How to make the right choices on Digital marketing?

How to make the right choices on Digital marketing?

Communicating on the Web … yes, but where?


Have you ever played Monopoly? Get to know this game where you save money to buy profitable land, build an empire to beat your competitors. It can literally last for hours!

As difficult as it may sound, playing Monopoly can teach you a lot about content marketing .

Why? Because the fields in which you invest are comparable to the communication platforms on which you build your marketing strategy.

Like the fields in Monopoli, you have to invest in a relevant media (or more) for your audience. Except that it is not the fake banknotes you are about to spend, but your time and energy …

Each support contributes to the development of your brand image and must give you a return on investment.  The small problem is that it is not easy to focus on this or that means of communication without having a global vision of your communication strategy. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages

And it is precisely these points that we will talk about today : how to stop rolling dice blindly and focus on what will be truly effective for YOU.

How to choose the right communication format?

Imagine an 18-year-old young man named Romain. He wants to go with his friends on a holiday by car to Spain (even if he has neither a driving license nor a car). What will you need to complete your vacation plan?

  1. Romain must start by saving enough money to get his driving license.
  2. So he has to collect enough money to buy a car. used car.
  3. And finally he will have to save to organize his trip to Spain with his childhood friends (gasoline, toll, accommodation, food, trips).

If Romain manages to complete his project, it is because has set himself goals. Until he has reached one, continue until he can move on to the next.

On your side, you too must agree to agree to go there in stages if you want to build an effective communication strategy.

Start with define a main goal. Here are some examples:

  • visibility : you want to make yourself known
  • competence : you want to show your skill level so that people identify you as the reference in your field [19659018] trust : you want to create a community to show your person that you understand it
  • conversion : you want to generate more leads on an existing offer

step you take, go to next one. Don’t go head over heels while doing everything at the same time. You would risk losing yourself;).

Remember: in order for Romain to reach Spain by car, he must first have his license, then a car and some savings.

If you want to convert your potential customers into customers, they must trust you, know your experience. But above all, they must see you, listen to you, know how to contact you …

As soon as your main objective is defined, adapt your strategy by communicating in the right places, with the right people.

How do you know which platform or format best fits what you want to implement? We see it immediately :).

Social Networks

Some questions often arise among entrepreneurs: “I don’t know what to publish. I’m out of ideas after 30 days of content. How to do it? “.

Social networks are perfect for developing your brand, showing behind the scenes, talking about your projects, talking to your potential customers, sharing your skills but also the successes of your customers …

You can (and you must) communicate differently according to each platform. Each media has its own codes. You can give yourself some “fantasies” on certain networks such as Instagram, but not on others (hello Linkedin). It is up to you to build a strategy in accordance with your values ​​and your brand, keeping in mind that behind an account there is a real human being.

Advantages of social networks

Social networks are perfect for making you known more quickly, for as many people as possible. In addition to developing your reputation and promoting your experience you are developing a committed community . Know your ideal customer. Form partnership.

Sc he with which social networks to communicate. And even if a social network attracts you more than anything else, don’t make the mistake of posting on Snapchat if your ideal customer is on Twitter!

Let’s summarize a little … The advantages of communication on social networks:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Exchange with your followers (future customers) and your current customers.
  • Suggest targeted content on every social network.
  • Demonstrate your experience .
  • Show your behind the scenes .
  • Press releases about your offers. branding .
  • Send targeted traffic to your website.
  • Measure your actions (with analysis).
  • Creates of viral content .

Let’s move on to the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of social media

The disadvantages of social media in a few sentences:

    • Social networks require .


      Your electronic reputation may be hit by a bad buzz or negative reviews (especially if your reaction is inappropriate).

  • You depend on the changes of the algorithm on platforms.
  • You are not not the owner of the content that you publish.
  • Your account can be deleted at any time if you do not respect the rules . Worse still … you may be penalized (old man, this is the kind of thing that hurts …).
  • You cannot retrieve the email addresses of your followers directly on the platform.
  • You need to choose the social network long before the launch, because v your goal is not inevitably there.

Social media are essential for gaining visibility on the net. They are effective (especially for beginners). However, they will not be enough on their own because you are not the owner of the walls. If the “landlord” decides to end your “lease”, you will only have to find another “accommodation”.

“What if I told you that you will lose all your contacts?

We are in June 2020, Mark Zukerberg, Kevin Systrom Mike Krieger, Microsoft and the company have decided to end all social networks. Nothing more, nothing more, nothing, nada …

You can no longer publish, retrieve your content ( that aren’t yours), contact your subscribers (whose contact details you don’t have.) Your community was still super involved. You managed to get your first customers, with whom you only traded on Messenger.

Okay, what are you doing there, now, now? At first you cry, then curse yourself, then curse all the earth, they all pass. Yet, what do you look like now? Well, you look someone who has not been biased and who is not aware that your content on social networks is not n belong to you! ”

pass comments I think …

Social networks are essential. But putting all the eggs in the same basket is risky.

The Blog

Here, I voluntarily use the term blog and not a website. Why ? Because a website that is not regularly fed will not help you achieve any of the goals we have seen previously.

A website without a “living” part is just a visit map. This is very useful, but not enough to help you make yourself known faster or convert more (unless your name is Kylian M & # 39; Bappé).

Here we are talking about sites that have a blog that is fed recurring content.

Advantages of a blog

Do you use Trello? If you don’t know the productivity tool their sales promise is “ to collaborate more and do more and more things “.

Where Trello’s marketing teams have played with precision is in their communication. Logically, if you use the tool, you are trying to be more efficient and / or more productive on a daily basis.

And it is for this reason that Trello does not offer you “only” an instrument. They also provide you with the best organizational methods .

Here are some articles they have published, for example:

Trello promotes their tool in certain contents, but which represents only a small part. If Trello had settled for his tool, they might not be as popular with businesses.

They communicate intelligently, giving advice and methods to their customers and potential customers.

Why do I tell you about Trello? To show you that a blog is the perfect tool for communicating as you see fit … Because you are at home. And when you are at home, you are free to do what you want.

If you offer content that is relevant to your audience, all you have to do is reap the rewards you have sown. As did Trello;).


Disadvantages of the blog

We won’t lie: blog, it takes time . You need to set up a communication strategy with a well-made editorial program.

You will need to create content based on the level of knowledge of your perspectives.

Are they ready for purchase right away? Do they need to know more about what you offer? Do they need social proof before calling you?

Anyway. The blog requires excellent organization to maintain an effective publication rate to remain visible on the net.

And there is another disadvantage of all this …

When you are on social networks, you know your followers because they are part of your audience. But on your site … If you don’t have their email address, how do you want them to remember you? Unless you are extraordinarily well-known, if a reader visits your site and then leaves, you run the risk of losing it permanently.

Aaaaah, the famous email list … Money is on the list as they say. Only it takes time to build. Why ? Because an e-mail address is a precious asset. And like all precious goods … we do not communicate it to the first arrival!

You must give your reader a reason to trust you and make him want to leave his address. You can offer a course by email, a promotional code, a video tutorial … Everything is possible from the moment it faces the problem of your readers. In summary, you have to create something “attractive” so that your audience gives you the opportunity to enter their inbox. And all this without spamming.


The Videos

We agree on the whole sequel: posting videos does not require you to show yourself, swimming pool swimsuits to show how big you and your company are.

I’m not talking about becoming an influencer, but about communicating about your business.

You can also publish videos only on your website and social networks. You don’t necessarily need a YouTube channel.

What interests people with this type of format is learning, ease of consumption and the human side compared to the written format. It is less impersonal, more intimate. In short, the format not to turn your back.

Advantages of the video format

Obviously, Youtube has a monopoly on the video strategy . If you already have some SEO knowledge, you shouldn’t miss out too much, because keywords / tags play an important part in your SEO.

The advantages are many because you reach a different audience who wants to consume information differently. You can absolutely listen to a video without watching it, or listen to it in time lapse.

For those in a hurry, it is very practical .

The other positive point is that that a video is simpler “ easier ” to refer to on Google (if the request is suitable). You can therefore appear in the first search results if you have worked with the right keywords, without having an ultra well-known Youtube channel.

Last advantage: by embedding your videos on your website, v or increase the time the user spends on your site. And what Google loves! The latest update of Google’s algorithm will certainly confirm in the coming months if it will be a profitable long-term strategy.

To summarize, the advantages are numerous:

  • This format is perfect for creativity : you can film your screen and talk at the same time, film yourself in front of the camera, create a vlog , show your backstage … Everything is possible.
  • You can integrate video content on all your social networks (also Pinterest), make lives or create ephemeral videos with stories.
  • You make yourself more accessible more human in the eyes of your audience.
  • With Youtube, you can position yourself more easily on the first page on Google than on a website (depending on the theme). content easy to consume for Internet users (especially for those who don’t like reading).

Disadvantages of the video

The video is quick and easy to consume content … a little less to create it.

If you want to deepen it in a professional way, you will have to write scripts, create montages, look for reliable sources, invest in screenshot and modification software.

Obviously, you can start completely with your smartphone. Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle. But after a while, the problem will still arise because you will want to have a more “professional” material.

Last point : the video format converts less well than other formats, such as sending e-mails. If you’re starting with a video, consider creating links to your website or email capture page so you don’t “lose” your future customers.

But aside from these points, if you are creative and comfortable in front of the camera, video is a popular and effective format for standing out.


If you don’t know the podcast yet, know that it is THE means of communication of the moment . Since the Covid 19 crisis, the number of new podcasts has grown at great speed.

Easy to create and consume the podcast allows & # 39; to create trust in the public because having you “in your ears” regularly establishes a more intimate exchange than any other means of communication. More personal than the video ! In other words …

Advantages of a podcast

Perfect for promoting your experience podcasting allows you to show yourself as a person in his own right (or an entity / company). [Theobjectiveofthepodcastcanbemultiple: competence, trust, visibility and conversion (if you have a solid strategy behind you).

I will however put a small space on visibility because podcast n is not yet widespread. However, your audience will be more loyal and engaged than any other medium.

And all thanks to this very personal side that develops with the audio format. [19659002] Last advantage that initially is not necessarily thought about: some people are more sensitive to audio formats and will not necessarily appreciate everything related to the visual aspect.

The vast majority of the population is rather visual or kinesthetic (everything related to emotions, feelings, touch …). These people will read blog posts or watch videos or spend time on social networks.

As for the people who listen they will prefer to listen to podcasts or listen to videos (and not watch them, unless the image contains in the video, as a tutorial). On the other hand, they will be much less attracted to blog articles.

You are therefore expanding your audience, offering them the same type of content, but in a different format.

Disadvantages of podcasting [Perquantoriguardailvideo podcasting requires a little technique . It is better to write scripts or at least have a structure and some references to mention.


This work can be even longer if you are doing interviews, because you will have to do research on your guests.

As for sound recording, you still need to have minimal equipment, such as a small microphone or dictaphone, as well as editing software.

Editing is less complicated than the video. On the other hand, some elements that you do not necessarily master can be disturbing. A poorly soundproofed room, ambient noise connected to a noisy environment.

While this shouldn’t hinder you in creating content, this can become problematic for your listeners because, in addition to reducing or increasing the volume, they won’t be able to do much for bad sound. And that … can be prohibitive.

An example of a podcast? Look at the miss: Steph 4:18 I’m talking about blogs!

Which means of communication for my company?

In conclusion, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Social networks are time consuming but it is essential to attract qualified traffic to your website (or a sales page, an email capture page, etc.).
  • The blog is very effective if you are visible (thanks to SEO and social networks).
  • Video is very effective but requires more technical mastery and some ease in front of the camera.
  • Podcasting is aimed at a very targeted, more limited, but also more loyal and more engaged audience.

If you want my opinion, I would say you have to go gradually. Master one domain, deepen it and face another only when you control the previous one, otherwise you run the risk of losing, exhausting yourself and doing only half things. Time wasting and demotivation … Not exceptional when you start.

The good news is that everything can be learned! We all started one day and, acting, we managed to improve as we proceeded ;)



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