamental part of any industrial company. The alternative was to stop the cars, disappear from the radar and face a situation that, had it not been for digital events, would have caused an even greater gap in the income statement.

This new economic-commercial environment has come to stay. Hence, the people in charge of business, begin to question traditional formats, seeing great potential in the digitization of events and customer communications in industrial contexts. Especially in B2B companies where the costs of attending or exhibiting at a fair have nothing to do with the costs of carrying out this type of action in an online format.

And you? Have you recently attended a digital event?

Surely you have in mind the special webinar that you attended and that marked you . In a few minutes a very professional and expert person in a specific subject explained to you closely and through a screen what you wanted to know.

It is at this point, where our minds snap, the neuroconnectors are activated and our vocation towards business thinks of all that these actions could do for our company .

You certainly continue to receive emails from that webinar that are no longer grateful, but produced or pushed towards commercial contact.

But … what makes a digital industrial event a successful action for commercial relations?

Unlike physical events, in the digital channel we can have a very small investment compared to a fair or face-to-face event and also, we have the great advantage that everything is measurable, predictable and scalable, knowing exactly what is happening at any time and what levers to activate.

If you add to this a previous strategy of automated actions a process of diffusion and nourishment during the event and a continuity of post-event actions, it is much simpler expand the 39; effectiveness of actions . The powerful thing about digital events is the continuity of the action, which many times, in the physical field, has no continuity beyond the thank you email or a personal call.

Can you imagine being able to use actions, demonstrations or conversations that your sales team held at a physical trade show on autopilot?

According to Johny Boufarhat, CEO of Hopin (platform specialized in the digitization of events) almost 90% of what we currently do in an industrial physical event It can be reproduced using digital techniques .

In addition, this digitized content can be used more than once, giving it continuity, making it accessible on our website and supported by seo, so that it continues to create business opportunities.

This brings us to the following question:

How could I successfully implement remote events in my business?

To achieve this goal, several variables come into play : objective vo, format, support, technology used … but everything has a common denominator, strategy.

What we need to be clear about is that the face-to-face format changes and changes to a digital format, where interactions become via audio-visual inputs on a screen.

The capacity of a room ceases to be a problem and our dissemination can be done from a corporate boardroom, a production line or the living room and be broadcasts worldwide with thousands of participants.

Traditionally the following types of events have been generated in the industrial sector and all of them can be replicated in digital format:

  • Fairs
  • New product launches
  • Product features presentations [19659025] Workshop to learn how to use our product
  • Events focused on attracting new customers
  • Loyalty events On of Clients
  • Push events on sale
  • One-to-one meetings

From Increnta we developed all these actions digitally, to avoid total blackout. In addition, we will show you the conflicting strategies of that every CEO sales manager or marketing manager would like to be able to implement in their industrial company to improve and maximize ROI, so that you can adapt to the resources and needs you currently have.

Do you have your document ready to be copied and pasted? Perfect! Let’s see it:

Quality or quantity? The two sides of the coin in industrial digital events.

If we want to promote interaction between the participants the best are reduced online events with few people and very selected. This is what we call quality-focused online events.

If our intention is to create a remote industrial event that brings together many people we are talking about digital events focused on quantity. In this case, audience interaction is very low, but there are some tricks like redirect traffic to Twitter or enable a chat of questions (to which we will answer as a result) we will send by e-mail), which will help us to give continuity to our event, providing extra value to the participants.

This will be the key to define the technology with which we will carry out the digital event, the duration and strategy pre, during and post that guarantee the continuity of the action and maximize the return on the # 39; investment.

5 key points to design a successful industrial digital event

We will always start from the buyer aim towards that we want to direct the digital event . This buyer person can be CEO, industrial technicians, logistics and supply specialists, purchasing managers of your market segment …

To attract their attention and be considered a powerful and interesting option among others digital events, we will think what we can do and how we will communicate . These will be the 5 key points to plan your event:

1. Define your promise

How can your company solve the problem of your Key Decissor? Your online event should explain step by step the benefits of your brand and how it will cover its most immediate needs and, more importantly, you must always keep your promise.

2. Offer valuable content

Give access to this content and many other materials for free for your users, you will demonstrate your commitment to their cause.

3. Show your authority

We must present you as a leader in the matter humanize you and show you as someone close, but with sufficient authority to give the agenda. With a tight tone and a professional message we will build a solid relationship.

4. From teacher to seller

You have kept your promise, you have offered valuable content to your users and you have created a relationship of trust with them, it is time to turn them into a customer .

“Do you want to do that we will help you?”, Underlines the economic, commercial or social advantages of your service you can show examples, results or testimonials.

Close the digital event with a CTA to conversion .

5. Create a title with packaging

Now that you have defined and you know what you will do, it is easier to create an appropriate title for which we must be clear about your Key Decissor’s concerns or pain points and how they seek solutions on the Internet. This will be the key when defining the title.

Now that you have the structure and format of your digital event, it is time to attract the attention of your target Accounts and become part of the main keys to them in your industrial digital event.

How to remotely fill an event and give continuity to actions

The most important thing is to clarify that an industrial digital event is not magically filled. As in the offline part, requires some promotion, organizes a good event and creates follow-up actions for the participants.

In the case of digital industrial events, these phases are classified into 3 phases that will help us structure the efforts and separate the actions to be carried out in order to create a remote event that will help us meet expectations :

1. The phase preceding the digital event

During the previous days it is important to generate traffic around the event with its online promotion. How can we do it? Some of the strategies to increase participation are:

  • Create specific contents for RRSS that we have spread in the previous weeks
  • Launch a Email with the most powerful information on the online event
  • Generate small email automation that allows you to pass on the users that interest you most
  • Activate Pop up on the Web enabling a specific page in which parts interested parties can register
  • Use the email signatures of the department that is most often in contact with the buyer you are contacting
  • Support your event with a partner invited to spread your event to your audience, to stimulate action among people who don’t know you.
  • Enable automation of e-mail and SMS as a reminder in which the content that spreads is informative. It is interesting to support it with a teaser of “something exclusive that only participants will see”, to generate expectations.
  • Use Ads to maximize reach

It is important to have a classified DB . For this, the automation strategies and the digital acquisition that the digital marketing department is carrying out, will be fundamental in deciding which goal we want to invite to our event. Furthermore, it is important to reserve a small part of the budget to “vitaminize” the acquisition through Ads. That come from Social Ads or Google Ads, which will help us to advertise the event and have an impact on our target, even if we don’t have it, is our database.

Use email marketing tools combined with event-specific landings to which ad traffic is targeted will help attract new event subscribers. Communications to users not registered during the previous weeks should revolve around:

  • Book your place
  • The type of event and how it will resolve the pains of our Key Decissor.
  • Use “Places” strategies to help us achieve some degree of exclusivity.
  • Discount or special offer such as subsequent talks or other incentives for a limited period.
  • Call for registration

Once registered, it is very important for keeping subscribers “registered” . For this, we will use automated strategies, whether it be email marketing, SMS or even WhatsApp . Communications to registered users should revolve around:

  • Generating expectations with related news
  • “reminder” communication
  • Pre welcome, includes agenda and tips for enjoying the experience

2 . During the event

During the online event, we will collect information relating to the attendance and monitor the activity in RRSS relating to the hashtags and citations of speakers and participants.

Even during the event, we can launch questions, surveys, associated documents so that attendees can access additional information and even create exclusive offers and promotions for attendees.

Many times we receive large numbers of people to attend a digital event. Typically, they leave the session over time. For this, it is important to take into account the duration of the industrial digital event.


Furthermore, duration and type of information to be consumed is very important. For this we can use combined strategies of live video and pre-recorded and modified parts of the event. This is important if what you want to teach is a complex product or the characteristics need to be taught in a specific way. Being able to pre-record parts of the digital event to be shown guarantees high quality and that we can adapt the video in post-production, so that we are shown what interests us. This, in industrial contexts, is vital. Many times the live can play bad jokes and more if you don’t have much experience.

The following digital event format works very well for product presentations :


This format can be extrapolated to larger events, even with pre-recorded parts, with more guests, etc.

During the broadcast we must also encourage the conversation on the topic by monitoring the conversation in the RSSR and opening the lines of debate that we can conduct. To do this, we can use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook Live or conversation groups on Linkedin.

3. Post event

Once our online industrial event has ended, will have to implement the post-event strategy which will allow us to continue communicating with our databases, with the aim of guiding them through our channeling progressively. [19659006] For this, we will use the micro-segmentation of the DB, which we will introduce in different workflows based on the main score.

Some resources that we can generate around the event are the following:

] types-of-digital-event-actions

How can we know if we are doing it right?

If it is the first time that you are going to realize a remote industrial event we advise you to contact a specialized company who can help you. 

In industrial companies and B2B companies, there is no opportunity for error . If you still want to venture with all the information we have provided, we also provide you with an approximate conversion funnel, which will serve as a guide to know if you are activating your actions well for the event or not:

Keep in mind that this funnel is a rough example and it will depend on whether you have opted for quality or quantity, the conversion ratios will be very different.

Furthermore, as you know, there are innumerable subsectors in the industrial sector and each has conversion rates. If you are interested in learning more about how yours works on the digital channel, we are at your disposal.

As we spoke at the beginning … we are experimenting with the expressed digitalization of the industrial sector.

For the costs and return on investment, the digitization of industrial events, is here to stay . We are sure that they will not replace the big face-to-face events, but the medium and small ones, obviously … have gone into the background, being those who will be able to use digital channels more to reach people from all over the world, to a ridiculous cost.

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