How to monetize videos on YouTube?

How to monetize videos on YouTube?

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During the beginnings of YouTube as a social platform, the terms “influencers”, “youtubers” or “content creators” were still not heard. However, little by little, some users began to create and upload their own videos so that the rest of thousands of users could see them.

In principle, these content creators were only looking to entertain and connect with people who had similar tastes to them. Today, all this dynamics has become a powerful industry. An ecosystem led by content creators who now pursue a clear objective: to monetize their videos on YouTube and earn money through their channels.

Have you ever thought about doing it? If so, this post interests you!

To satisfy all interested parties (brands, content creators and audiences), YouTube has been improving, over the years, the different monetization options it offers, keeping its platform updated according to the needs of its users and current trends.

For example, due to the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, on March 11, 2020 YouTube updated its monetization criteria and began enabling ad placement on coronavirus-related content, but only for certain channels.

On March 16, the update expanded to more creators (not all) whose content mentioned or include the term Covid-19. On April 2, monetization was enabled for all creators with content related to Covid-19 except for certain specific content .

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What videos can be monetized on YouTube?

You can monetize all the videos on YouTube as long as you have the commercial use rights of each of the audiovisual elements that make up the content. These elements refer to music, songs, dialogues, appearance of actors, recorded scenes, etc.

In this sense, if you are the creator of 100% of all these elements, you have the commercial rights in order. On the other hand, if you are using any element that is owned by third parties in your content, then you must manage with them the acquisition or transfer of commercial rights.

This applies to monetize any content on YouTube: home videos, video tutorials, music videos, short films, interviews, documentaries, etc.

Please note that YouTube takes both copyrights and ownership of content very seriously. If you are the author of a video but you created it for a company or person with a contract in between, surely the content is property of that company or person, not yours.

Additionally, the videos you want to monetize in YouTube must meet certain special requirements. I'll tell you next!

Requirements to monetize on YouTube

The most important thing to access the monetization options on YouTube is to adhere to the YouTube Channel Monetization Policies, which are made up of:

  • Community guidelines
  • Copyright rules
  • AdSense program policies
  • The terms and conditions of both the YouTube and AdSense services .

In general, all these policies seek to determine which content is created under a series of best practices and which are not. Obviously, those with bad practices cannot be monetized.

For example, according to the guidelines of the YouTube community, some requirements that videos must meet to be monetized are the following:

  • No contain nude images or sexual content.
  • Do not incite hatred.
  • Do not promote virtual harassment or bullying.
  • Do not spread threats.
  • Do not violate the privacy of people. [19659024] Do not lend yourself to identity theft.
  • Do not infringe copyright.
  • Do not have harmful or dangerous, violent or explicit content.

An exemplary case of bad practices when creating content we see in the famous controversy of youtuber Logan Paul who recorded a video in the Aokigahara forest (Japan), known as “the forest of suicides”. In this video, you can explicitly see the corpse of a person.

Please, don't do that kind of thing! Not only will you not be able to monetize, but you are also not contributing anything positive or your audience or the world.

You should also avoid all those practices related to spam or the inclusion of misleading metadata to try to achieve greater reach, among other additional policies.

On the other hand, if you belong to YouTube Partner Program and want to monetize your videos with ads you must comply with Guidelines for content suitable for advertisers .

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How to activate monetization on YouTube?

Follow the following steps to activate monetization on YouTube:

  • Enter your YouTube channel.
  • Go to the icon in the upper right corner and access YouTube Studio.

 monetize on youtube

  • Go to the left panel and look for the Monetization option. [19659021]  monetize videos on youtube

    • Check if your channel is eligible to enter the YouTube Partner Program. If it is, send the entry request. If it is not, send the notification request that is seen in the image.

     make money on youtube

    7 ways to make money on YouTube by monetizing videos (2020)

    Before entering In detail about the different ways to earn money on YouTube, keep in mind that each modality has its own criteria when evaluating whether or not a channel is suitable for monetization.

    For example, criteria in terms of number of subscribers, counts visits, your country of residence, availability of services in your region, among others.

    Now yes, here I explain the 7 ways to earn money with the YouTube Partner Program :

    Applause for monetizing videos on YouTube (novelty 2020) [19659053] In early 2020, YouTube began partially releasing the Applause functionality for video monetization known in Spanish as “Ovación” or “Aplauso”. I explain how it works …

    Under each video, just to the right of the “I like” and “I don't like” buttons, there is another button called “Applaud”. By clicking on it, you can buy “applause” to send it to the creator of that video that you liked. In a sense, it's like a tip or donation, but with a “more chic” name.

     applause function youtube Credits: SocialMediaToday .

    Each applause has a cost approximately 1.85 euros. Of these, 70% will go to the creator of the video and 30% to YouTube.

    For now, the Applause function only works in certain countries, in a certain number of channels and only for YouTube in the desktop version. [19659061] Super chat and Super stickers to monetize YouTube streams

    During streaming (live broadcasts), user comments are often lost amidst a sea of ​​other comments. For those viewers who want to avoid this and make their posts stand out above the rest, they can buy a super chat or a super sticker part of the purchase money goes to the creator and another part goes to YouTube. [19659003] On the one hand, super chat makes a message shine prominently in the broadcast's comment box. On the other, the super sticker gives the option to send special and eye-catching stickers. In both ways, the user manages to capture the attention of both the youtuber and the audience (in theory …).

     super chat youtube Credits: YouTube . [19659003] To activate the super chat and super stickers option on your channel, follow these steps:

    • Enter your YouTube channel.
    • Go to YouTube Studio.
    • Then, to Monetization .
    • Then, to Supers, and follow the indications of the platform.

    YouTube Premium Program

    YouTube Premium is a paid program to which users who want to see any type of content on YouTube without ads appearing.

    Due to the lack of ads with this program, YouTube Premium shares with the content creators part of the money collected with the subscriptions, as long as the subscribed users see the videos of each creator in question.

    Memberships to monetize YouTube channels

    The Channel Members role for monetization on YouTube is to give channels a certain degree of exclusivity. In other words, if you are a content creator and activate this function, users who want to be part of the channel will have to pay a monthly fee, and this also allows them to have a series of special advantages.

    Next, You will see some requirements to monetize with the YouTube membership program:

    • The channel must have more than 30,000 followers.
    • You must be part of the YouTube Partner Program.
    • You must be of legal age ( +18).
    • Your channel should not be child-friendly.

    Merchandising showcase to earn money on YouTube

    Currently, almost all the world's largest social networks offer options for buying and selling products online, and YouTube could not stay out of this trend of social commerce (ecommerce in social networks).

    Therefore, this platform has the function merchandising showcase or product library, which allows authorized channels to show the goods of their brands. It is worth noting that the products cannot be purchased directly on YouTube, the storefront works only as a means of promotion .

    To activate this option, the channel must have more than 10,000 subscribers. [19659087] Business alliances to make money from YouTube videos

    One of the most popular methods youtubers use to make money from their videos is what YouTube calls “ product placements and recommendations “. In other words, it's about promotional content.

    By “promotional content” we understand that a creator shows, recommends or encourages ( promotes ) the purchase or use of any product of any kind, although it also applies to promotions of events, places, audiovisual content, software, etc.

    If you are a content creator with a good volume of subscribers and a well-segmented market niche, you can establish alliances with commercial brands that belong to a sector related to your channel, so that they are interested in reaching your audience.

    In general lines this practice is allowed by YouTube, as long as you notify the platform that a video of yours has promotional content. You do this by checking the “This video includes promotional content” box in the Video's Advanced Settings.

    Please note that promoting a product does not mean that you can place brand advertisements. This is forbidden.

    It is important that you be as transparent as possible with this type of practice. Take a look at the case of Warner Bros. and PewDiePie the world's most influential youtuber. The United States Federal Trade Commission fined Warner Bros. for paying several youtubers to promote a video game, without explicitly and clearly mentioning in the contents or descriptions that it was a paid promotion. On the contrary, the intention was to hide the promotion, posing it as a natural positive review of youtubers.

    PewDiePie video in question

    Advertising on YouTube Ads to make money

    Finally, another of The methods to monetize on YouTube is that of advertising revenue . This way of monetization is, perhaps, the best known by the vast majority of users, due to those ads (sometimes annoying) that we all usually see when we play the videos on the platform.

    This is the most automated way to make money of all, as content creators simply have to turn on monetization on YouTube and choose the type of ads they want to appear (on YouTube Studio); everything else is done by the platform.

    If you want to delve into this topic, visit our article Advertising on YouTube Ads: 8 successful ad keys [Casos reales] .

    Become a creator of content and monetizing videos on YouTube has become almost a life aspiration for many young people … and not so young. As well as in a business model for agencies, producers and companies around the world.

    It is not for less, considering that, for example, the young Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), of 30 years of age, has managed to knead a fortune of more than 18 million euros thanks to its videos.

    Without a doubt, it is a very profitable emerging industry, but to get the most out of it you must not only know in detail all the available monetization methods, but that you should focus 100% on generating valuable content for users. If you don't, your earnings will always be 0 euros.

    If you want to be up to date every time YouTube enables some new method of monetization, subscribe to our blog and we will keep you informed. And if you are already monetizing your channel, leave me a comment telling me your experience according to the method you use. It will be very interesting to read you!

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